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Around the ‘Verse: Episode 2.29 Written Thursday 28th of April 2016 at 11:32am by CanadianSyrup

Another episode of Around the ‘Verse is here! Check it out Transcript by Canadiansyrup, Erris, Shiver Bathory, Sunjammer, Stormy Winters, NYXT, Psylence. TLDR(Too Long;Didn’t Read) Intro There was no patch this week, still on Alpha...

Another episode of Around the ‘Verse is here! Check it out

Transcript by Canadiansyrup, Erris, Shiver Bathory, Sunjammer, Stormy Winters, NYXT, Psylence.

TLDR(Too Long;Didn’t Read)


  • There was no patch this week, still on Alpha 2.3.1.
  • Next release will be SC Alpha 2.4
  • 2.4 will be biggest release since 2.0. Should be about the same transition as from AC to Crusader.
  • 2.4 introduces initial persistence. Shopping, alpha UEC earned in-game, next big step to a fully functional MMO.
  • Holotable is dying. Will be replaced by the mobiGlas.
  • Holotable will improve down the line in an improved form.
  • MISC Prospector is on sale. QA went up yesterday.
  • Initial prospector images have released to the Vault for subscribers.
  • Patches have gone up on sale, company patches for MISC, Aegis, Drake, RSI, and Anvil.
  • Britizencon – organized by some UK based Star Citizens happening on July 23rd, some F42 devs will go.

News From Around the ‘Verse

Los Angeles
  • Working on cool concepts for the Caterpillar and the Dragonfly, as well as the Buccaneer
  • Design team working on whiteboxing the Caterpillar.
  • Reliant is working towards being flight-ready. Editors note: Will be hangar ready for 2.4.
  • lots of work on 2.4, which should have some persistence. Big changes coming up to things like the hangar, ship mods, port modification, etc…
  • Also working on general ship tuning.
  • You can now use an app in mobiGlas to change and customize your hanager. Hangars have been revamped on the backend to support this.
  • Switching out item spawners in hangars with item port entities – allows to interact with nodes on item ports. mobiGlas will spawn with items that you can place.
  • Putting types and subtypes associated with each port, so a poster can only be put on item port type ‘wall’, fish tank can only appear on type ‘surface’ etc…
  • Allows more creative control in customizing hangars, but still has to make sense.
  • Working on the try-on camera for shopping. When you purchase something you can try it on first.
  • Weapons will have an inspect mode similar to the try on mode.
  • looking ahead for twelve months of shopping. As shopping is getting to release soon, putting in a plan for what kind of shops to have by end of the year, and content to put in them.
  • Andy Anderson & Nathan Howard – two new team members.
Foundry 42 UK
  • Mici Oliver has been working with the Character Art team in the UK and US
  • Working hair, in particular Sophie Wu’s hair for S42, which they hope will ultimately be in the PU
  • Lots of clothing: Earth, Terra, Frontier, Vanduul with variants for different society classes
  • Planning for S42 pick up performance/mocap shoot and facial capture session next week
Foundry 42 Frankfurt
  • Working on artwork for large plasma weapon, and addressing feedback on weapon balance.
  • Working on final textures for a large laser cannon.
  • Working on workflow settings for AI and Subsumption, unifying useables and interactors to limit the amount of data entry for DataForge.
  • More progress on procedural planet tech; general tech and atmospherics. Also working on ship and player planetary alignment.
  • Physics grid is having ongoing work.
  • Working on bugs from 2.4, and started prototyping effects for high-tech weapons which will have different looks to them.
  • Preparing for a cinematics shoot next week; shooting for a couple weeks in Ealing studios again.
  • Steve Bender – Animation Director – is over in Frankfurt.
  • Chris in Frankfurt for a few days to discuss planetary tech et al.

