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Around the ‘Verse: Episode 2.23 Written Thursday 17th of March 2016 at 11:59am by CanadianSyrup

It’s the big news day of the week, Around the ‘Verse! Check out our transcript of the show. Transcript by CanadianSyrup, Shiver Bathory, Sunjammer, Stormy Winters, WangPhat TLDR(Too Long;Didn’t Read) Intro Development on 2.3 is going...

It’s the big news day of the week, Around the ‘Verse! Check out our transcript of the show.

Transcript by CanadianSyrup, Shiver Bathory, Sunjammer, Stormy Winters, WangPhat

TLDR(Too Long;Didn’t Read)


  • Development on 2.3 is going strong.
  • Two smaller patches have released for 2.2 since launch. 2.2.1 and 2.2.2.
  • Free fly is currently in effect for all existing and new backers until the end of the week with a small sale happening for some limited ships like the M50 and 350R
  • Aurora to 300i promotion has been extended till Monday
  • The first Concept sale will happen Friday.
  • Citizen Con 2016 Tickets go on sale tomorrow.
  • David Ladymans board game “Star Traders” is on Kickstarter right now with Chris and Sandi Cameos.

News From Around the Verse

Los Angeles
  • Kirk Tome working on getting the Xi’An Scout fly ready
  • All hands on deck to get in game shopping ready
  • Will be able to buy clothing for your character when it’s ready
  • Work on a character’s jumpsuit for SQ. 42.
  • Two patches rolled out last week
  • Two new members to the QA Team
  • Work carrying on with 2.3
  • Pete Mackay working on prices for clothing, ship component shops and ship showrooms
Foundry 42 UK
  • Back from Frankfurt after working on schedules with counterparts there
  • Chris Roberts in office to help direct Designers over Sq. levels and get up to date with their current state of development
  • Scanning and radar ready for first implementation pass
  • Working on automatic landing, still want it to be manual but easier for others if automated
  • Vault and mantle animations seem done for FPS
  • Traversal is work in progress but not expected to take too long
Foundry 42 Frankfurt
  • Nothing new really to report this week
  • Work progresses across the board on procedural tech, bug fixes, optimisation et al.
  • Each department reports progress on their current project
  • Frankfurt team is expanding to 39 people in total over the next few weeks
  • Team is working hard on all fronts.

ATV Interview with Carl Jones

  • Carl has two job: Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Business Development
  • Business Development making deals with companies wanting their product tied in to Star Citizen; working with CIG’s partner companies like AMD and Saitek
  • Chief Operating Officer does the things the CEO doesn’t want to do; making the company operate more efficiently so developers spend more time developing
  • Was really excited by Saitek’s willingness to create a bespoke controller for Star Citizen
  • We’ve saw a mock up at CitizenCon: the next phase is a working prototype in a month or two
  • CIG is inundated with companies who want to make something with Star Citizen, but knocks a lot of those back
  • Worked on Sonic games, Total War series and Crysis; even had his own studio at one point
  • Worked for the Ministry of Defence in the UK on real world simulations: too real!
  • Most excited about how Star Citizen is affecting the industry: PC, space sims, crowdfunding, community!
  • Played Elite not Wing Commander (don’t tell Chris)

