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Around the Verse: A New Origin Written Thursday 12th of April 2018 at 12:00am by Sunjammer, Nehkara and

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)


  • The Origin 100 is a new starter ship series: a sleeker & slightly more upmarket model

  • It is similar to the Aurora as it shares common components but it looks cooler and intended for new players

  • The 100 series has two variants:

    • 100i is the base model with 2 SCU and regular weaponry

    • 125a is a combat variant with two missile launchers and capable of equipping military components

    • 135c is a cargo variant with an additional external 4 SCU cargo pod at the rear (for a total of 6 SCU)

  • Concepted by a new artist who explored two distinct paths: one inspired by the 600i and a more traditional dart-like look

  • It has the Origin style landing gear with wheels and a minimalistic, clean interior (with fold out bed)

  • The 100 series has a refinery item between the fuel intake and fuel tank that allows it to scoop a wider range of gases

  • It has finished pre-production - concept art and stats have been agreed and approved - but no 3D model yet


  • The Origin 600i is a direct competitor with the RSI Constellation.

  • The 600i has two variants: Touring for transporting VIPs and Exploration for exploring. These two variants are defined by different components inside the modular center-core of the ship.

  • Exploration variant carries a rover and has cargo bay doors.

  • Boarding is accomplished via an elevator on the underside of the ship. The Exploration version also comes with the cargo/garage bay doors.

  • Being a luxury design, the interior of 600i is very bright and has a lot of visibility.

  • 600i was increased in size from its original 61 meters to current 91.5 meters.

  • Cockpit has an open canopy without struts which gives excellent visibility.

  • 600i will serve as style guide for future larger Origin ships including the 890 JUMP.

  • 600i is currently going through its final art passes and beginning tech design work.

  • Expect some continued iteration on the 600i before it is completed.


  • The primary reason for the revamp of the Avenger was that their old version was too small. It was difficult for your character to move from the back to the front of the ship.

  • With the reworked version, you can now walk from the rear of the ship to the cockpit seamlessly. With this increase in size, the bed has also increased in size.

  • The rework also brings the Avenger closer to its inspiration which was the NASA space shuttle, by adding tiling that look similar to the thermal tiles on the shuttle.

  • The Avenger rework is nearing completion. It needs work on the LODs and an audio pass before completion.

  • The Avenger retains its three variants - the Titan, the Stalker, and the Warlock.  Titan for Cargo, Stalker for Bounty Hunting, and Warlock for combat - including an on-board EMP drive.

Full Transcript

Intro With Sandi Gardiner (VP of Marketing), Eric Kieron Davis (Senior Producer). Timestamped Link.

Sandi Gardiner (SG): Hello and welcome to another episode of Around the Verse. I’m Sandi Gardiner.

Eric Kieron Davis (EKD): And I’m Eric Kieron Davis.

SG: This week we have a new installment of Ship Shape for you with a detailed look at the updated Aegis Avenger, the hotly anticipated Origin 600i, and a first look at a new starter ship.

EKD: So let’s go to Jared now to find out more.

Ship Shape With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Jared Huckaby (JH): Welcome everyone to your April edition of Ship Shape: our recurring segment here on Around the Verse where we take a look at what’s on the ship pipeline, who’s working on what, provide interviews with developers, and - every so often - reveal a new concept addition to Star Citizen’s ever expanding pantheon of space ships.

Now with over 115 different ships and their variants in Star Citizen today it can be pretty difficult to know where to begin. That’s because not every ship is meant to be the starting point for your Star Citizen adventures. Let’s take something like the Idris by Aegis Dynamics. It’s enormous, and tremendous, and something for citizens and their friends to aspire to certainly. But I wouldn’t recommend  trying to pilot it alone on your first day in the ‘verse.