Ship Shape: Herald

  • Herald was put on hold while waiting for other systems but is now back in active development
  • The Herald is being worked on solely by Josh Coons, it is his first solo ship
  • Single seater though you could have a friend in the back helping also
  • The ship has been widened from original concept to allow full movement throughout the vessel
  • Poly’s have been ‘pushed out’ to be visible for the player
  • For transmitting and receiving signals in deep space a satellite array needs to be ‘unfolded/deployed/ from the ship
  • Originally had a fold down stair but wouldn’t work with the metrics of the game, so referring back to the style guide a drop down and cover type ladder and door was adopted.  
  • Wing missiles upgraded from size one to size two
  • Will have a good payload of missiles and countermeasures
  • Interior is being worked on, components are being moved around
  • Cockpit details still being finalized so he’s holding back on that at the moment
  • Ceiling passes and as info is fed to him like screen details he will push/pull them where they need to be
  • Saving captain’s chair for last
  • Jared would have designed the Herald to have a track running down the middle so you can move from the front to the back without getting out of your captain’s chair
  • The chair will move and rotate a little but because of the cramped interior, not extensively

Which Glitch

  • Zany glitches ensue.
  • Tyler Witkin can hit the high notes.


  • Ungineer is the MVP this week.
  • Original Big Benny was a Pug Dog.

ATV Fast Forward

Full Transcript


Jared Huckaby (JH): This week. The Prospector parks.

The Herald angels sing.

We ask Quality Assurance the tough questions like Which Glitch?

And Ben lesnick writes my intro.

All this and more on this week’s Around the ‘Verse.

Pilot 1: Half a ship right now.

Pilot 2: Got one of them, onto the next.

Pilot 1: Pretty much just engaged the drive in a random direction because I was getting butt raped this time. There’s so much fire going on right now.

PIlot 3: Well I got all of those guys.

Pilot 1: Good cause like I said, half a ship

Pilot 3: Well a little bit of duct tape and you’ll be fine.

Pilot 1: A lot of duct tape.

Ben Lesnick (BL): Another comm-array safe, for now.

Sandi Gardiner (SG): Hey everybody [Laughs] What was that?

Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of something’s on my face?

[Laughter in the studio]

BL: We’re not cutting.

SG: Hey ever- Something still on my face.

Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of Around the ‘Verse, I am Sandi Gardiner.

BL: I’m Ben Lesnick and this is your weekly look at Star CItizen’s development from behind the curtain.

SG: Yup I’m Glad you said that. Ben what is the latest version of Star Citizen.

BL: Well there was no patch this week so we’re still on Star Citizen ALpha 2.3.1. Which allows access to the Crusader mini PU, about 30 flyable ships. There’s Arena Commander, Dogfighting, Racing, Capture the Core game modes, Hangar to walk around, ArcCorp to explore our planetside development.

SG: And tell us what’s exciting that’s coming up!

BL: Well our next release is Star Citizen Alpha 2.4.

SG: So what’s so special about 2.4.?

BL: Well 2.4 is probably our biggest release since 2.0. We had the transition from Arena Commander to 2.0 back in December and it was night and day, people seeing what you can do in game. We’re thinking it’s going to be about the same thing again with the jump to 2.4. It introduces the initial Persistence. The shopping, it has Alpha UEC that you earn in the game rather than having to play Arena Commander or buy credits through the website. It’s our next big step into making this fully functional internalized mmo.

SG: And we’ll also be saying goodbye to the holotable for now.

BL: Yes. We know you all are going to miss it so much, but the holotable is going out for a while. It’s going to be replaced with a system in which you use your MobiGlas  to configure your ship. Holotable will return in a much improved form down the line, but for now, the holotable is dead.

SG: And our MISC Prospector is here and on sale right now. It has been very, very popular our little mining ship and we enjoy on working on non combat ships.

BL: We do. It’s always good to introduce more than just fighting in Star Citizen. Anytime we get to do a mining ship or a transport or a science ship we really enjoy it, but the Prospector does seem to be well received. People are loving the design and just the idea of a single person mining in the Star Citizen Universe, it’s all coming together really well. We’ve got a Q&A on the site, went up yesterday. You can check that out for more details about the ship and its role and we’ll have another one tomorrow, so get to the forums and ask your questions and they will be considered for inclusion.

If you are a subscriber, be sure and check out the vault. We released the first set of the very very initial Prospector images that is where it came from. It evolved very rapidly, the guys at Foundry 42 did a great job reacting to criticism and continuing to update it, but go check out where it started, it was very orange.

SG: That was a big mouthful. It’s Patch time! I felt like tease because it’s not 2.4 patch time, it’s merchandise patch time, these. MISC for your Prospector, AEGIS. What have you got? RSI.

