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Around the Verse: Grotto You Waiting For Written Wednesday 22nd of August 2018 at 06:27am by Desmarius, Nehkara and Sunjammer

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

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Sandi Gardiner (SG): Hello and welcome to another episode of Around the Verse. I’m Sandi Gardiner ...

Chris Roberts (CR): … And I’m Chris Roberts.

SG: In this week’s update we’ll see more of Hurston’s moons, take another look at scramble races and some recently finished props for Squadron 42, but first let’s see what our community has been up to.

CR: Yep. Captain Zang and his org, The Outer Rim Protection Exploration Corporation, organized an event last week which they dubbed The Desert Hawk Touring Operation.

SG: Players flew to Daymar to engage in a tense hostage rescue with one team of marines taking on a bunch of outlaws in an attempt to liberate two captives.

[Video Montage]

SG: As you can see from these highlights captured by Director Phoenix, a wild time was had by all the players involved.

CR: Yeah. It’s very cool to see the immersion sandbox gameplay getting prototyped by our community and it’s something that can help influence our mission team going forward. Now on to what the devs have been up to since our last update. The planetary feature team has been working on improvements to moon environments taking polish and blending passes at Aberdeen, one of Hurston’s four moons.

SG: Particles and more textures are being added to Hurston’s savannah biome with particular attention being paid to how textures change according to distance.

CR: Yeah, and the UI Team continues to iterate on the rental experience for Star Marine, as you can see with these updated item selection screens. Fear not. The PU Mission Team is still working on the Scramble Races that we’ve seen in previous updates. Let’s go to Luke Pressley for more on how this mission type is coming along.

Luke Pressley (LP): Recently we had a play test of a Scramble Race where pitted a bunch of Cyclones up against two Rovers that had turret gunners, because in previous tests we’d seen that the Cyclone, which were faster, just raced off and won the race straight away. What we learned from that is that we had to give these slower more combat oriented vehicles a way of winning that isn’t just collecting checkpoints.

Unknown 1 (U1): Definitely more fun when someone is trying to kill you. [Laughs]

LP: What we are trying now is to allow them to kill the leaders or joint leaders of the race and steal their points, so it’s feasible that they can win without ever collecting a checkpoint.

Unknown 2 (U2): [Chuckles] Oh my God.

LP: Even though it’s an early play test there’s a lot of fun in there that we weren’t expecting

SG: The props team has been finishing up work on triage props designed for Squadron 42.

CR: Yeah. This set of medical equipment will also eventually be used in the PU as well.

SG: Here’s a first look at completed version of the utilitarian habs. It’s seen in progress with concept images to white box and means fully rented spaces are the next step in the process.

CR: It’s so cool to see the final artwork match the original concept so closely, so pretty psyched by that.

SG: Moving on to ships and vehicles we’ve got the quantum drive to perform according to its power state with power allocation coming online we continue to improve the impact that the system has on your ship’s performance adding further levels of nuance and realism to the flight experience.

[Quantum Drive Spooling Up]

CR: Pretty cool, and for a look at what’s going on with the Ships Pipeline let’s go once more to Jared.

Jared Huckaby (JH): Thanks guys. This week we’ve got updates on two ships for you. First off let’s take a look at some of the Freelancer variants which are currently in grey box phase. We’ll start with the Freelancer Max, which you can see here getting its super wide cargo bay hashed out, the Freelancer Dur which sacrifices payload space for additional capacity tanks and the Freelancer Mis which stands for missiles. Now in addition to the racks that are on the exterior wings the Mis is getting retractable launchers from the primary hull. This means that you’ll be able to bring even more ordinance to bear faster than you can say alpha strike. Remember the Freelancer variants are currently scheduled to arrive in the Persistent Universe with Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 before the end of this year.

And speaking of style let’s take another look at the Freelancer’s partner in greybox, the Origin 890 Jump. Now last week we showed you the hot tub for the Constellation Phoenix, and well Origin isn’t going to let RSI corner the market on rest and relaxation, and that’s why every 890 Jump not only has a hot tub of its own, but comes complete with its own grotto, you know for the discerning citizen, and when the party gets too big for that you and your guest can move to the included swimming pool located just around the corner. A hot tub and a swimming pool … I wonder if there is a work for that.

Finally join us tomorrow at 12:00 Pacific for Reverse the Verse live when we’ll have Lead Vehicle Artist Elwin Bachelor, Jr. on to take us on a guided tour of the newly reworked Mustang variants and discuss his team’s process of rebuilding them for the upcoming Alpha 3.3. Back to you guys.


CR: Mustang fans will definitely want to tune into Reverse the Verse tomorrow. Remember that’s live on Twitch at 12:00 Pacific.

SG: And that does it for this week’s episode. Thank you as always to our backers and also to our subscribers for sponsoring all our shows.

CR: Yeah. Thank all you guys and until next time we’ll see you …

CR & SG together: … Around the Verse [Hand Wave]  



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