To begin your Star Citizen adventures we provide a number of what we call “starter ships” - ships designed from the ground up to be your introduction to a universe more vast and as varied as any that have come before. Whether it’s the original Aurora from Roberts Space Industries, the currently revamping Mustang from Consolidated Outland, or the xeno-technological Reliant from MISC, these ships are specifically designed to be your starting point when entering the Persistent Universe.

And they’re all fine choices - absolutely - but what about a starter for people that value style just as mightily as utility or purpose. Well the fine folks at Origin think they have an answer for you. Let’s take a look at what our Ship teams in Manchester, United Kingdom have been working on and meet the all new Origin 100i.

Ship Shape With Paul Jones (Art Director), John Crewe (Lead Technical Designer), Corentin Billemont (Technical Designer). Timestamped Link.

Origin Jumpworks 100i

Paul Jones (PJ): The Origin 100 is the new starter ship. This is to be added to our already existing line up of entry level ships. This is your sleeker, slightly more upmarket model. And this is what we’ve just been working on and introducing to the line up.

Chris wanted more variety if you know. He wanted to give fans and players more opportunity for personal choice. It’s pretty similar to buying a car: what brand do you identify yourself with? Is it RSI? Is it Consolidated Outland? Is it … is it Origin? Origin were … is pitched towards a more youthful market.

Corentin Billemont (CB):  So 100i is similar to the Aurora in that it shares the same components but it’s a bit like when you chose … you chose your first car you can chose between a basic first car or - if you have a bit more money - you can chose a car that is relatively basic entry level as well but that is … well, that looks cooler. So it’s a bit like this. It’s a starter ship - intended for new players - but that looks cooler on that … that is still about the same … like if you have an Aurora you don’t need to get a 100: it’s just a different ship for … depending on your taste. Some people might prefer the Aurora. Some people might prefer the 100.

So unlike the Aurora series and the 300 series, the 100 series has only two variants. The 100i is the base model with two SCU inside the ship and regular weaponry. Whereas the 125a is a combat variant which can equip military components and has two missile launchers. And finally the 135c is the cargo variant with an external cargo pod at the rear of the ship with four SCU on top of that which means six SCU total.

On top of that as it’s a start ship it has all the basics: it’s a single seater, it can do quantum drive, jump drive, it has one bed. Yeah, it has the basics.

PJ: You know we’re … we’ve been working with a new concept artist on this. The start of a concept is always the scariest and most exciting part. Within timelines we’re trying to hit those beats. We’re trying to guess what Chris is going to go for; which is why we always give options. And so on this one we’ve provided multiple options right at the start.

And so there were two very distinct paths that we were taking. One which was more 600i inspired. So it was more like an A Class Mercedes. It was slightly bulkier. A 600i nose shape. And the other direction was with more traditional, pointier sharper - well not shart, I mean we’re talking Origin - smooth lines but more dart-like. And those were the two avenues that we explored and constant of … constant tussle of luxury but not too luxury.

We had to factor in the three … three variants. When you’re dealing with the internal spacing that pretty much defines your external shape. And so you’ve got the explorer version - which is your base version - and that has two … two SCU internal storage. Then you have the cargo version; that’s got an additional four SCU and that’s externally located on the ship. Similar sort of method to like the Aurora has but obviously this is … got a different wrapper. The third one is the combat version, and that one is again two SCU internally. Additional … additional weaponry: I think it’s additional missiles.

It’s got the Origin style landing gear with the wheels, which very few have. And then in the interior space it’s got this slick fold out bed but it’s still quite minimal I’d say. And then … and that leads you into the cockpit and again quite a minimal, clean cockpit. So the whole ship is on the minimal side.

You don’t want it to look modular … it’s not like it’s going to be like a truck with something that swaps on and off. But we have … we identified “Okay, these are the areas that we’re going to change out.” If we’re going to do any additional body work changes they’ll probably be … it’ll be additive. So it will be stuff that we can essentially bolt on. Obviously it will be blended in because it’s Origin but it still should be something that if you are flying around and you’re stopping at your friends place and you’re picking up a crate of Radagast whisky … you’re going to turn up and you’re going to be like “Oh that’s my ship - that’s cool.” Right?