BL: I’ve got Drake and RSI.

SG: And Anvil Aerospace. So this are in store today for subscribers and tomorrow for everybody else.

BL: I think these are going to go quick.

SG: And if you want to catch up with some Foundry 42 devs in July, then there is Britizen con which is being organized by a bunch of UK based Star Citizens and here is the link to check it out if you would like to go.

BL: Britizencon.uk. That is a July 23rd. It’s not an event run by us, but we’re gonna send some folks there. It seems like a really good group of fans trying to get Star Citizen backers together.

SG: And now let’s check in with our studios from around the world and find out what they’ve been up to.

News From Around the ‘Verse

Los Angeles

Randy Vazquez (RV): How you doing guys, my name’s Randy Vazquez, this is…

Colby Schneider (CS): Colby Schneider.

RV: So we’re saying hello from the LA Studio – we have in the news actually today- actually this week, a couple of weeks I think now, it’s basically – we’ve been working on the Caterpillar for our- we’ve got some really cool concepts that we can’t wait to show you guys for the Dragonfly, we have the Buccaneer, that’s been going on.

Design team here has been supporting with those concepts and everything and with the whitebox for the Caterpillar. I know a lot of people have been waiting for a bunch of these ships. Then we also have the Reliant that kind missed out on hangar this time and this new patch we’re going to be showing some flight ready stuff so you guys can check it out later.

If anything.. we also have stations stuff going on. Engineering has been steadily pushing on the Item 2.0 stuff, so what have you guys been doing?

CS: QA has been working on 2.4 steadily.

RV: How’s that coming?

CS: It’s coming well, it’s going well. I think people are going to be happy.

RV: Nice. Anything you want to share like in 2.4?

CS: Some persistence in the making- [interrupted]- persistence is a big thing and so we’re going to have a lot of modifications to the hangar, some big changes coming up, I think players are going to be happy with the way things are working in the hangar, ship’s mods, port modification – that type of thing.

RV: Awesome.

CS: Awesome. Starfarer should be flying pretty good.

RV: That’s awesome.

CS: Been working on that quite a bit, excited about it. General ship tuning, a little bit here and there. Just in general some ships are getting some little tweaks.

RV: Pretty exciting, cool. That’s all we got for LA, thank you and see you guys in the ‘Verse.


Jake Ross (JR): Hey guys, Jake Ross here, Producer of the Austin studio and I’m here with you this week to talk a little bit about what’s going on here in Austin. So first off, I want to talk about Port Modification a little bit.

You’ve heard me talk a little bit about that in the past but I wanted to talk about the stuff we’re doing to the hangars themselves. We’ve made the app, you can actually go in and use the app in the mobiGlas to change and customize your hangar but we actually have to make some changes to the hangars themselves to allow for that.

We’ve already revamped the hangars on the backend side but now we’re switching out the item spawners in the hangars with the- what we’re calling the item port entities and what this’ll do is this’ll allow us to actually interact with these little interactor nodes on the item ports themselves. So that the mobiGlas list will spawn with items that you can actually put there.

We’re putting types and subtypes associated with each of those item ports so that the poster can only be on a item port of type “Wall” or something like that, the fish tank can only appear on an item port of type “Surface”. So we want to make sure that we give you guys the creative control to customize the hangars how you want but it’s still got to make sense within our Universe, we can’t allow you to put a fish tank up on the wall – sorry, it’s just too big.

The same thing with the Ships, we actually are spawning- or creating the item port entities in the hangars for the ships so that if we- similar to how it goes now- if you spawn a Constellation the other smaller item port for the smaller ships go away. So you can spawn a Hornet and a Hornet and then put a Constellation on top of them. You have to- the Constellation will cancel out the other ports around it. So we’re linking the item ports up and setting up the hangars that way.

We’re also- I talked a little bit last week about the try-on camera for shopping, so that when you actually go to purchase something, before you purchase something you can go to “Try it on” and it’ll zoom out and you’ll see yourself with the clothing or with the armour. Same thing with the weapons, we have an inspect mode where you can actually go into inspect and they show the character inspecting the weapons before you buy it. That’s in-progress and we’re aiming to wrap that up this week so we can see a little bit of that which is cool.