Lorewalkers Guide To The Galaxy

  • Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a new segment where a member of the lore team will give a personal tour of the system through the Starmap.
  • Adam is wearing a Operation Pitchfork T-Shirt as the system this week is Vega.
  • Many viewers may be familiar with Vega from the Battle of Vega II and Admiral Bishop’s speech in front of the Senate.
  • Vega has a G-Type main sequence which is brighter than 90% of the stars from other systems and is the same type of star as our sun, Sol.
  • Vega had two habitable planets within the green band, combined with the G-Type main sequence star, this made the system promising.
  • Vega had a jump point directly into Vanduul space – specifically the Virgil system.
  • The Virgil system was controlled by the UEE before it was taken over in the Fall of Virgil.
  • Before the Fall of Virgil, Vega was a prosperous system. After the Fall of Virgil, it became a place of constant fear which encouraged mass migration out of the system.
  • In recent times, people have moved back to Aremis because it’s a beautiful system and has a great culinary scene.
  • During the Battle of Vega II, there was the first sighting of a Vanduul kingship in UEE space since the Fall of Caliban.
  • Aremis has planetary rings. These are formed due to the Roche radius – where debris and objects that fall within the radius have their gravity essentially overpowered by the gravity of Aremis. These rings are said to be beautiful.
  • Vega was eventually recognized by the UEE.
  • Aremis’ first Senator – Edward O’Neill – used his introductory speech to call for a vote on going to war with the Vanduul.
  • Aremis home to the Cargo Olympics
  • Vega I, dwarf planet about the size of Pluto. One probe planet, nothing really interesting there so it’s been forgotten mostly
  • Vega III, otherwise known as Selene. Had to be terraformed to make planet habitable
  • Originally the military established themselves on Selene before private industry/business moved in
  • Largest city on Selene called Titus, massive expanse of buildings but most on the outer edge are abandoned or partially constructed due to Vanduul threat
  • Governor’s council created a gun company called Costick Arms in partnership with private interests to build affordable weapons for people who couldn’t afford to leave or didn’t want to
  • Plan worked but crime also spiked as a result
  • An executive for Costick Arms was caught triggering Vanduul sensor alarms to drive up sales and when the governor’s council realized this they sold their stake in the company to private interests
  • The private interests then turned around and exported the weapons universe wide
  • Also home to a group of people called the Descendents of Orion
  • People who originally lived or are descendents of people who lived in the Orion system and want to get it back
  • They base raids in the Vanduul system from this planet
  • Vega Belt Alpha is owned by UEE but is pretty much picked clean of all resources
  • Beginning miners sometimes start here to practice
  • Vega IV is a super Jupiter, more dense than our Jupiter and will be dotted with fuel refinery stations
  • Vega system, four planet, one asteroid belt and four jumppoints coming into it


  • PurgatorialFlame won for creating a tabletop RPG source book

Art Sneak Peak

Full Transcript


Jared Huckaby (JH): This week, we explore the nooks and crannies of ArcCorp

And who else can unlock the terrifying mystery of Carl Jones, but Carl Jones

And what horror lies in the heart of the Vegas system, only Adam Wiessner knows for sure

All this and more on this week’s Around the ‘Verse

Sandi Gardiner (SG): I didn’t know you could get to the roof.

Ben Lesnick (BL): I don’t you’re supposed to, but maybe someday

SG: I’m gonna try that. Hello everyone it’s time for another episode of Around the ‘Verse, your Star Citizen news show. I’m Sandi Gardiner the VP of Marketing.

BL: I’m Ben Lesnick, Director of Community Engagement which makes me sound more like a camp counselor than I actually am.

SG: Without access to the marshmellows.

BL: No they don’t let me

SG: Ben what can we do in Star Citizen today?

BL: Well in addition to the ArcCorp segment we saw before we started, we’ve got the Crusader mini Persistent Universe up and running and there are over 30 flyable ships right now that you can dogfight, explore, fly missions; even land and engage in FPS gameplay on multiple space stations and then there’s Arena Commander our single seater dog fighting test bed that has dogfighting, capture the core, racing, all sorts of game modes that will train you up for the Star Citizen experience. That’s Star Citizen today.

SG: So basically there’s a lot going on today.

BL: There’s a lot going on

SG: And what is the team working on today?

BL: Well The team is currently making commits to Star Citizen 2.3. Which will be our next major release. Essentially that means checking in all the work they’ve been doing the past month in or in some cases, months for consideration for the new patch. Then it goes to our team of in house testers who will say, “Okay this works, this works, maybe this isn’t ready for prime time yet” and from there we will determine the changelist for 2.3 and then get it out to the PTU.

SG: Yay! For the next several days you can access every single one Star Citizens spacecraft. That’s including all our current backers as well as new people.

BL: Yes! Every flyable ship is currently available in the free fly which means that new backers can experience Star Citizen for the first time if they like or existing backers can try ships they may not own or have earned yet. This is great for the team because it gives us ship balancing information, it gives us load testing that we wouldn’t otherwise get and it introduces new people to Star Citizen so these events are great for us.