Trying to fit in cargo. That is tricky. We’ve … done the best we can. We’ve … we haven’t tried to hide it. We’ve accepted that that cargo is there and it’s part of the shape. But it’s quite discrete actually. With the modules everything is quite sympathetic to the Origin styling. The base and the combat versions, they’ll remain quite sleek. The cargo one as sleek as we can. Really we’ve just … we haven’t tried to hide it away, like I’ve said, and with the colour scheme we’ve literally gone “Boom: this is it. This is the cargo version!”

John Crewe (JC): The 100 series has a refinery item between the fuel intake and the fuel tank which means it can scoop a wider range of gases out the atmosphere or space or nebulas. It can then convert them into fuel. It’s not an endless supply of fuel - you can’t just go full tilt forever - but it does allow you to have a significant range advantage over ships that either don’t have intakes to recover fuel or have other refinery style items that can’t process as much of a range of fuel - if they can only, say, scoop hydrogen or argon out of space rather than six or seven different types then they’re naturally going to be more limited in range and where they can refuel from.

CB: It has finished pre-production. We’ve finished concept art, we all agreed on the stats and everything has been approved. So it should be ready for … to be put on the website. We haven’t started production work on it right now. Like concept art is finished but there’s no 3D model - or stuff like this - to work on right now. In terms of pre-production work I’d say that everything is done at the moment.

PJ: It’s aimed towards the starter market … entry level, people want to get in but they want a cool ship but something sleeker, slicker, less … less functional looking. And so … I think it’s as simple as that. What do you want? Do you want your BMW? Do you want your Audi? Do you want your Mercedes? Do you want … ? What do you like and why do you like it? It’s hard … you can’t cater for everybody but hopefully it will be the style conscious player. And hopefully they’ll go all the way … they’ll match their clothes: everything will be part of that scenario. So it’ll be interesting to see.

CB: It’s a ship that’s really more for new players. If you are an experienced player and already spent a lot of time in the game you wouldn’t necessarily want to go back to a starter ship. But for a new player now you have more choice. And if you want still to prefer an Aurora it’s still fine but it’s, yeah, more choice.

PJ: I think I’m just looking forward to … I think it’s got some really elegant shapes - just for me - visually. I like how it looks. It’s stance. It sits … it sits on a landing pad and looks really good. So I can really see the sort of … I can already see the sort of marketing and maybe the … sizzle reel that we do with it. You can really see how we can really push that and how lighting is going to play across the surfaces. And it’s … that’s, I think that’s what I’m looking for … I’m looking forward to a good execution of the concept. Getting it built and it retaining all the things that we’ve tried to put into this concept.

Back to Studio With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

JH: That’s a good looking ship. The Origin 100 and its variants will be available to everyone starting Friday, April 13th. On that same day we’ll also have designers John Crewe and Corentin Billemont on Reverse the Verse to answer your questions about these ships and the future of the hydrogen fuel system live on Twitch at 9am Pacific, 4pm UTC.

Now I know your probably as excited as I am that we’re getting more and more ships from Origin these days. But let me ask what about Aegis? Right? What about Aegis? You know what they say: you can never have too many Aegis spaceships right?

Alright, maybe not!

As we continue through 2018 we intend to spread the ship manufacturer love around a bit and a big part of what allows us to develop more and more Origin ships today is the continuing work on the Origin 600i.

Now a big ship with a lavious interior, the Origin 600i is our testbed for developing the style guide and common assets necessary to enable development on newer ships - like X1 and the 100i - as well as fleshing out existing ships - like the 890 Jump and the upcoming 300 series rework currently scheduled for later this year. Since the 600i is such a linchpin in the development of all Origin ships let’s go back to Manchester and check in with some of the team working on it now and see where they are in it’s continuing development.

Ship Shape With Steven Tuberfield (Senior Technical Designer), Michael Sillitoe (Vehicle Artist). Timestamped Link.