We’re also looking ahead – way far ahead – to twelve months of shopping, we want to – now that we’re getting shopping ready to release here pretty soon, we want to actually put a plan in place for “OK, what kind of shops do we want to bring online for the rest of the year?”, “What kind of content do we want to put in those shops?” – get in your guy’s hands. So we’re in the planning stages of that, so that’s- we’ll have a roadmap in place for more shops here in the near future.

Lastly I want to introduce a couple new hires here, I won’t to introduce you to them here on camera but hopefully you’ll see them here soon. Andy Anderson and Nathan Howard are both two new members of the devops team here in Austin. They’ll be under- help- Ahmed Shakir, who some of you guys know on- he’s very active on Discord and things like that. Ahmed was in desperate need of some more support and we’re getting it to him now, we’ve had a couple new hires here so we’re ramping those guys up this week as well.
So happy to have those guys on board. Cool, so that’s all I got for you this week guys, thanks, see you around.

Foundry 42 UK

Mici Oliver (MO) : Hi everyone this is Mici over in the UK. So this week I been working with the Character Art team in both the UK and over in the US. And we’ve been looking at a lot of the hairstyles and clothing that’s going to go into the game. In particular this week we’ve been looking at Sophie Wu’s haircut for Squadron 42. And hopefully we’ll be able to put that in the PU eventually. So that’s all pretty exciting.

The clothing … We’ve got a lot of clothing going on. Basically each race has their own set of clothing. So there is stuff for people of Earth, Terra, Frontier, Vanduul. And they’re doing like “society classes” as well so each one of them has a set of those. So there’s a lot of clothing going in.

And my job basically this week has been to take these assets and try them out in the game. So that’s the QA side of stuff that I’m doing. So, yes, that’s what I’ve been doing this week.

As for the Character Art team and Production they are planning a shoot for next week which is a performance shoot and they’ll be doing the facial capture of the actors that haven’t already been done. So they’ll be doing that. They’ll also be shooting some remaining scenes for Squadron 42 and they’ll be doing more mo-caps, so any additional animations they need like going in and out of ships, stuff like eating, drinking, all that sort of thing. That will all be done in the shoot next week.

So, yeah, I think that’s everything. I’ll see you in the ‘verse.


Foundry 42 Frankfurt

Brian Chambers (BC): Hey everyone I’m Brian, I work in Frankfurt. Give you a rundown on the team this week. At least most of the guys.

Starting off on the weapons’ end. They’re working on some remaining artwork for big plasma weapon. Addressing some feedback on additional. Blocking out the mesh on a concept that just got approved, a final concept. That’s part of the pipeline obviously, things go: you think of the functionality, then it goes concept, and then it gets blocked out, and then they refine and so on. Also working on final textures for big laser cannon. Yeah. Looking pretty cool.

AI. Covering most of the stuff that we’ve already discussed over the time. These are big, long tasks that are going to take a while. They’re going over metrics again, having discussions on those to make sure all the metrics, between design and art and level and all those, are going to work with what’s been spec’d out. Working on the workflow settings for “useables”. Looking at bugs. Obviously more on Subsumption because Subsumption is huge as far as the life of AI and the variety that we’re going to get. Also unifying properties with “useables” and “interactors” so we can limit the amount of data entry we have for DataForge. And optimisations, I think I maybe already have mentioned that.

On the Engine side, some discussions on stuff that we haven’t just revealed yet. So I can’t just yet … and I know that’s always a little crappy “Oh Brian said stuff but he didn’t anything” so sorry but, you know, all things will come … in time. Looking at performance and optimisation: always looking to make things more efficient and to run smoother. Vsync support.

More progress on the procedural planet tech: not only on the general tech we have but on the atmospherics. Getting really cool looks on those. Which is awesome. Also working on ship and player … planetary alignment for those. With these planets as large as they are they definitely come with some unique challenges but we are able to separate each one and tackle them and … Yeah we’re making great progress on there.

Physics grid: always working on physics. Always seems to be edge cases that come up on those, and bugs. Still doing work on facial: dialing that in to get it exactly where it needs to be. So on, and so on, and so on. Pushing over some stuff but some of the detail is extremely important right now.

