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Around the ‘Verse: Episode 2.26 Written Thursday 7th of April 2016 at 11:50am by CanadianSyrup

It’s time for Around the ‘Verse! Take a look at today’s transcript of the show Transcript by CanadianSyrup, Sunjammer, WangPhat, Desmarius TLDR(Too Long; Didn’t Read) Intro Team is working on finalizing what will be going...

It’s time for Around the ‘Verse! Take a look at today’s transcript of the show

Transcript by CanadianSyrup, Sunjammer, WangPhat, Desmarius

TLDR(Too Long; Didn’t Read)


  • Team is working on finalizing what will be going into 2.4.
  • CIG is getting a local warehouse in LA and Europe for merchandize and possibly expanding to Australia in the future.
  • Big Benny’s skin isn’t something they can put in the game today, but they thank the fans for their passion.
  • Monthly report drops tomorrow.
  • 25th Wing Commander Anniversary stream this Saturday at Noon Pacific playing Secret Missions 2 Crusade.

News From Around the ‘Verse

Los Angeles
  • Eric is here with Jin Hyun, a new 3D vehicle artist.
  • Jin is working with Justin on the Caterpillar concept art.
  • Light Marine armour is being worked on in LA too.
  • Shaders and Texture items are being worked on with Omar.
  • Omar is also working on the character’s heads – getting ready for SQ42 and PU.
  • ATV Interview: Todd Papy
  • Austin is focusing a lot on shopping. Lead Producer for that is Eric while development lead is Rob Reiniger.
  • Shop Inventory Schema has been set up in Data Forge – this is where details about all the products will be kept.
  • All the information that is seen on mobiGlas including pricing is set in there.
  • Working on a pricing formula for everything (Commodities, Components, Weapons & Ships).
  • Will be purchased using an Alpha Currency, which is only for testing and will be wiped in seasons.
  • Alpha Currency is earned by doing missions, killing wanted players and pirates.
  • Shop Inventory has been set up in Cubby Blast, it’s got mostly what we can see just now but also includes mannequins for buying armour.
  • Nyx/Levski have armour shops but Area 18 does not yet.
  • Nyx/Levski will not be in the next patch.
  • Cubby Blast may not be the final place for armour in Area 18.
Foundry 42 UK
  • Tom is in a different meeting room this week, other ones are booked with LA/Austin meetings.
  • All the meeting rooms are named after famous british detectives: Morse, Doyle, Lambodi, Vega and Taggarts.
  • There are three floors used in the UK, with around 160 staff now. Lots of time being spent on hiring, looking for a Producer and a couple Associate Producers.
  • Otherwise business as usual: speaking with other Producers; getting implementation passes in; usual cycles with QA.
  • Working on things like the player health system, vaulting and mantling.
  • Weapon Gameplay and landing in the back of an Idris is being worked on.
  • Some guys on Game Systems side who are doing Spawn Bundles – allowing things to become compartmentalized items.
  • Lots of core tech work going on, lot of high level feature stuff.
Foundry 42 Frankfurt
  • Brian is trying to be more energetic this week, he also got a haircut.
  • Weapons team are at final stages with some ship weapons: final stages on one and concept phase on two others. Final concept stage with two FPS weapons also.
  • Engine team did bug fixes, crash handling and R&D with terrain shadows. Work on runtime rig logic for character faces w/ tech art and external vendors.
  • Fixing bugs in 2.3.1, some EVA improvements – tuning to make sure it looks right and can be built on.
  • Trackview – a tool used by Cinematics team – had improvements to increase efficiency.
  • Audio bugs also fixed. Worked on getting projectiles working inside local physics grids.
  • AI front is being worked on, doing stuff with interactors and testing inside the terminals on Idris.
  • Continued work on Subsumption. Submitted new version of player health system and updated HUD to match. Starting second phase for that.
  • No huge updates for cinematics and design, Todd Papy is flying around to other studios.
  • Four new starts on April 1st in Frankfurt. One transfer from Austin, Melissa, in QA. A new senior animator, Owen. A new senior producer, Judith. A new engine programmer, Hannes – not to be confused with old Hannes from cinematics team. Currently onboarding them.