Origin Jumpworks 600i

Steven Tuberfield (ST): So, the 600i is basically there to compete as a rival to the RSI Constellation and is essentially what Origin brings to the table in response to that. You're going to be using it for much the same things that you do currently use a Constellation for, whether that be combat, whether that be exploration, whether that just be traveling along around the Verse.

Michael Sillitoe (MS): It's acting as a kind of style guide template for the larger ships from the Origin line moving forward, so for example the 890 JUMP.

ST: It's very much kind of pitched around the same area that most players would expect from say like a RSI Constellation but it's basically an Origin-branded ship, so you're kind of expecting a much more luxurious one and because of the kind of advancements in the systems we've got now we've also made it a modular ship as well, so within the center of the ship there is a core which can be swapped out for other modules.

MS: There are two versions of the 600i - there's the Touring and the Exploration. The touring is a mobile hotel suite, it's for sending dignitaries, diplomats, you know comfortable living that sort of thing.

ST: So, even when you do have the luxury module, you do have enough defenses on the ship, you've got decent enough shields, you've got missile loadouts, you basically have a fully functional ship but it's much more catered towards the kind of person who wants to show off, you know, exactly what they are kind of flying around.

MS: And the exploration module - that's for planetary scanning, long distance exploration, that sort of thing.

ST: That one - again it’s bang in the core of the ship and within that you're gonna have an extra two scanning stations, a drop lift and also a buggy to be housed in there as well. So, you're going to be using this one much more for planetside landing, taking you buggy out and kind of doing a bit exploring on the surfaces.

MS: So, the ship itself is going to be very sort of minimal, sleek, quite stylish. Trying to avoid any kind of noise or clutter. It needs to be as smooth and noiseless as possible and we're trying to reflect that throughout the interior and the exterior as well so it's going to be a quite a departure from the other ships in the game. It's going to really stand out until we get the other Jumpworks stuff in, so that's gonna be quite exciting when it all starts coming together.

You board from the underside, there's a elevator that takes you up, and then if you've got the exploration module you've also got the garage door - the big cargo lift that takes up the rover. So yeah, there'll be Rover space and storage space as well - so that's how you’ll be getting in there as well - and then if you come up the elevator when you first enter, to the left will be the Captain's quarters with his own private bathroom as well and then to the right it will take you into the module section, so if you've got the touring there'll be the touring module, if it's the exploration module it'll be the garage. You can also take the elevator further up and then up there dead ahead of you you'll have the escape pods and then to the left you'll have the bridge and then to the right there you'll have the upper deck of the touring module or the exploration module. For the exploration module, you've got there the consoles and the scanning stations for two people as well as holo projectors for things like planets and you know objects and so on. So, moving on from there staying on the top deck, you'll have an elevator again on your right hand side that'll take you down to the crew quarters that's also accessible from the lower deck of the module section and then on the upstairs you've got an armory at the top of the stairs now - that's that's a new addition - that used to be at the back but due to size constraints we've had to move that around a bit but that's all part of the learning process and then for the hub at the back, everyone gets this it's this big open space for hanging out. It's got a kitchen, pool table, seating area, bar as well and then off to the side of these you've got more engineering areas for storage and then also a component room for the various components on the ship so these are all kept side by side on each side of the the ship.

So, we've been looking a lot obviously at luxury runs in real life, so you know expensive car manufacturers and just kind of trying to imitate the kind of shape language and a lot of the features they put into their cars. I mean, luxury is more than just looking nice it has to be functional and convenient so a lot of the functions in the ship - easy to use, easy to get to as well it's it's not like you're kind of awkwardly bumping past panels and components, you know, it's all laid out nicely so you can just walk up to it, use it, and not have to worry about running around things and, you know, getting in the way and so on. Then also like for the doors, the doors - nice glass doors - so you can get lots of light inside because that's always a problem with space ships typically speaking. You've got the canopy at the front, but that tends to be it so in this one we made sure not only we've got plenty of window space in the front and the back but also the doorways, because they're glass, you know you can have a light shining through you get a lot more natural light in there and we also have area lights, especially in places like the exploration module just to keep it nice and airy and light.