VFXs. Working on some bugs for 2.4 which crept up. They started prototyping here some effects for the high tech weapons because they’ll have a different, unique look to them. Which is pretty cool.

On the cinematics side we’re prepping for a shoot that’s coming up, starting next week. I think we’ll be shooting for a couple weeks out in Ealing Studios again. Myself, and Hannes, and Judith who’s our new Senior Cinematics Producer, we’re all in the UK last week meeting with the team there. Talking about blocking of characters, reviewing the scripts with the writers, and so on. And making sure everything’s where it needs to be so that when we get there we’ll be fully prepared, day one, to just get rolling.

That’s about it for the team. I know I passed over Design stuff but just trying to condense it and I’ll jump more on Design next week.

As far as overview as well we also have Steve Bender, Animation Director for the US over the the LA office, he’s here. He’s been here for a couple weeks working with the team here and also close with the UK. So it’s good to have him here. And we also have Chris here this week for a few days. So he’s actually in a meeting right now with Design. The were meeting all day yesterday on the planetary tech and that roadmap, and when you guys will see a little bit more, you’ll be able to feel a little bit more and so on.

So thanks again for all the support. And you’ll hear from me next week.


Back In The Studio

SG: What’s this? We’re getting a CommLink from the team at Drake Interplanetary. It’s the latest on their data runner.

BL: Let’s check in with Josh Coons to see how that Herald is coming along in Ship Shape.

Ship Shape: Herald

JH: Hey everybody on this week’s of Ship Shape we’re sitting down with: What’s your title Josh?

JC: 3D Artist

JH: 3D Artist: Mr.. Josh Coons out of our Austin Studio. How are you doing Josh?

JC: I’m doing good

JH:  We didn’t rehearse this ahead of time. Now Josh is normally out of our Austin studio, he’s here visiting in L.A. We do these syncs from time to time ‘cause for all the Skype conversations and all the emails sometimes there’s nothing better than face to face meetings. So you’re here in town and currently you’re working on the Drake Herald

JC: correct         

JH: Alright. Now the Drake Herald’s… We’ve seen work on the Drake Herald for some time. We began building it last year and then it got put on hold while other things were prioritised, but now the wheels of development have swung back around, we’re back to working on the Drake now, and that’s fallen to you

JC: Correct

JH: So what can you tell us about the Drake Herald and what you’re working on now.

JC: Drake Herald. So, we did Constellation, right after Constellation we straight to Xi’An Scout so significant size decrease. So now, this one will be my first solo, solo venture ship. So i’m doing the whole thing interior and exterior. Drake Herald is a technical single seater but you can bring a friend along for the adventure and it’s a data gatherer, transporter. The data runner’s what i’m calling it.

JH: now where was the ship left at when you came aboard it?

JC: As far as like a block out, it was pretty fleshed out there were still some unsolved, issues with the ship and some functionality was missing as well, I had to add that in and start refining it down on the higher poly count side.

And when I say that, I mean they’re just, the higher poly count is utilised the best, I needed to push the poly’s out to where the player could see them. We had some metrics issues, making sure everything is in metric so everything works. You can climb into the ship, get into the seat, you can swivel in the seat without cutting your kneecaps off, all that good stuff!

JH: It’s one of those things where: When we started building it out, we knew this much about how to make ships and now that we’re back to it we know much more about making ships. So it’s one of the benefits of sometimes waiting to build the ship. You end up learning a lot more along the way then you can apply those lessons to the building of the ship

JC: Yes. So this is part of our pipeline where, and this is the stage one and we call it the whitebox, second stage is greybox. And then whitebox we don’t go overboard now, what you’re seeing on the screen right now, because I already started out with something that was fleshed out a little bit more, this is a lot more detailed than what a typical whitebox would look like. But the whitebox affords us time.

Saves us a lot of time in terms of when Design has a problem or when something doesn’t fit, or the metrics are off. We can change or iterate more quickly and with less wasted man hours when something needs to be changed. Which is good for everyone involved in this process

JH: Gotcha. So what are some of the things you have to do here in the whitebox phase?