SG: And that universe keeps expanding. We made two smaller patches to Star Citizen Alpha 2.2 last week. 2.2.1 and 2.2.2. Both were aimed at fixing some of the bugs we were seeing with the live release including some serious issues on the Origin 300i spacecraft

BL: As a result we’ve extended the 300i Aurora upgrade promotion a couple days, it’ll run through Monday.

SG: Since the south by south free fly wraps up this weekend we are offering a small little sale with some of the limited ships that you may or may not had a chance to get a hold of. So here’s your chance if you’re after an M50 or 350R

BL: We’re also going to be kicking off our first concept sale of 2016 on Friday. We’re not going to give away too many details here yet, but Foundry 42 has a cool new addition the Vanduul fleet.

SG: There’s a brand new note from the Chairman which includes David Ladyman and Ryan Archer who have made their new board game “Star Traders.” Available on Kickstarter.

BL: There project looks great. I had a chance to play Star Traders last time I was in Austin, it was a lot of fun. Infact the new version has a cameo from Sandi

SG: Yay!

BL: Check it out!

David Ladyman (DL:) Star Traders is a classic science fiction board game. Two to six players pilot their starships as they compete to deliver cargos across the galaxy for great wealth and prestige.

SG: Tickets go on sale tomorrow for Citizen Con 2016. CitizenCon 2016 will be held in Los Angeles California at the Avalon Hollywood so go get your ticket.

BL: And finally check out the commlink tomorrow to meet the next member of Squadron 42’s star studded cast. Wont say too much about it now, but it’s going to be a real three ring circus.

SG: Oh boy… And now lets kick it over to our studios for the latest on what’s in development.

News From Around the Verse

Los Angeles

Darian Vorlick: Hey everyone welcome to Cloud Imperium Games, Los Angeles. Here we are with our weekly update. I’m Darian Vorlick Production Coordinator here in Los Angeles and today we’ve got:

Cheyne Hessler: Cheyne Hessler – Associate Character Artist

DV: So this week’s update we’ve got a couple juicy nuggets. One with patch 2.2 you saw that the Xi’An Scout was hangar ready. So the Tech Design team, specifically Kirk Tome he’s working on getting the Xi’An Scout flight ready. So hopefully that will be coming soon. On the tech content side we got Sean Tracy, Forest, Stephan, Mark McCall, Gauge.

Basically it’s all hands on deck to making to get the actual character shopping into the game soon. Shopping we’re referring to being able to buy clothing, being able to see that on your character. Kind of customise your character in different attire. So on the ship side what have we got?

CH: We got a UEE Navy character currently working on the jumpsuit. We’re doing variations on for Star Citizen.

DV: Sorry I didn’t mean ships, I meant art side! So, kind of fun to put a ship in a jumpsuit!

CH: We’ll work on that!

DV: So that’s all we got from Los Angeles once again i’m Darian Vorlick

CH: Cheyne Hessler

DV: Thanks a bunch guys

CH: Thanks


Jake Ross: Hey guys Jake Ross Associate Producer of the Persistent Universe and with me I have:

Tyler Whitken: Tyler Whitken Senior QA

JR: Thanks for filling in for me last week Tyler appreciate it

TW: It was fun

JR: Just got back from a week long vacation, happy to be back. You all put out two patches last week didn’t you? 2.2.1 and 2.2.2

TW: Yeah! 2.2.1 on the Wednesday and 2.2.2 on Friday.

JR: How’d that go?

TW: Yeah it went really well. There’s still some issues we’re wanting to get ironed out but yeah!

JR: What were the big heavy hitters you guys tackled last week?

TW: We ran into some issues with the 300 Series missing HUD and a few other ones. We got those fixed. The biggest ones we were seeing around a ten second delay with trying to use objects, trying to use props like the ship terminal or trying to get into your ship. And then also some character desync. We’re still doing a lot of testing on that, it’s gotten a lot better. We’ve gathered a tonne of data from the short PTU’s that we had and yeah

JR: Good and we really want to thank you guys who were in on the PTU and helped us identify some of that and those issues and giving us all that awesome data that we’re using to get to our server network guys to help track some of that stuff done. So yeah that’s cool. Wanted to get a more general update from you  on the QA team I know we got a couple new members recently

TW: Yes we had Katrazyna and Jeff Daily. Many of you have probably seen Katrazyna from the last episode of Which Glitch we did. Jeff Daily hasn’t been out in the open much! But he’s been killing it, he came to us he was a Lead at his last job so he has tonnes of experience they’ve both been doing a fantastic job and helping us continue testing in depth and get ready for 2.3

JR: Yeah. Yeah it’s awesome the team is growing little by little. We got a couple more people joining the team soon and just in general. So yeah that’s really good to hear anything else from the QA side you want to..?