ATV Interview: Todd Papy

  • Todd Papy is Design Director for Star Citizen, based in Foundry 42 Frankfurt
  • In charge of Design and works closely with the other Creative Directors and the Lead Designers
  • Ensures that if Chris, Erin and Tony all want something it gets worked out and put in the game!
  • In LA for a week and a day to talk with Tony about the next 12 months for the PU
  • Digging into the mission system to create non-combat centric roles
  • Talking about cargo, salvage, rescue, escorting and five others they have a really cool take on 
  • FPS is still very much in development: working on base mechanics, ironing out EVA kinks, improving gun play
  • Ongoing ship component refactors and balancing, introducing power and consumption
  • FPS is being worked on by people in all of the offices and applies directly to S422

The Wonderful World Of Star Citizen: Captain Richard

  • Captain Richard got into Twitch streaming via the suggestion of a buddy that was a Twitch streamer and because it looked like fun.
  • Captain Richard says the biggest challenge for a Twitch streamer is being dedicated to commitment and consistency for your audience.
  • What sets Captain Richards stream apart is by having nightly news segments concerning the Star Citizen Universe and by trying to get viewers to actively play in the game with him.
  • Captain Richard and other streamers do make money and are supported by our setting up a Twitch tipping system or by using Patreon to enable subscriptions.
  • Besides standard mission and exploring gameplay,  Captain Richard likes to create weird adventures for us to try. He thinks player created contents are going to be major part of the Star Citizen Universe.
  • Captain Richard is most looking forward to space trucking and being an Idris captain in Star Citizen.
  • He’s humbled by such a fantastic community and wishes to thank them for being so incredibly supportive of Star Citizen and him.
  • He’s gotten used to people calling him Captain as a first name.


  • MikeWillisUK for his 10 For the Chairman database on all Q&A’s that have appeared. www.SCQA.info

ATV Fast Forward

A walk around on a procedurally generated planet.

Full Transcript


Jared Huckaby (JH): This week we chat with Design Director from Foundry 42, Mr Todd Pappy.

Community Manager Jared Huckaby sits down with the streamer communities biggest… Richard

And we take a look at the continuing development of procedural planets in the ATV Fast Forward

All this and more on this week’s Around the ‘Verse

Sandi Gardiner (SG): Arrowhead Sniper rifle in action, it’s pretty cool.

Ben Lesnick (BL): That’s one of the weapon added to Star Citizen 2.3. You can get that by exploring shipwrecks or shooting down a level five criminal

SG: Level five criminal. Greetings citizens and welcome to Around the ‘Verse I’m Sandi Gardin.. No?

BL: I think you are.

SG: I know I am.. No I’m not. Greetings Citizens and welcome to Around the ‘Verse, Cloud Imperium’s weekly look at a Star Citizen by developers and for the community.

I’m Sandi Gardiner…

[Both laugh]

BL: And I’m Ben Lesnick.

SG: Ben how are things looking today?

BL: Well great! Star Citizen Alpha 2.3 is out on the live servers right now with all sorts of new additions like we the sniper rifle we just saw. Seems to be very stable and you have access to more than 30 different flyable ships. We’ve got FPS mechanics, we’ve got a giant arena that you can explore and interact in and we’ve got things like Arena Commander for dogfighting and racing and the Hangar module and ArcCorp for exploring.

SG: And what are the team working on today?

BL: Well I’m happy to announce that we’ve branched to 2.4 which means that development has centralized around the features we want to get out in the next patch and you’ll be hearing more about that in the coming weeks.

SG: And I understand that I went on a little adventure today/.

BL: Yes I forgot to hand that over to you.

And I understand you went on a little adventure today.

SG: I did, I did. I went out to our shippers warehousing out at the city of industry. So Alexis and I went out there to look at the different warehouses to improve our logistics of shipping merchandise to you guys. We’re looking at this primarily for the collectors boxes, but going forward for all of our merchandise

BL: Yes because traditionally we ship things right from where the factory is and now we are thinking we can do it better.

SG: And hopefully have local warehousing in the states here in LA and also in Europe and also potentially in Australia.

BL: Sounds good.

SG: Yay! April Fools. We delivered a career of food delivery. Everybody seems to like, I really enjoyed it.  We also shot a little video that was green screened and with some fun music.

BL: And we’ve heard from people everywhere that you all want the Big Benny’s skin for the Reliant. It’s not something we can put in the game today, but we appreciate your passion. As for food delivery in general you will certainly be delivering things in the game and why not food. So some of it may be close to reality than it themes.

SG: Themes?