JC: So one of the main things that was requested was the main cockpit outer hull shape. It was a little too needle nosed so I’ve pulled it out and gave it a more interesting curve shape. The interior was cramped which affected the exterior. So to get to the interior metrics, for instance there’s a console in the middle of the ship where someone can sit but if the pilot wanted to get behind him and go back towards the back of the ship, he didn’t have enough room.

Which meant the exterior hull needed to come out wider. So the the ship has been widened by i’d say about five to ten percent, somewhere in there. That pushed things out so that it changes the angles sp all those have to be adjusted. The landing gear was just not…It wasn’t enough for a ship of this stature. So, and this is a good example of what whitebox should look like.

So very simple, very easy to change if something messes up. We do our block in animations so we make sure everything is going to work. Not the final animation. The Animation Team will get their run at this and polish it out and make it look even better than it already is. There’s still some functionality as far as… Data modules on the side still being worked out. So that is roughed in and i’m leaving that alone until things are finalised.

JH: That looks like a really elaborate bicycle lock!

JC: Yeah! That was,

JH: [Laughs] …with your thumbs, the …combination

JC: That was actually brought up before, that those look like a bike lock for a combo.

JH: That’s how we keep your information safe! It’s by gigantic combinations!

JC: It’s the best encryption of all time! The biggest thing that wasn’t implemented that needed to be implemented was the, and i’m just calling it the satellite array for now. So for the gameplay of transmitting deep space or receiving you needed to deploy this satellite array and we had many concepts on what that should like. So we waited for final say. Roberts picked the one he liked and I executed and locked in the animation for it. So you’ll be over and out in space, transmitting at about that stance right there.

JH: It’s like a data version of death balls!   

JC: Yeah! The entry was not on metric. This is very important because you’re dealing with unknown, known which was the ground. The ground does not change that’s the level. So when the ground’s involved you have a known match for it, which is absolute ground.

So that dictates the metric of entry and exit. This used to have kind of a small like private jet liner-esque type fold down stair and it was not metric. Actually wouldn’t work at all. So going back to the style guide for Drake we pushed back into an automated ladder and a slip covered door and seal

JH: Very utilitarian.  Just what works, what do we need to get it to work? And just stop there.

JC: How do we get him in there? Ladder done.

JH: What are these inside the intakes here?

JC: So, those are another change, those are upgrades from the previous design of the wing sized one missiles, and we went with size two and upgraded more missiles to that.

JH: Do we know… were you part of the discussion on why they upgraded the missiles or just, ‘hey, they told me to upgrade the missiles. I did’.

JC: So, as far as how that came about, if I pull up the concept for you. So we have these concepts and we had this little bit you can see here and I’d asked about them, ‘are those missiles or what are those’. I knew we had a wing missile and this is why we whitebox. We whiteboxed out the metric for a size one missile, it is not at all this size and it just looked like this little dainty accessory, even smaller than what you see in this shot.

It’s so miniscule and small, so right here there’s a gun mount now and on the bottom gun armament they wanted the ship to be like super, super fast. The firepower as far as guns, not maxed out but it’s got a good payload of missiles and then it has a good amount of countermeasures, flare launchers, which had been approximately in back here, that’s where they’ll deploy. So, I think three to one chaff and flare, so two flare and six chaff so lots of countermeasures and then you use these big, bad boys to get out of those sticky situations.

JH: Everytime I look at this I think of how people are going to use these as drag racers.

JC: Oh yeah, that’s another design intent.

JH: They may not be able to beat you on the turns but on the straight aways the Herald is going to haul.

JC: Oh yeah, I was working on this and I was like, this is like one of those… the first initial round of concepts, I was like, that doesn’t look as cool as it could and it literally reminded me of a funny car. You know, straight line, let’s go as fast as we can and that’s part of my mission for once I get passed the whitebox we go to the stage grey box and that’s where we start refining the looks of it because the design’s nailed down.

JH: You said you were working on both the exterior and interior.

JC: Correct.

JH: Have you begun work on the interior yet?

JC: Yeah, it’s a little rough right now. There was some stuff there previously, I could pull that up as soon as Max is done saving. So, for the interior we have like I said before we were having metric issues for how cramped it was, this will be the cockpit area. That is still being finalized, since we have some new gameplay elements, we’re figuring out how that affects the UI scheme up front or if it will at all.