When the ship increased from - I think it was 61 meters to 90 meters or 91 meters - it has, you know, when you do that there's always gonna be knock ons and for example the exploration module has become a lot bigger because of that and there's some scale issues there because it's not just the case of scaling everything up because when you do that people people look weird in that space compared to the new scale. For example, if you took like your typical kitchen and you decided to scale it up by like 20%, suddenly the countertops aren't where they should be and you start feeling like a child compared to everything. So yeah, just kind of increasing the scale while not increasing the sense of scale is quite tricky, so we've been doing some clever things there like we've been raising the floors a little bit and just giving more space. That actually works for us, especially in the exploration module because we have more space then for the Rovers and the cargo down below and it just lets us focus more in the top section.

In terms of the style as well, there's just been a lot of experimentation, a lot of testing, a lot of time we can sketch stuff out, see what its gonna look like, but sometimes you just have to go in there and actually model it. See how it looks, see how it feels as well and like how you walk around it, how the light reacts to it and so on, you just have to get it done. Yeah, it's a time-consuming process and it helps obviously if you have a general idea of what you're trying to do but there has been a lot of changes, iterations, and so on. For example, the Captain’s quarters we've actually redone that once and it's just purely because the first pass wasn't quite where we wanted it to be. There's a few conflicts with the style compared to the other areas, so it's better to just get that done now, figure that out now, so when we're doing say the JUMP or future ships we don't fall into the same pitfalls and make the same mistakes.

In the cockpit we've got this nice open canopy with a lot of visibility, it's probably the most visibility we've put in any ship so far - and that's also mirrored downstairs in the Captain’s quarters but more on that later - but yeah it's a fantastic view, you can see quite a lot. The key was to keep it as an obstructed as possible. Obviously there's been a lot of development there and there's been a lot of community feedback with things like struts and so on. We did decide to get rid of them in the end so I think to be honest everyone's a bit pleased with that because it is just nice to just have this nice open space.

ST: Where we're at with the 600i currently is it's basically going through its final art passes at the moment. This is kind of the stage where tech design kind of get pretty hands-on with it so we'll start making plans for what we do with the model, where we divide, where it splits up. Setting up the thrusters, the turrets, the seats, everything that's basically a usable item on board.

MS: Just had a major review for the 600i art and on the whole it seems to be going good but there are a few things we need to look at. Two things are the consistency of the style throughout the ship and the lighting. For the consistency of the style, I mean we've got four artists working on this. It's the first time we've done this style so inevitably there's going to be some misalignment somewhere. So, what we've been trying to do is just kind of now massage those areas so they all are consistent. They're roughly the same, it's not like we have to do major reworks, it's just a couple of like angles and shapes and so on. The big one is that no lines can terminate so, if you have any sort of key lines running through the environment we need to kind of keep them flowing and so they wrap around. The 600i is quite good like that to be honest because the whole ship is kind of curved and has this nice sort of elegant shape to it. Working with that shape on the inside we can sort of wrap things around or terminate things downwards out of sight so it looks nice and clean and elegant and that was the main issue of the Captain’s quarters it was - the older version - there were these terminations which looked quite clunky and it was because we had this a 90 degree back wall but we sort of worked with that a bit, massaged it, and worked around those issues.