TW: Not really an update other than everybody out there has been killing it with all your reports the Issue Council has been packed we’ve gotten so much information. Some people put together a Discord channel with just the most focused, for different aspects of the game, for testing feedback. It’s all been super helpful from a QA perspective we’re super appreciative and just keep it up guys because you are helping us do so much.

JR: You guys are like an extension of our own QA team

TW: totally, totally

JR: I don’t think there’s another project out there that’s quite like how we got it set up which is kind of cool. Last thing i’ll give an update on on the PU side is pricing i’ve talked a little bit about the pricing in the past. But one of Designers here Pete Mackay is working on pricing formulas for clothing and he’s extended his reach beyond just clothing for Casaba Outlet to Dumper’s Depot for things like components, ship components and ship weapons and he’s also looking at Astro Armada pricing the ships themselves so that you can, pretty soon be able to buy ships and stuff just through the game instead of on a platform. So that’ll be a really cool things to see hopefully when we get persistence online and shopping so we’re excited to see that. So that’s all I got for you this week. You got anything?

TW: That’s all I got.

Foundry 42 UK

Tom Johnson: Hi everyone Tom here in the UK I’m back from Frankfurt. I spent a few days last week working on the schedules with Alex Marshal and the other Senior Producer over there no their side. It was great to spend more time with a lot of the team I who work with kind of closely online with and good to actually meet a few of their guys in person.

Back to normal over here. We’ve also got Chris Roberts joining us for a couple of weeks in the UK. He;’s mainly spending a lot of time speaking with the Design Team going over the level reviews for Squadron 42. He’s just giving them some direction and getting some updates as to where the levels are at the moment with progress.

On the feature side of things taking a look at some stuff in progress we’ve got scanning and radars as I mentioned previously. That’s now going into the first pass of implementation of a new tier set. Some extra features coming your way soon for both ships and players. Also on the ship side of things we’re also looking to make landing automatic. A bit more easy and accessible to those that want it that way. Then we’ll be moving on to actually land the capital ships. There’s still lots of tech work going on with getting the capital ships flying and how they all function and their systems underlying them.

On the FPS side of things I’ve got vault and mantle. That FPS traversal functionality is in progress too, that shouldn’t take us too long. And we’ve also got Vanduul character in progress. So we’re excited to get him all modelled up and ready to get in game and to start working on FPS. So come back behaviours for them too and see some real scary alien action! That’s about it for this week. That’s my time up and i’ll see you all in the ‘Verse bye for now.

Foundry 42 Frankfurt

Brian Chambers: Hey everyone Brian Chambers from Frankfurt. This week I have absolutely nothing new to share with anyone. Tech Teams still working on procedural tech can’t get into details but progress is moving along. Things are looking really, really good there. Still building tools work to help support Cinematics but we already talked about that in the past. Bug fixes, optimisation, question on physics across the board.

Squadron 42 Cinematics are progressing but if i gave you any update that would give stuff away and I can’t do that, sorry. Design still pushing on designs, going through some new ideas throwing those around the rest of the design team to get things finalised. A lot of documentation going on right no. But nothing definitive to make it really kind of push and share with you guys. VFX they’re still pushing VFX. Just thinking through all the team.

Weapons Artist still pushing weapons stuff you already heard about, but they are making progress there. AI. We talked a lot about AI, progress is going good there. Build Engineering still improving the system and pushing out builds as we can. We’ve grown by a few people so I guess that is something new. Within the next couple weeks here we have another four people starting which takes up to 39 people.

Yeah besides that it’s pretty much the same. So team’s working hard we’re pushed on all fronts, progress is good, sometimes no news is good news. Hopefully next week i’ll be able to pull somebody in. Was going to pull somebody in this week but everyone’s been busy. Again thanks for backing, thanks for all the support, I’ll talk to you next week.  