BL: Themes.

SG:  Themes? Seems.

BL: Seems

SG: Seems. I actually wouldn’t mind doing some food delivery, it would be fun I think

BL: Yeah

SG: The monthly report drops tomorrow. Check the Comm-link for an in depth report from each of our studios.

BL: What is the next line.. No flair is not what our concierge backers will be saying as the long promises concierge flair will be delivered tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peek.

SG: Check it out.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Secret Missions 2 Crusade. The second mission disk for the original Wing Commander. The 25th anniversary means livestream so join Ben, Jared, Toast and a few more of us on Saturday at noon pacific as they take on the empire of Kil’Ra one more time.

[Cut to text]

SG: That’s all the Wing Commander for today. Now let’s check in with our studios around the world.

News From Around the ‘Verse

Los Angeles

Eric Kieron Davis (ED): Hey everybody and welcome back to Los Angeles, California – you’re here with Eric Kieron Davis and I have our newest person that joined us here in the LA office, welcome, what is your name?

Jin Hyun (JH): My name is Jin, Hi.

ED: And Jin is our new 3D vehicle artist, working with Elwin and Danny on- Jin, if you could real quick, what are working on, what’s the first thing you’re doing here?

JH: Initially I has on a 3D model from the my manager Arwin and then I’m working on a rare thing, the vehicle..

ED: The Caterpillar, so new, day 1. Caterpillar?

JH: Yeah.

ED: That’s awesome, and what are you doing on the Caterpillar?

JH: So I’m just wrap up some other interior stuff, trying to make it fit, then I will send my model to the concept artist.

ED: Right, you’re working with Justin, right?

JH: Yes, to Justin.

ED: Justin is doing the Caterpillar. Awesome, we’re very excited you’ve joined us this week. Couple other updates for LA, as Jin just said, Justin is actively working on the concept art for the Caterpillar – Caterpillar is a really big ship for us here in Los Angeles, there’s a couple- a bunch of other stuff, obviously, we’re working on: the Light Marine is being worked on, as well as some shaders and texture items with Omar – Omar has been actively working on the character’s heads and getting ready for Squadron 42 and as well as just the Persistent Universe. So that is our updates this week for Los Angeles, I look forward to talking to you again next week. Again, I’m Eric and…

JH: I’m Jin.

ED: Alright, we’ll see you guys next week.


Jake Ross (JR): Hey guys, Jake Ross here, Producer of the Austin studio. And I’m here with you this week to talk a little bit about what’s going on here in Austin. We are really, really we’re focusing hard on the shopping – all the time here – this is kind of the name of the game right now and I’m kind of the Lead Producer on that feature and Rob Reiniger, who’s our lead designer here in Austin, he’s kind of the development lead on that feature so it’s a big focus for us and I’m going to give you a big update on shopping today.

So, first of all, our shop inventory schema has been set up, by the guys at Behaviour, and we are- what that means is that now that we have a schema set up in Data Forge, which I’m sure you’ve heard talked about before, it’s a kind of a big data centre for a lot of stuff that goes on in our game and so the schema will be in Data Forge and we will have Rob go in and fill out everything in Data Forge- in the schema that will appear in our shops. So that’s where our shop inventories will live, that’s where the game will pull the data from to populate the stores with.

And it’ll have all the information that you see in mobiGlas listed there as well, including the price, so that’s one other thing that we’ve been working on – pricing formula for our, all our commodities and components and weapons and ships. Everything has to have a price and so before it was all on Voyager Direct and now we’re moving in the game – it’s going to be a slow transition but we’ll hopefully get everything into the game with the proper price in the real game, and that’s what the alpha currency is all about which is the next thing I’ll talk about is our new currency that we’re going to be rolling out.

Internally we call it alpha currency, not sure if the name won’t change or not, but it’s basically just a test currency, that’s all it is for – it’s there to exist, to test with and then to be wiped away. We’re hopefully- we’re hoping it’s going to be kind of like the Arena Commander leaderboards where every now and then we’re going to have like a season and then we wipe it and start a new season. So it’s really there for us to hone in on what the prices should be, balance the game a little bit, without having to mess with y’all’s real hard-earned dollars and UEC.