So, I’ve elected to hold back on that until an answer has been figured out. So, entry door there will be a weapons rack here that was requested so I blocked out a space for that. We have our console which is also being metriced out as well, finalized as far as how it will look on screen, making sure everything’s visible within one FOV.

JH: They’re not just there to be cool, they’re actually…

JC: Yeah, you’re going to be doing stuff there… the biggest problem was there was chair here…

JH: And it came out into the hallway.

JC: I’d say this used to be about there, so not only could you not get by but if you sat in the chair and went in it’d probably squeeze all your intestines up into your throat from hitting that.

JH: We call that immersion gameplay.

JC: Yeah, that is some good gameplay. So, pushing back these server racks, these server racks actually hold other gameplay elements… the what do you call them, the components, I had to make sure all those had their spots so we’ve got some on the floor, some on the ceiling, some on the sidewalls. They all have to be accessible, this is a rack for another set as is the matching on the other side, we’ve got your basic…

JH: Kitchenette.

JC: Yeah, your base kitchenette, microwave… I’m going to have to spiffy that area up a little bit. All in one shower combo, also this is being metric’d out, I prefer to spend my time making a ship look really cool and missiles and guns and stuff and less on the toilet.

JH: Right now that shower’s down on the toilet paper, this is a problem we had with the original Starfarer block out.

JC: Do you pull or roll down? Which way does the toilet paper roll down, these are all decisions that have to be made…

JH: Over, over and down. Toilet paper goes over and down.

JC: Yeah.

JH: If you’re an under you’re wrong.

JC: I wonder if that’s different per country…

JH: I don’t care.

JC: We also had a what appeared to be a couch in the back and need to get that more sci fi so this little block here that is the metric for a single bed bunk so that’s what that will turn into after I art it up. That’s as whitebox as it gets, literally a box.

JH: Literally a box.

JC: It’s actually not even a box, there’s two sides missing to it. So that’ll be where you sleep. Some cabinetry… today I’ll be doing some ceiling passes, finalizing where the ceiling’s going to sit and then as the information is fed to me on screen details I will push, pull those where they need to be and also the most important part, the captain’s chair. Which I’m going to save for last and that is the interior thus far.

JH: Now, if I were designing this ship and I’m the incredibly lazy person that I am, there would be a track down the entire centre of this ship and the captain’s chair would just move from the front all the way to the toilet, all the way back. You could just go through the entire ship without ever getting out of the captain’s chair

JC: We’ve got a little bit of that, so you’ll have… I think you’ll walk til about yay and the chair will slide back, rotate, you’ll sit, rotate, comes back up and puts you in position cause it gets a little tight back here. Can’t exactly walk around and that’s everything on the hidden which probably makes no sense to anyone.

JH: Well, hey man Josh, thanks for taking the time to sit down and show us the Drake Herald. Obviously this is still work in progress, it’s not going to be in your hangars anytime real soon but we are working on it. We got this guy on the case, interior and exterior.

JC: Going to be cool. This ship was not my favourite and it’s growing on me.

JH: It does this. It’s this weird ugly duckling that the more you stare at it and the more you work with it, it just…plus at certain angles it kinda looks like the brain bug from Starship Troopers.

JC: Yeah, when I first started on it, I was looking at it from the front like this thing looks like a tick. It just looks like a big tick that’s full.

JH: All right, I’m Jared Huckaby, this is Josh Coons. This has been Ship Shape. Thanks.
JC: There you go.

ATV Rewind: Stanton Pre-Vis

Stanton Pre-Vis

Which Glitch

BL: Everybody watch which glitch now!

Tyler Witkin: Hey there and welcome back to Which Glitch, I’m Tyler Witkin the Community Manager at the Austin Texas studio. I’m joined today by Mr. Bryce Benton…

Bryce Benton: Hey Guys!

TW: …Robert Gaither…

Robert Gaither – deeper: How’s it goin’!

TW: … Jeffrey “Bearded” Pease…

Jeffrey “Bearded” Pease: *Salutes*

TW:  … senior animator and our special guest Mr. David Peng.

David Peng – higher: Hi!

TW: So we’re always excited to do these segments so let’s waste no time and dive right in. Number five!

TW: Weeee.

BB: Woooooh.

DP: Private Dancer…

BB: You spin me right round baby right round.