Back to Studio

BL: Thank you everyone, you guys are doing an amazing job

SG: We break net live now to go to Jared Huckaby who is sitting with Cloud Imperium’s Carl Jones.

BL: Is that Karl with a K or Carl with a C?

SG: That is Carl with a C. Karl with a K is a DEsigner and Carl with a C is in business development

BL: So which one is this?

SG: Let’s find out!

ATV Interview with Carl Jones

JH: Thanks guys. On this week’s ATV Interview we’re sitting down with Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Business Development for Cloud Imperium Games, Mr Carl Jones. Carl …

Carl Jones (CJ): Jared.

JH: … how you doing man?

CJ: Very good thank you.

JH: You’re coming to us from the UK?

CJ: That’s right, yeah. Here visiting the studio.

JH: Okay. Now Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Business Development. Alright start us off man, what’s Chief Operating Officer do?

CJ: Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful. I have two titles because I kind of have two jobs. So I started out here as VP of Business Development.

JH: Okay.

CJ: That is me working with our partner companies, like AMD, looking at ways to works with other companies that want to make products that tie in with Star Citizen and have deals with us to make sure that when we make our game they support their product and vice versa.

Then recently I took on the role as well of Chief Operating Officer which varies very much from company to company but put simply the Chief Operating Officer’s job is to do things the CEO doesn’t want to do. So I take on a lot of the boring stuff, that probably isn’t that interesting to our community, but the focus really is on making sure our operations work in such a way that our game developers spend as much of their time as possible developing the game, and not worrying about the other kind of things that you get when your company gets quite big. And that applies all the way up to Chris because obviously we all want Chris to spend as much of his time as possible making this game. But when you are a company as big as ours there are a lot of other distractions that come come about, operational things, so I’m here to help smooth those problems over.

JH: And those are positions that are necessary in any company, not just video game development?

CJ: Yeah absolutely, yeah. I mean most companies will have someone looking at partnerships and deals with other companies, and someone trying to make the company’s operations run as smoothly as possible.

JH: Gotcha. You mentioned partnership deals, you mentioned AMD. You were also involved in the Saitek deal we’ve had going on. In fact folks may have seen you the first time at our CitizenCon event where you debeeled …  debeeled, debeeled? … debuted the Saitek, what was that? A mockup?

CJ: Yeah. So at CitizenCon we had a physical mockup. Just a model of what the product would look like. That was the first thing I really did in my role here. We knew the audience, our fans wanted a controller, a special controller, and with Saitek and MadCatz we found a company that was very happy to work with us on the finding the best design and really change their product so that it worked perfectly with the game. And that’s really what we got excited by with Saitek was this willingness they had to create a bespoke controller for us.

So we’ve seen the mockup and the next phase is to get an actual working prototype. We’re looking forward to getting that in the next month or two. And as soon as we do I hope will give some more feedback on how it feels, how it’s working, and then we will move forward from that stage to getting them into production and eventually getting them into the hands of our fans.

JH: Gotcha. That’s no small thing: a company wanting to make a bespoke product with us. And there are lots of great HOTAS manufacturers, there are lots of great companies that build all kind of things, but it’s not just who we want: they have to want to work with us, we want to work with them. It’s a partnership.

CJ: That’s right. I mean I’ll be honest with you. I’ve worked in games for 20 years, I’ve been doing business development for more than ten and I’ve never worked on a product that has more appeal than Star Citizen. So in our case actually we are inundated with companies who want to make something with Star Citizen on it. We knock a lot of those back. It’s not just about having a logo on the product, it’s about whether or not we think it adds something to the game and whether or not it is something our fans want. And we’ll always look to our fans to give us feedback and say “Hey , this would be a cool thing, this would help us, this would make our game better so let’s do that partnership.”

JH: Inundated with deals huh? Any you want to share with us right now?

CJ: No.

JH: I tried. Alright, so you said you’ve been doing this for ten years, where did you come to … where did you come from to us before this?

CJ: So before this I was a Crytek. So I was business development first of all on CryEngine. I was running the CryEngine team and I then I did all the business development at Crytek before I joined here. Before that I was working mostly in production, studio management, at different game developers. So I’ve been a game developer for more than 20 years.