That’s kind of what alpha currency is all about. And you’ll be able to earn alpha currency in-game via completing missions, killing players that have a high wanted level, taking down tons of pirate swarms and that kind of thing. You’ll still be able to earn alpha currency in-game and then use that in the shops when it comes online. It’s pretty cool thing that we’re going to have. But all of those prices are set in the shop inventory schema that’s just been made. It all kinds of ties together like that.

And then along those same lines, Cubby Blast, we’ve set up the shop inventory for Cubby Blast and it includes what you’ve seen in there so far, if you’ve ever gone into Area 18 and gone around and looked inside Cubby Blast there – it’s really just for show right now, but you kind of see what we’re going for there with the weapons racks all set up so you can see the different weapons that we have. One thing we are adding for this go-around are these pedestal things that will sit in the back of Cubby Blast that will have mannequins standing on them – and on those mannequins will have armour, will have this new flight suit that we’re character team is working on here.

So and we’ve got a few variants of that flight suit, so we were, we will, think about what makes sense. Because Cubby Blast is a personal weapons shop but we don’t have an armour shop set up yet, there is an armour shop dedicated solely to armour on the Levski landing zone and Nyx but for this first release we won’t have that. So we want to make sure that we still provide players an opportunity to have armour, to have these flight suits that I’m talking about so we thought we’d maybe but them in Casaba, but it just didn’t make sense fictionally for them to be in there.

So we’re going to put those in Cubby Blast, so we need a new spot in Cubby Blast for those mannequins, so we’re setting up space just for that. So that’s kind of what we’re working on with Cubby Blast. So yeah, Cubby Blast, Shop Inventory and Pricing – lots of different things going into shopping, all people from all different kinds of departments from all over the company on this project are putting their hard work into it. It’s going to be a big thing and we’re excited to put it out there in your hands, so look forward to that guys.

That’s all I have for you next week, thanks, see you around.

Foundry 42 UK

Tom Johnson (TJ): Hi guys, welcome to the UK, it’s Tom here. And you might be wondering where I am, it’s still in the UK but just in a different meeting room than the usual, turns out the one we usually use is booked at the moment so I’m currently in what we call Morse, it’s a tiny little conference call room just for a couple of people, yeah, the other one, Doyle, Lambodi, up here on third floor there. Both taken for meetings with LA and Austin so I’ve had to squeeze in here, but it’s all good.

Hopefully you can still see and hear me. We actually have three floors here in the UK now, just as a sort of quick word as to personnel – we’ve got up to around 160 staff here in the UK so we’ve had to expand and get another floor. So now the first floor is opened with QA and the character team and they’ve got a meeting room there called Vera and I don’t know if you can guess the theme now, the one on the ground floor is called Taggarts – some of you might have heard of those, they are British police detectives.

So, yeah, we’re certainly spending a lot of time on our hiring at the moment. There’s lots of people going on, myself included with Production. I’m looking to fill a producer role in a couple months, a couple of associate producer roles, so it does take quite a bit of time but everything’s ticking over – the team is still working hard on all the features, on all the tech needed for the project so it’s kind of business as usual. I was speaking with a few of the producers before. We’re still getting these implementation passes in, doing the usual cycles with QA and getting in things like the player health system, vault and mantling.

Got some weapon gameplay it’s waiting on and landing in the back of an Idris. Some of the core tech work as well, I just got off with one of the guys on the game systems side who’s working on this thing called Spawn Bundles that’s all to do with this core tech of being able to have the game become compartmentalized items, large numbers of items and make these things called Object Containers which levels stream in, or layers stream in or kind of deal with appropriately and efficiently and so on. So yeah, lots of core tech work going on, as well as there’s a lot of high level feature stuff that perhaps is a bit more prominent in the live patches when you get your hands on those things.

So yeah, that’s about it for this week, sorry my time is up, but it’s been nice to catch up with you guys so I’ll see you in the ‘Verse. Bye for now.

Foundry 42 DE

Brian Chambers (BC): Hey everyone, Brian Chambers here from the Frankfurt office, this week will I try to appear more energetic – people keep saying that I seem bummed out or tired or sad but I’m just a mellow guy, but I’ll try my best.

And yes I did get a haircut, I do look a little less metal, so sorry but thank you for all the support on Twitter. Onto the team, in regards to weapons, the weapon team this week although I can’t really give out names because I shouldn’t, we’re final stages with regards to ship weapons, final stages on one new weapon and concept phase on two other weapons. We also are in the final concept stage of two new FPS weapons.