Then, the other thing was the lighting and basically the idea with the lighting was that the hub areas were a lot warmer, a bit more homely and cozy, whereas the technical areas would be a lot brighter and more clinical. So, lots of blues, whites, and so on in the technical areas like the exploration module, like the component rooms and so on. Then, like the living quarters and the hubs and so on, it would be a lot warmer in feel. Now, we're still trying to balance this correctly and especially in the bridge and the rear section where you've got these big windows, what's happening is that the sunlight is coming in and actually just overexposing everything because right now it's too dark, so we need to make it a lot brighter - I mean the idea with this ship is it needs to be brighter anyway, we don't want it to be this  dank dark place, it has to be bright and comfortable to play in not just as a visual style but if you're a player you don't want to be spending your time in a dark cramped ship, you want it to be nice and comfortable and airy and that was the idea with the lighting anyway, that's where we want to go forwards.

Whatever you're seeing now, probably expect iterations on that - improvements as well - and we want to try and hopefully nail that feel and that contrast as well between light and dark and warm and cold and so on, will hopefully make an interesting space to play in.

ST: So, once we then get it back from the art team as, you know we're done and dusted with it, that's when we kind of start full development on it so we'll start using the final assets to do the final setups, get all the animations in there, get all the VFX and audio as well ready to go.

MS: So, the first one out is the exploration module and honestly I think people are going to be using it to beat the competition to where they're going. You've got a Connie chugging along taking a rover somewhere - and you know Connies are great, nothing against Connies or a Starfarer or something - and then if you've got a 600i you just whoosh straight past them, get there first, land there first, start exploring first. I think that's what it's about really.

Then when we eventually get the touring module out as well and that version, you'll be able to get to places faster. I mean, as we saw with the demo last year, it takes a bit of time to get around especially if you're in an Aurora, so the 600i hopefully will get you to places that much quicker and I think that's gonna make all the difference in gameplay if you need to make transactions or be somewhere, you know do things. I think that's a side of things maybe people haven't considered before so um that's gonna be quite exciting when we get the expanded universe in and we start having those travel times it's gonna play a role I think.

ST: The 600i is basically kind of designed for a bit of wow factor, so it's one of those things where when you do pull into port, people are going to know that you've got the money. They're gonna kind of see it as though you're pulling into dock in a luxury yacht. Yeah, the Origin brand is obviously very much catered towards slick lines, really kind of smooth looking styling to it, so it really does fill the void between where we've got the 300i also the 890 JUMP and you'll see a lot more of the the kind of Origin design throughout the ship as well.

Back to Studio With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

JH: This multi-role luxury vessel from Origin Jumpworks features an exquisitely detailed hull design that balances performance and versatility in a sleek and timeless form. At least that's what the brochure tells me. JD is looking at me like WHAT?!

I just think it looks cool as all hell and I can't wait to Lando Calrissian my butt through the cosmos in one of them as soon as they tell me I'm able to. Now, you'll be able to join me when that happens once the 600i makes its way into the Star Citizen universe proper in the upcoming release of Alpha 3.2.

Now, before we get started on our last segment we talked about how the 600i was the development testbed for the Origin style guide and common assets necessary to create additional Origin ships which to me begs the question, what happens after the 600i goes live? Well, I'm pleased to report that barring any future adjustments to schedules, availabilities, and priorities - which is always a possibility - right now the plan is that the team currently working on the Origin 600i will split into two teams once that work is complete. Why split into two teams? They’ll split because one of those teams will take what they've learned on the Origin 600i and apply it to building out the 890 JUMP. Now, what's the other team gonna do? Well, they're scheduled to begin work on the Banu Defender. Yeah the Banu Defender. Remember what the 600i does for the 890 JUMP? Well, the Banu Defender does that for the Banu Merchantman, which means the team that's currently scheduled to move onto the Defender, will now move on to the Merchantman, and stuff will start to happen. So, what's all that scheduling mean? Well, it means that while you won't see the 890 JUMP or the Banu’s Defender or Merchantman on the RSI roadmap this year, because that's a roadmap of work intended to release in 2018 and these won't, they are still nevertheless currently scheduled to begin their journeys later this year. Not now. Then. So, when will then be now? You can bet we'll let you know right here on Ship Shape when those days arrive. Stay tuned.