JH: And what games would people have played that you might have worked on?

CJ: I’ve worked on some of the Sonic games, I’ve worked on the Total War series, obviously at Crytek working on Crysis games. I had my own studio at one point and we made a stealth adventure game called Prisoner of War, which probably no one has heard of but, you know, I’m pretty proud of it. So the big one obviously is Crysis and Total War.

JH: Gotcha. And you worked on some sims too you said.

CJ: Yeah, right, back in the beginning of my career I actually worked at the Ministry of Defence in the UK on real world simulations. So working on defence simulations, and war games, and things like that. But it wasn’t a lot of fun: a bit too real! So I moved out of that and actually the first game I worked on was a helicopter flight simulator called Team Apache which was coincidentally directly in competition with Origin and Longbow.

JH: Gotcha. Well, sorry.

CJ: Yeah, well we didn’t win that fight. That’s for sure. But it was cool, I mean there was room in the market then for more simulations whether it was fight simulations or space simulations. Obviously then for a while those games disappeared, they went away, the powers that be decided that PC and simulation wasn’t an interesting market. And then I think one of the most exciting things about Star Citizen is how the industry is been changed by what’s happened here. PC gaming is in resurgence, space simulation is in resurgence, new ways of making games and talking to your community: that’s all changed because of what Chris did here.

JH: You mentioned space games are making a resurgence, did you play Wing Commander when it first came out?

CJ: I have to admit that as a Brit of the 80’s, a child of the 80’s, or a teenager of the 80’s, I played Elite.

JH: [horrified intake of breath]

CJ: Just don’t tell Chris.

JH: I might have known that was the answer ahead of time. Well Carl, thanks so much for taking the time to sit down and chat with us.

CJ: My pleasure.

JH: You seem like you are a great addition to the team. You’ve been here … how long have you been here?

CJ: Just over a year.

JH: You came on right around the same time I did. I’ve been here just over a year.

CJ: Yeah, about so.

JH: Yeah, cool. Thank you so much for coming on show.

CJ: Loved it.

JH: For taking the time to sit down and chat. This is Carl Jones, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Business Development for Cloud Imperium Games. I got it.

CJ: You got it right that time.

JH: You didn’t think I could do it. Thanks Carl.

CJ: Thank you.

JH: Back to you guys.
[A tennis ball bounces through the shot]

ATV Rewind: Arena Commander Arrives


Lorewalkers Guide To The Galaxy

Adam Weiser (AW): Hello everyone, my name is Adam Weiser and I’m going to be your host this week on the Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Now this program, it’s a new one, and what we’re going to do, is every once in a while, one of the members of the lore team is going to come in here and give you a personal tour of a system through this awesome starmap that’s been put together for the game.

So this week as you can see, I’m wearing an Operation Pitchfork T-Shirt because it felt appropriate considering the system we will be covering, so once again we’ll start off right here on Earth. And if we back out of the Sol system and do the backspace here, we can bring up the search bar, and we’re going to type in this episode’s system, which is Vega.

So here we go, we’re going to head off to the Vega system, which I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with due to the recent Battle of Vega, Admiral Bishop’s speech in front of the Senate, all that has happened because of what has gone here recently. Now the Vega system has been one of promise and problems for the UEE throughout the history.

As you see, it is here, it’s in kind of what we want to call the western front of the empire, and the promise of this system is right in the centre. It is this G-Type main sequence star. Now, what’s special about this star is that it is brighter than 90% of the other stars in the entire galaxy. What’s also very special about it is that it’s very similar to our sun – to the star that’s at the heart of the Sol system – so when humanity found this star out there amidst everything, they got very excited by the prospects.

One of the other very important things that made this so promising was that the system also has two habitable planets within the green band. So this star along with these two planets made it a very intriguing system for humanity – the problem with the Vega system has always been that it has one jump that goes directly into Vanduul space. As you can see here, it connects directly to the Virgil system, now for the first few hundred years of Vega’s existence.

The Virgil system was actually a human controlled system, that all changed in 2737 with the Fall of Virgil. When that happened, Vega literally became the front line of the conflict between humanity and the Vanduul. So, for over 200 years, the people of Vega lived in constant fear that any moment Vanduul could come through this jump here from Virgil and attack the system.