Engine, bug fixes, crash handler, R&D on terrain shadows – that’s coming together really well. We did work on the runtime rig logic for character faces, that was on the engine side in combination with tech art and some of our external vendors that are working on rigs with us.

Bugs for 2.3.1, I believe, did some improvements on EVA, constantly tuning those to make sure that things look right, that they appear right and the foundation there is strong for us to expand on future stuff that we want to do with ‘em.

Did trackview improvements, I’ve mentioned before, trackview is the tool that the cinematics team uses. So they need all these parts and pieces in place to be able to do things as efficiently as possible, so most of the improvements are based on efficiency, so Hannes and the guys can pull things together easier or they’re not having to redo things constantly.

We also fixed some audio bugs in game dev and worked on fixing projectiles to function within the local physics grid a bit easier. On the AI front- AI front is- AI is something that’ll continue to go on for a while, bug fixing, they did some stuff, we’re working with interactors, they’re doing some testing in the Idris on a terminal and seeing the interaction there and seeing how that’s functioning.

Subsumption is something that’s always good to be going on so continued work on there. And a few various other things. In the regards to game code, we submitted the first version of a new health system and then had to do work to update the health HUD to work with that new system. And started phase two already of the health system. So hopefully there’s some improvements there that you guys will see soon.

For cinematics and design I don’t really have any huge updates this week, Todd Papy has been travelling to our other studios. All of our designers are busy here, I didn’t want to bug them and already had enough to talk with the other guys. As far as the office space goes, we had 4 new people start with us last week, on April 1st we had Melissa – QA in the engine-side, she’s a transfer actually from the Austin team, I think that team has put out some videos so you may have seen her in the past.

We had Owen who is a senior animator on the cinematics side to help out with the cinematics team. Also for the cinematics team, senior producer Judith – happy to have her on board to start wrangling more of the stuff together, as of now, all those kind of tasks of wrangling everything have been shared and then we had Hannes which is a engine programmer. So yeah, 4 people within one day is pretty nuts but the team is also busy with what we call onboarding those guys – is making sure from each discipline: they need the right people, they know where all the documentation is, the best practices, they start reading up on the discipline a bit more, understanding what they need to push on and so on.

So, I’ve already talked for almost 5 minutes because I have a clock right here so I will shut up, but thanks again for the support, thanks for all the messages, hopefully I was a little more peppy, I know I’m not crazy peppy but yeah, thanks, and see you next week.

Back to the Studio

BL: Thank you folks. Lets check in with Community ManagerJared Huckaby who sat down with Design Director Todd Papy.

SG: In this week’s ATV Interview.

BL: In this week’s ATV Interview.

ATV Interview: Todd Papy

JH: Thanks guys. This week on the ATV Interview we’re sitting down with the Design Director out of Foundry 42 Frankfurt, Mr Todd Papy. Todd, how you doing man?

Todd Papy (TP): Good to see you again.

JH: Good. Thanks for coming back. You’re in town for like a day and I begged “please” …

TP: A week and then a day.

JH: … please will you come in, and will you sit on the show and talk. Now we’ve had you on the show before but every time … it  was like almost half a year ago …

TP: Yeah.

JH: … we’ve gained 300,000 new people who have no idea who you are. So you’re Todd Papy, you’re the Design Director for Star Citizen. What does that entail? What do you do for Star Citizen?

TP: So I … basically in charge of Design. I mean … so …

JH: Okay, that’s been the ATV Interview. Thank you for watching.

TP: Making sure that I work with, very closely with, the other Creative Directors in studios or other Lead Designers in the studios. So, for example, Kirk Tome here, then we’ve got Nick Elms in UK office, and then we’ve got other leads throughout other various offices. But my job is to make sure that the vision that Chris wants is getting implemented into the game. And then making sure that if Chris, Erin and Tony all want something then we talk about it and then we, you know, work it out and put it into the game.

JH: So what happens when people want different things?

TP: Well I equate it to mum, dad and uncle fighting and I let them work out what role they want to play.

JH: Okay. Right. And then once you’ve built that consensus with the three of them, or whatnot …

TP: Yeah.

JH: … What happens then?

TP: At that point then we make sure all the leads are on the same page and we funnel it out to the team.

JH: Okay. So you were … you’re in town last week, you’re in town for a single day today; what brought you to LA last week?

TP: To sync up with Tony and talk about what we are doing for the next 12 months in the PU.