Up next, before we get to our final segment of the month, I wanted to take a step back to last week's UK studio update and its look at the continuing work on the Aegis Hammerhead. Now in the episode we saw a couple quick glimpses at many of the interiors during that show but I figured, why not show you some more? You people like spaceships yeah? Are you tired of seeing the Hammerhead already? I didn't think so. So, here's a look at some extended clips of the same interiors you saw last week, just because I can.

And here's some work on the in-progress cargo bay animations, followed by an in-game cargo bay itself in its current form.

And finally the Hammerhead bridge as it is today.

You can be sure we'll follow up again with an in-depth segment on the Hammerhead later this year as we get closer to its completion and release.

Now, for our last feature on the show this month, let's take a look at another fan favourite. Star Citizen's first bounty hunting ship - the little but, you know much bigger now, penguin that could. Here's an update on the progress being made on the current Aegis Avenger rework.

Ship Shape With Geoff Coffin (Senior QA Tester), Calvin Williams (Vehicle Artist). Timestamped Link.

Aegis Dynamics Avenger Re-work

Geoffrey Coffin (GC): The Avenger is an Aegis ship, it's a single person fighter, it's one of our cheaper ships - it's slightly more expensive than a starter but cheaper than most of our proper dedicated dog fighters. It’s got a handful of missiles, it's got a weapon on each wing, usually the default loadout is the Joker Suckerpunch which is effective against shields and on the nose it's got - currently it's got at the Tigerstreik which is a ballistic gatling cannon which is fairly effective at tearing up enemy hull.

Calvin Williams (CW): The reason for us revamping the old Avenger is because the old one was too small. You couldn't walk through from the front to back very easily and your character would be hunched down.Now in the bigger one you can actually stand up straight and get through far, far easier than you could before and it's given you a little bit of extra room at the back.

GC: So with the old Avenger anyone that's got one would probably have noticed, the interior section once you go through the cargo or the the holding cell area is very small, very cluttered. You had to go through like a canned animation to get into the the central area and your character be squatted down and you could kind of crawl through the middle area. With the ship being made bigger, that's no longer the case - we've just got a door and you can walk through it. The door is a short distance off the ground so you might have to have animation of you walking up a step but it's not going to be anything like it used to be. You've just got more space in there. The bed is now bigger, like it’s actually the sort of size bed that someone would reasonably, you know, want to get in and sleep in. Essentially a lot of it is a quality of life improvement for the pilot of the ship.

CW: In enlarging the Avenger we wanted to make sure that we kept the same design that we had originally for the exterior because it was a very recognizable shape - the big curves - and we wanted to make sure that it didn't look much bigger than it already was so the curves actually helped with that to mask any changes in the size. Interior-wise it meant that we have more room to play with so the bedroom has been made bigger and there's components that are housed in there now. Even though we've got all this extra space we wanted to ensure that we kept the same design philosophies that we started with. So, all the inspiration is the same so we were using the NASA space shuttle very heavily to influence the design of it and you'll see that with the new materials that we've made. These are more reminiscent of the thermal panels that are used on the exterior of those ships.

GC: The ship is coming along, the ship can currently fly, it can be destroyed, it can break apart. We've got the new interiors actually in but we're getting a lot of like the finery sorted. So, LODs are now being - like they've been made but I'm just getting them so they'll appear in the right places. The damage tech is being sorted. It needs to go to audio for an audio pass. I mean, the ship's a few months out yet but the fundamentals of it are all there and working and I mean you can fly it and you can fight another Avenger in it so that's fine.

CW: So, there are two entry points for the ship - one at the cockpit and one at the rear the ship. If you enter through the rear of the ship, depending on which Variant you're in, you'll be greeted with either a cargo hold, an EMP drive, or the prisoner cells. One of the things I worked on was the bedroom and even though there was already a bedroom there it was really confined and using some of the old tech that we had, so it was nice to be able to bring in that new fresh lick of paint on it basically and just make it fit, make it match the rest of the game.

