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Around the Verse: Dude, It's the July 12th Update Written Thursday 12th of July 2018 at 12:00am by Sunjammer, Desmarius and

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Full Transcript

Sandi Gardiner (SG): Hello and welcome to another episode of Around the Verse. I’m Sandi Gardiner.

Chris Roberts (CR): And I’m Chris Roberts.

SG:  Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 has gotten off to a great start as players have been busy these last two weeks mining, partnering up to cooperate, and - yes - blasting each other all over the galaxy.

CR: Of course they have.

So in 3.2 we say improvements in the Quantum Travel experience, making the mechanic a bit more realistic and allowing for more nuance in player interaction. We’ve also made travelling around moons to specific locations easier via Quantum Orbital Spines.

SG: And the introduction of the Group System allowed us to implement Quantum Linking to allow groups of players to sync up and quantum travel together.

CR: Yeah as we saw in that opening clip, 3.2 also added targeting functionality to manned turrets and you can see further refinements to the turret gameplay in the 3.2.1 patch that’s currently being tested on the PTU.

SG: Dialing these things in, so that they work well without being too overpowered, is one of the challenges the team faces.

CR: Yeah, so which is why it is great to have so many of you test and give feedback so we can continue to improve those important gameplay aspects.

Along with the improvements to the turrets, the 3.2.1 patch introduces improved Enhanced Stick Precision - ESP for short - as well as visual item previews to VMA and PMA apps on your mobiGlas.

SG: We’ve also managed to sneak in a few small design fixes into the patch based on the feedback from the community.

CR: Yeah our devs were able to adjust the cockpit view of the Cutlass Black to fix a slight view problem for this patch - which I know will be quite a few people happy about. Check it out: 3.2 strut; 3.2.1 no strut.

SG: Yay!

This new patch makes a lot of small tweaks like that; upgrading many of the quality of life improvements that we focused on with 3.2.

CR: It’s relatively rare for a game in its alpha phase to get this much attention to quality of life and player experience, but it is of course one of the ways that Star Citizen is unique. We need to make sure that the game is a robust, fun experience even at this early stage in development.

SG: That’s right. Another 3.2 feature improvement that’s getting additional upgrades is the freedom to adjust the allocation of power to your ships components.

CR: Yeah, depending on the situation or your playstyle you can beef up your shields, throw all your power into your weapons, or just maintain a steady balance. And we’re implementing more UI warnings to let players know when certain components are underpowered or overheating.

SG: Mining has already proven popular in 3.2 but we are still working to improve it and fine tune the details. The Audio team has been reworking some of the sound effects as well. Let’s take a listen.

James Denholm (JD): We redesigned that impact sound to add more layers to the sound. So when the player gets closer to the rock it brings in a more high end sound. And when the player goes further away it just … it reduces that - it low passes that - so we’ve just got the more rumbly type sound; which is a more realistic way to design the sound.

We’ve also been working on redesigning the mining arm extend and retract sound.

We’ve been working with the rock explosion sounds to redesign them and make them better fit the mass of the object. If you destroy a large rock it plays a bigger sound with more layers to it.

CR: Overall all of these upgrades build off 3.2 allowing us to fine tune and improve the quality of life in the current live experience, setting a better starting point for the 3.3 release.

SG: Speaking of 3.3 let's see what some of the devs have been working on this past week. The Character and Animation Teams have been mixing up body and facial animations to see what works and what doesn't, which they'll use to create more variety in the responses of NPCs like shopkeepers and bartenders.

CR: Yes, that's pretty cool. The Ship Teams are pushing various vehicles through the pipeline as we see here with the white box blockouts of three decks of the massive Origin 890 Jump, and if you thought the 600i was too big and too luxurious this will definitely not be the ship for you.

SG: Speaking of the 600i, 3.2 saw the Explorer Module redefine class and adventure. There is more to look forward to for 600i fans as the entertainment and comfort focused Touring Module is being fine tuned before it joins its counterpoint in the PU.

Peter Royle (PR): Touring Module is the module that replaces the Exploration Module. It's somewhere where you can hire as an extra four crew members. In the center is a large communal area ... theater ... relax. Got some nice aesthetics on the spiral staircase in the center, we pushed the vegetation to make it more relaxing. So, it's 99 percent complete just for one little extra layer of polish in the next couple of weeks, and then it's done. It's ready, and we'll be getting it out to you.

CR: The Banu Defender is currently going through R&D as designers lock in it's unique styling points.

SG: Yay. It's going to be exciting to get our first taste of Banu engineering in game when this ship goes flyable.

CR: Yeah definitely. I know there's a lot of people hoping …

SG: … there is …

CR: … get it done, so they can get on to the Banu Merchantman, and the Defender is the first stage of that, and as we've seen in previous updates they're be a lot to explore when Hurston makes its way into the star system, and we've seen some of the work was already being done on the utilitarian hangars, but utilitarian habs are also going through visual development right now.

Sheng Lam (SL): For the last of couple of weeks I've worked on the visual development of the utilitarian habitation room for Hurston. Inspiration was I literally just walked around this company floor and then looked at people's desk, because you can find a lot of really useful information. Just because they're props and they're small they're not really important, but I actually feel they're as important as the final image, because it's through these props that they give that final look into this slice of life feeling like it's what makes the room feel alive, because through the props you are able to describe how a person lives, their character, whatever it is that you want to convey to the audience.

CR: It's really cool to see the evolution of some of those props which will add the little details that make your virtual starting home in the Persistent Universe all the more tangible.

SG: That's all for us this time. We'll be back next week with more highlights and updates, and we'd like to thank our subscribers for supporting our shows.

CR: Yeah, thank you guys very much, and speaking of subscribers we're really excited about some of the new video content we're working on for you, so stay tuned and patient for that, please.

SG: Yes and of course thank you to all the backers who make the development of these games possible. Until next week we will see you …

CR: ... see you …

SG & CR: … around the verse! [Hand Wave]

Post Production

Daughter: When certain components …

CR: [Taps Daughter On Shoulder] ...components

Daughter: Dude ... I'm …

SG: [Chuckles]

Daughter: … all in the present till ah …

CR: … persistent …

Daughter: Ah, dude. Work that's already being done, and urchilly hangars ... [Points Up At CR] Don't correct.

CR: [Taps Daughter On Shoulder] … utilitarian …

Daughter: Dude, dude, dude … don't correct.

CR & SG: [Chuckling]

Daughter: Habs are go



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