JH: Okay.

TP: And so sitting down with Tony, Erin and Ricky and scheduling out what kind of careers we’re going to be working on; what types of environments are we going to be building and pushing out; and then what kind of tech do we need in order to facilitate all of that stuff.

JH: So what are we doing for the next 12 months in the PU? What kind of careers are we doing? What kind of tech do we need?

TP: So with the PU obviously we’re starting to really dig into the mission system. One of our goals in particular is to make sure that we’re introducing non-combat centric roles. Just because right now we know everything centers around fighting. Now part of that was just taking what we had in AC and now it’s just a bigger playground. But now we’re going through talking about cargo, salvage, rescue, escorting, and I think about five other ones that we felt were unique to … or what we felt we could do a really cool take on in Star Citizen and really start fleshing out the world and making sure that it has these other roles that the players can go and actually do and just not shoot everything.

JH: That’s not to say our work on the shooting part is done?

TP: No, no, no, not even close. Then obviously still … with FPS and everything like that we’re still working a lot of the base mechanics; getting those as smooth as possible. We’re not … we’re not happy with it yet. So that’s the best way to put it. And then with EVA, then there’s still kinks and everything that we need to work out with that. The gunplay: Bender and I were talking about that this last week as far as getting the movement in the weapon so that when the player moves the stick right, well we get the gun twisting and you start getting those … that shuffling but it’s more one-to-one so … if you’re playing with a stick then you’re getting that exact movement and the gun is moving exactly the way that you want it to.

And then from there obviously the ship weapons and the refactors that are happening across the board with shields, with armour, with just the balancing in general, missiles, weapons, and then just power consumption across the ships. Making sure that if we are putting out a power plant then it has a pool that you can draw from, and then making sure that when you attach a new cooler or you attach a new quantum drive or jump drive or something like that then it’s all pulling power … and then in the beginning you get to choose your loadout and how you want to run your ship, and then at that point it becomes, not necessarily a power management game, but it allows you to customise your ship and gives the players options. Which is what we are always looking for.

JH: You mentioned a little bit about the FPS stuff, that’s still ongoing development in … from the Frankfurt office?

TP: From the Frankfurt office as well as the UK and then Bender’s out here in Santa Monica. But the weapons are being built out of the Frankfurt office; I’m out of the Frankfurt office; our Producer Alex Marschal, is out of the Frankfurt office; and then our Designer, John Crewe, is in UK; and then we’ve got our programming team lead by Jens, and then we’ve got Gordon and Romlow, those are all in the UK; and then we’ve got Evo Hertzig in Frankfurt; and then have our animators Dan McGeoch and Colin and Uisdean in UK.

JH: And so we’ve been slowly adding FPS aspects to Crusader: we add weapons with each patch, we’ve added additional animations and stuff so people are moving smoothly, more smoothly, Chris it this … in the special Subscriber RTV last week talked about how we are adding mantling and vaulting …

TP: Yep.

JH: … and stuff. Is that all work that’s going on from the Frankfurt office or …?

TP: Well, out of all …

JH: Out of all the offices. Right.

TP: … out of both of those offices. But yeah, that’s what’s being pushed on. It’s more about just interaction with the environment, allowing the player to navigate and … so that … and then also cover so … like cover was the first thing to get in and then from there then it’s navigation based off of that cover state. And then from there we will go on to looting and other things. Though that’s … it’s slowly building the way that we want it to be built.

JH: And this isn’t just work for Star Citizen: this work applies to Squadron 42 as well?

TP: This work applies directly towards S42 and anything that is S42 related is higher priority.

JH: Gotcha. So it may seem obvious, we talk about the “first person universe”, but there are first person aspects to Squadron 42?

TP: Yes.

JH: Yes. Okay. Just getting that out there.

TP: Yes.

JH: Alright, I think that’s about all we needed from you this week.

TP: Okay.

JH: Thanks for taking the time to stop in.

TP: I like the studio.

JH: Yeah. No, we’re pretty happy with it. I mean nothing’s straight; everything’s crooked but that’s pretty much …

TP: I like the coaster over there.

[Jared sighs a world weary sigh] [Todd chuckles]

JH: That’s Todd Papy everybody. Back to you guys.

ATV Rewind: Drake Cutlass Commercial

Drake Cutlass Commercial

The Wonderful World Of Star Citizen: Captain Richard

Captain Richard (CR):  And … fire … [laughs] … Wow!