JP: He totally stole it from him.

TW: Apparently it’s Karaoke night.

RG: I didn’t even have to do it this time.

TW: Number four! Cockpit moshpit! I think this one happened to you Jeffrey.

JP: Yeah.

RG: This is actually one of David’s animations, I’m pretty sure.


TW: Yeah David, how was the motion capture doing this?

DP: No that’s not mine. That would be a Daniel or Jay animation.

TW: Number three! Break dance! Again.

RG: The easiest break dance of all time.

All: *laughing*

JP: Again with the spinning around in circles, break dancing.

RG: Always.

TW: I’m surprised you didn’t start off with the singing again.

DP: Corvalax is that way! Oh no, it’s that way. Oh wait, hey hold on…

TW: It’s a compass.

DP: .. there we are. I don’t know what’s going on.

TW: Number two! Like a boss!

RG: This guy does not care.

TW: Nope.

DP: Ridin’ it side saddle boys! WOOOOO!

TW: This bug was actually awesome because the longer it went on, the more he hung off the back. So we cut the video early, but eventually he was standing on the back with one arm reaching back over the wheel.

DP: Wow.

JP: We should make this a way that you could actually ride your buggy.

RG: Yeah.

DP: Trick rodeo gray cat ridin’.

RG: You have to get a special chair attachment for this.

JP: This is totally how I ride my sailboat.

TW: Number one! I’m outta here!

DP: Wow! WOW!

JP: Yet another one of the clips that I found because …

DP: What is even happening?

RG: The golf cart goes behind the ships and it’s like, “Nah. Uh-uh. No.”

TW: Those were all the bugs for this week, we hope you guys enjoyed them as much as we did. We’ll catch you guys next time.

JP: Goodbye *Holding a tune.*

TW: Goodbye. *Holding a higher tune.*

DP: Goodbye. *Holding a higher tune.*

BB: Goodbye. *Holding a flat tune*

RG: No.

TW: Goodbye. *Holding the highest tune.*

Back to Studio

BL: So which glitch is your favourite?

SG: I love all of them equally apparently, but what I love more than glitches is our most valuable posters. Here’s MVP.

MVP w/ Tyler Witkin

TW: Hey there. Tyler Witkin, Community Manager in the Austin Texas studio, here to bring you this week’s MVP. A big and long overdue congratulations to Ungineer for his Star Citizen ship renders.

Most recently the FoodLancer Benny’s Truck. Ungineer’s content that he continuously puts out is fuel to the imagination and I can’t wait to see what he puts out next. So big congrats to you. You’re this week’s MVP! Back to you guys.

ATV Fast Forward

BL: I still feel like I’m the original Big Benny.

SG: According to the writers, the original Big Benny was a Pug Dog.

BL:But can a Pug Dog bring you AtV Fast Forward?

SG: I think he can!

EVA 3D Velocity Vector Concept
(Continuing development)


SG: Be sure to tune into Reverse the Verse tomorrow at 11AM on Twitch. And do you like AtV and want to show us? Then like and subscribe below

BL: With that th– no? No? We would like to take moment though to thank our subscribers

SG: We would like to take a moment to thank our subscribers.

BL: Thank you subscribers!

SG: Thank you subscribers.

BL: If folks aren’t familiar, the subscription program here: you can be Imperator or Centurion. It gives you a bunch of benefits and ships you fly in the game, access to Jump Point, and The Vault and so on. But what it really does, it provides us with the ability to do shows like this, do livestreams, and events and we just want to say thank you, we really appreciate the support folks who choose to subscribe give us.

SG: Yes you do, it also provides our sets, and thank you as well to all of our fans who send in all of our stuff. And there is one more set being done

BL: Yes! Check in next week possibly, for a new AtV. I’d like to give a shout out to Luke Barrows a young citizen, who I am told watches the show every week. He’s five years old he watches it with his dad. He said he recognised Ben Lesnick every week, so I thought that was fantastic!

SG: Aww that’s cute!

BL: We’re sure you’re going to be a fantastic space pilot one day

SG: He’s definitely got the name!

BL: Absolutely

SG: And with that we would like to thank all of our subscribers again for making this show possible, we will see you next week on Ar-

BL: Around the Verse!

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