Prior to the Fall of Virgil, Vega was a pretty prosperous system, there were a lot of people there, there was a lot of excitement going on, but the second that the Vanduul were on the doorstep, people fled from the system very fast. They say that at a certain point, the best business was Vega was actually getting people out of Vega. So basically for 200 years, this system lived in constant fear.

Until maybe 10 to 20 years ago when people started to think “hey, you know what? Aremis is a beautiful place, it’s a naturally just stunning planet, and the real estate is cheap there” – people started to move back in, the vast and verdant fields produced a lot of crops, which led to a thriving culinary scene on the planet. They even were in the midst of applying for recognition from the UEE Senate when unfortunately the Vanduul finally attacked.

This happened on October 5th 2945, the Vanduul came through, it’s now known as the Battle of Vega II, and basically attacked Aremis. You see we’ve got the nice little icon here, indicating that attack. So on this day, citizens and civilians of this planet would have walked out into the streets, the capital New Corvo, looked up in the sky and they would have seen ships falling and falling from the sky and crashing into the city, the city on fire, they would have seen Vanduul raiders kinda running through the streets and when they looked up, beside this massive space battle, they would have seen a Vanduul kingship sitting in the system – which is the first time in over, about 70 years that a Vanduul kingship had ever been in UEE space. The last time prior to Vega was in 2871 at the Fall of Caliban.

So besides seeing that Vanduul kingship up in space, they also got to see these beautiful planetary rings that surround Aremis. So Aremis is going to be a very, very beautiful planet from the ground, you’ve got these planetary rings and you’ve got two shepherd moons that are also going to be sitting up in the sky.

Now, just an interesting science fact, the planetary rings are there for, first, basically because of something called the Roche limit or the Roche radius and the simplified version of this is that the Roche radius is where the gravity of the planet of Aremis overpowers all other gravity. If for example, you are a natural satellite, a chunk of the moon, a piece of space debris on the outside of the Roche radius, then you have your own gravity, you’ll draw other things to you, and that’s how moons kind of coalesce.

But, if you’re a natural satellite that is caught inside the Roche radius, let’s say maybe you’re a piece of moon that hit the planet and broke up in atmosphere, or maybe these are parts of the early protoplanetary disc that created this system that never got pulled into the planet, under the right conditions, it can get caught up here on the very edge of the system and give these very beautiful, picturesque planetary rings.

Now Aremis isn’t only beautiful from the sky, it’s also very beautiful from the ground, this is a naturally habitable planet so it has it’s own flora and it’s own fauna. It did need a little bit of terraforming to be able to get humanity to be habitable there but luckily that terraforming wasn’t strong enough to actually eradicate a lot of the natural foliage you’ll find there. So, it’s also going to be a very beautiful planet from the ground.

With that in consideration, you can see why over the past few years, the people of Aremis have strove to receive recognition from the UEE Senate to actually have a voting right there. Everyone seemed to think they were on the fast track for this to happen and when the Attack of Vega happened, Vega II, basically their application was rubber-stamped, so it wasn’t long before Edward O’Neill became the very first UEE Senator from the planet of Aremis. And he decided to use his introduction speech in front of the Senate for a little bit of political theatre, instead of talking about the planet, he decided to close debate and call for a vote on the UEE going to war against the Vanduul.

So, that’s a fun little fact. The first act by a senator from Aremis was to vote for war against the Vanduul. Another fun little thing about this planet here, Aremis, is that it is home to the Cargo Olympics so for all you haulers and traders out there who are good at moving cargo around. This is where the annual Cargo Olympic event would occur.

Unfortunately, the recent attacks have put this year’s event in question but I believe I have it under good authority there might be some more answers as to what’s happening to that very soon. So again, that’s Aremis, which is Vega II, it’s about earth size, right here.

Let’s step back out, let’s go up to Vega I which is on the inner part of the system. Now this is a dwarf planet, there’s not too much exciting about it. It’s about the size of Pluto, the UE like to call this a one probe planet. They sent one unmanned probe to this thing, took it out, did some scans realized there was nothing there to mine, nothing there really worth our time so it’s kind of been forgotten and it just sits here in the inner part of this system.