CR: Yeah… [makes motor sounds]… This thing is so big. You can do donuts inside of it. There you go. It’s official. [makes tire squealing noises]

CR: Alright here we go. Alright. I drifted … I drifted too much. I drifted too much. I drifted too much.  Oh geez. Oh geez … oh geez! Oh geez! [yells excitedly] Ah, yes! [laughs] Yeah! [laughs] Yeah!

CR: I don’t know what’s happening. It’s Picard. Guys, it’s Picard. There are four lights. Four lights.  But I was always curious why can’t we turn the lamp on and off. I’m spamming the use button. Nothing’s happening. I mean I can play with my balls all night long. I can turn them on, turn them off. You see? Eh, pretty cool stuff. You know I have three balls that I play with by the way. There’s a nice little Carrack. It’s kinda like a mini ship I [burps]

CR: Body slam.

AI: Stand by, scanning. System alert.

CR: [yells] Yeah! Body slam!

AI: [continues unintelligibly in background]

CR: No, but a breaking moon ship. Crap, crap, crap.

Trevor Bass (TB) There is some exemplary flying happening here today. A real treat.

CR: Alright, here we go. [makes continuous high pitched groans] [yells] Ah! Yeah! He had it finished and then explosion.

CR: Ah, there’s an alien on board the ship. [fires assault rifle at alien] Get off my ship. Pow, get off. Son of a bitch. Damn it. Alright. He went to go skulk off into some, some other …

Game Announcement: Monster kill.

CR: some other random …

Jared Huckaby (JH): Welcome everybody once again to the Wonderful World of Star Citizen. I’m your host, Community Manager, Jared Huckabee. And on the Wonderful World we take a look at all the content creators in the Star Citizen Universe. Be it Twitch streamers, YouTube makers, the folks who make the cool battle armours, 3D printed ships, t-shirts, original fiction, original artwork basically if you create original content set in the Star Citizen Universe, well there’s a chance you’ll appear here on the Wonderful World of Star Citizen. Now joining us this week is star citizen Twitch streamer Mr. Captain Richard. Mr. Captain Richard, I don’t I… messed that up. How ya doing man?

CR: I’m doing fine. Thank you for asking.

JH: You’re not supposed to say mister when you say captain. It’s two titles. Do you prefer Mr. Richard or Captain Richard?

CR: Captain Richard would be great … would be great.

JH: Alright. Thanks Tim. Now, Captain Richard you’re a… Twitch streamer. Why don’t you tell us about how you got started.

CR: Okay, well … yeah, I’ll just,I… had never really done any streaming before on Twitch. It was kinda of newer to me. I had a buddy of mine who actually was a Twitch streamer. He was … pretty much almost everyday on Twitch. He kinda suggested that I check it out and get into it. And it was a little bit before the … I would say the release of Arena Commander for Star Citizen and I’ve been playing Star Citizen, since day one of the release of Arena Commander. And I saw a couple Twitch streamers who’re streaming the game as well. And I was like … You know I’d kinda like to do that. It seems kinda fun. And now here it is a little over a year and a half later. Yeah, I’ve been streaming Star Citizen gameplay every Monday through Friday for over a year and a half now.

JH: Alright. Now a lot of people think, “Hey, this is easy. I can stream”. Why don’t you talk to us a little bit about the challenges inherent to being a video game streamer.

CR: Oh … well I, would say the biggest challenge if you’re, like a semiregular or even a full time Trips … Twitch streamer is, you have to be dedicated. You have to be willing to just say, “Hey, I’m going to do this when I tell people I’m going to do this”. And not everyone has a fixed schedule. But, I would say that was the biggest hurdle for me was just getting myself to just commit to doing it. I don’t think I’ve ever committed to anything for over a year and a half so consistently. But yeah, I would say that would probably be just not doing it for like a couple of days, one week, maybe a day, another week.  I would say if you’re gonna get into it, just commit to it. I’d … I would … I will admit that it does get a little tough socially when you’re like I’m going to be on at this time every single weekday and some buddies want you to come out or you’ve got a … you know you want to take trips or whatever. So, you just kind of have to balance the two. But I would say consistency and commitment are probably the two … two qualities you’d want to have if you want to become a Twitch streamer, a regular Twitch streamer.

JH: Well, people have to know when you’re going to be on.

CR: Yeah, exactly.

JH: Alright. So, there’s a lot of Star Citizen Twitch streamers out there. What sets your stream apart from the others?

CR: Oh well, I … well actually every night what I do when I start streaming is I actually do a nightly news type segment where we cover everything that’s happened in the day for Star Citizen, whether it’s your releases for the PTU, updates from the chairman so just 10 for the Chairman, or discussing just some of the other releases that happened that day or maybe the previous days. So, I…would say that if you would like to learn more about Star Citizen or what happened at that current day? Yeah, check it out. I do that at the beginning of every stream before we jump into Star Citizen. And then I would say that one of my goals is to try to get people actually into the game. You know a lot of people just tend to sit there and watch Twitch gameplay, but when people are in chat I try to bring them out of chat and actually into the game. Hey, play with me. Let’s go on some adventures and that kind of thing.

JH: Alright. Now, one of the things that’s always curious to me is how the heck do you guys make money doing this? What are some of the ways folks can support Star Citizen streamers?

CR: Well… I mean…the …  bare bones is you can set up a tip system if you … want. There’s a few different options out there. Just … yeah just google Twitch tipping system or whatever … few Twitch assistant bot type things. But, yeah it’s … it’s mostly just … hey if you enjoy the stream and you’d like to send a Twitch streamer a tip, then yeah they give you that option. There’s a few different other ways you can go about it if you’re interested in trying to monetize your efforts on Twitch. One is Patreon. And that is just basically hey if  you want to support my stream you can subscribe on … on a monthly basis to Patreon. I’m a Twitch partner. I actually became a partner on Twitch from streaming Star Citizen just for having streamed it so long. And, you can subscribe to my channel. It’s like five bucks a month or something like that. And, it does help as far as supporting me as a streamer, doing giveaways and things like that.

JH: Alright. And you say you’ve been streaming since Arena Commander first dropped. Its been awhile since then. What kind of things do… Now that we have crusader what kind of things do you do in Crusader that folks can see when you… they tune into your stream?

CR: Well, apart from doing the more standard stuff like the missions or exploring for wrecks out at Yela, I… try to come up with fun like ‘adventurous’ type things for us to do that set little challenges, the weirder the better. But… yeah, that’s… about it. Just kind of not like a choose your own adventure, but creating your own adventure. And I think even in the long term for Star Citizen… yes there’s going to missions. There’s going to be bounty hunting and shipping and having all sorts of tasks… in game we’re getting paid in UEC, I think that a lot of it … a lot of the fun is just gonna be… yeah… going on your own adventures and setting up your own events. So, like Operation Pitchfork is already a massive, massive player driven event that’ll hopefully take place later on. Yeah, I… personally think that… yeah… other than doing the other intended content, making your own content is also going to be equally fun.

JH: Alright. And what are one of the things you are looking for most in Star Citizen?

CR: Well, actually my first… my first pledge ship was the Freelancer base and I,  just want to get my space trucker on. In a way once you’re if you’re playing it for the first time playing it for the first time going to different systems and trying to haul cargo it’s almost like exploration in a way if you’d never been there before. But yeah, I’m…looking forward to both being a space trucker and a… well… and an Idris captain, so I can be Captain Richard.

JH: Alright. And finally before we let you go, is there any message that you’d like to give to the Star Citizen community?

CR: Yeah, I just want to say that the Star Citizen community has been really, really, really supportive of not just me but all Star Citizen streamers. It’s … it’s a fantastic community. And its I … I say this … its been a humbling experience, because everybody is just so super into the game and super into anyone who’s out there promoting the game, whether it be on YouTube, or Twitch or Twitter or what have you. And just … everyone is just all great. I mean everyone that’s in orgs.  people who just are single backers of the game  And yeah just many salutes to you all.  You’ve been incredibly supportive of me.

JH: Alright. Well, thanks for taking the time to appear on the Wonderful World of Star Citizen, Captain Richard. I keep calling you captain like it’s your first name. Is Richard your last name or your first name?

CR: People do that. Yeah. People do that. I’ve gotten used to it at this point.

JH: Alright. Well thanks Richard. Alright, that’s Captain Richard. He’s a Twitch streamer. You can check him at TWITCH.TV/CAPTAIN_RICHARD. We’ll put that at the bottom here. And back to you guys, Ben and Sandi.


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