As we back out, let’s go to Vega III which is the other really, really interesting planet in the system and this planet is called Selene. As you see this is a little bit further out from the sun but it’s still in the greenband, it’s a little bit larger than earth and it’s not naturally habitable. Which means humans had to terraform this planet to be able to live on it. Now this place has been the true power centre of the Vega system for the past few centuries. The military had a lot of establishment or they first claimed Aremis and moved in there first so a lot of the private industry and private business came in and took over this planet of Selene.

The biggest city on Selene is a city called Titus and it has a pretty massive population for what is considered a frontier system, a frontier planet. Titus was thriving prior to the Vanduul threat appearing on Vega’s doorstep. So when you see the city from the air it’s a massive expanse of buildings but once you get down to ground level what you’ll realize is that a lot of the buildings on the outer edge of the city are abandoned or partially constructed or stopped mid construction due to the Vanduul threat.

Selene’s population of Titus is still high but it’s definitely not as high as it used to be. An interesting point about Selene is that the governor’s council of the planet grew concerned after the fall of Virgil in 2737.They were worried that people on this planet who didn’t want to leave, who couldn’t afford to leave, they were worried what would happen if the Vanduul ever attacked. So their solution was to create a gun company called Costick Arms. Now this was a private/public partnership between the governor’s council of Selene and private interest to make affordable and effective energy weapons to sell of the people of this planet in case of a Vanduul incursion.

Now this plan worked well at arming the people of Titus and the people of Selene but it also obviously lead to a spike in crime. Even worse in 2753 an executive for Costick Arms was caught triggering Vanduul sensor alarms deep out in the system as a way to drive sales for the guns. When the governor’s council of Selene realized this was going on they understood they needed to get out of the gun business and ended up selling their stake in the company to completely private interests.

So the private interest realized they had very effective and very cheap guns on their hands that would be liked all around the empire so what they ended up doing is they took Costick Arms, the maker of the Devastator shotgun and Firestorm cannon and they took them and they basically exported them all around the universe, which is why you’ll be seeing a lot of those guns in the game. It all started from here, in Selene.

The other interesting thing about this planet is it’s home to a group of people called the Descendents Orion and they are as you would expect and as my Operation Pitchfork T-shirt hints at. They are people who originally lived in the Orion system or descendents of people who lived in the Orion system who want to get the system back. They do this by basing raids in Vanduul systems from this planet so let’s say you’re a Vanduul Swarm fanatic, let’s say you have interest in testing your mettle against… in Vanduul territory. You can come find the descendents of Orion on Selene, they’re not going to pay much, it’s going to be very dangerous but it’s definitely going to be a good way to get some dogfighting action.

As we back away from Selene, we go further out into the system and what we have here is the Vega Belt. The Vega Belt Alpha, now this for an asteroid belt, is probably a little more dense than most but there’s still not enough mass to have formed a planet. Technically, this asteroid belt is owned by the UEE but it’s been picked pretty clean over the years so there’s not really patrols of it. A lot of beginning miners make their way out to this asteroid belt as a way to practice, maybe find a few pockets that may have been overlooked.

So it’s a good place to maybe do some practice runs, there’s not going to be a lot of wealth here if you’re willing to go check it out. Finally out on the very edge of this system we have Vega IV, now Vega IV is a super Jupiter which is the least common class of planets in our entire galaxy. What makes a super Jupiter special? Well, it’s about the same size as our Jupiter it’s just more massive… just means it’s more dense. It’s a big beautiful planet that’s going to be dotted with fuel refineries stations kind of in the outer reaches that you’ll be able to swing by and maybe get some fuel for your ship.

Again, this has been the tour of the Vega system, four planet system, one asteroid belt with four jumppoints coming into it. The dangerous jumppoint from Virgil to… that go to unclaimed systems of Nul and Oberon and it has one connection to UEE space in Bremen. Again my name is Adam Weiser, member of the Lore Team and this was your Loremaker’s guide to the Vega system.

Jared Huckaby (JH): He did this whole thing without reading anything, there’s no notes on the screen. I’m so proud of him. Thank you Adam.

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