The interior is the thing that's most in keeping with the Aegis brand. You'll see some similarities between the way things are designed on the interior and in the Idris for example. They're very similar shapes because it is the same manufacturer.

There are three different variants for the Avenger. You've got the Stalker, the Titan, and the Warlock. The Stalker is the Bounty Hunter variant so this has prisoner cells in the back compartment and this is used for storing criminals when you capture them and then taking them and receiving a reward for them. The Warlock is the EMP variant and this is sent behind enemy lines and use to disrupt any electrical interference or weapons or anything that your enemies may have and then you have the Titan which is the cargo variant and this is used simply to house cargo or trade in the back and it turns it into like a hauler ship.

GC: If you like a good general purpose ship, the Titan is definitely going to be the go-to because you can dogfight with it, you can move cargo, you can basically do a bit of everything with it. It's a really handy little runner, but at the same time if you just want a slight variant the Warlock can definitely like mess up someone's day where you can just fly by and unleash a nasty surprise for them, you know. It's got some nice distinct clear varied roles with its variants which I think really helps that really helps like the ship have a nice lifespan.

CW: The thinking behind having the three different variants is that it offers a different type of gameplay for every person out there who wants to play the game. So, if you're not into the combat then you've got the cargo side of things with the Titan but if you do like sneaking around and dealing with people one-on-one then you've got the Stalker. The variant that I've worked on the most is the Warlock working on the EMP drive at the back. There were existing concepts for this but they were doing years ago and we wanted to modernize them a little bit and just going through that process now and trying to make it feel really chaotic and alive in there, like you're in there but you feel like you're not supposed to be in there.

I think this this is a ship for any player really, because it has the variants it has something there to match their play style. If you want to be the full frontal assault, you've got the EMP drive; if you want to be the stealthy kind of player you've got the Bounty Hunter version - the Stalker - and if you just want nothing to do with combat, you just want to take your cargo and make money from it then you've got your Titan variant.

So, I think it's quite a straightforward ship really. I think what you see is what you get it. It looks like a cool space shuttle because that's essentially what it is. It doesn't have anything like a kitchen on there because you're not going to be in it for that long stretch of time. There's a bedroom in case you want to camp out overnight or something in between your jobs but aside from that, you're going to be using it as transport.

Back to Studio With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

JH: I don't like having so many ships that I like this much. Can I just have one ship that I like and pick as a favourite, yeah, here's an idea how about you guys pick my new favourite because I'm over trying to decide. What I want - we’re off the script now - what I want you to do is I want you to leave a comment in the comments below in this episode. You tell me what my favourite ship is and next month on Ship Shape, I'll do something silly with it. I don't know what but chances are it's gonna be lame and terrible - you know I'm off the script when I wave my hands all that much - and that brings this month's episode of Ship Shape to a close, but I’ll be right back here next month with more ship updates, more pipeline updates, and more awesome ship visuals and some blind thing I just committed myself to regarding a ship that you guys decide. Doing that has always worked out real well for me in the past. So, for Ship Shape, I'm Content Manager Jared Huckaby. Back to you Eric and Sandi.

Outro With Sandi Gardiner (VP of Marketing), Eric Kieron Davis (Senior Producer). Timestamped Link.

EKD: Thanks Jared, nice to see the reworked Avenger models coming along and the 600i is shaping up to be an attractive alternative to the Constellation for all of our Origin Jumpworks fans out there

SG: Yes, and the 100 series ships look pretty slick as well. More information will be available tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

EKD: The 100 series is going to be a cool option for new players that want a bit more style and sophistication out of their starter ship’s design and the implementation of the air/fuel intake system will give them an interesting edge when those mechanics are introduced a little further down the line.

SG: They'll definitely be worthy alternatives to our current starters, the Mustang and the Aurora, with each offering very different advantages as well as aesthetics.

EKD: Yeah and speaking of starter ships, we have a free fly coming up.

SG: Yes we do! Starting tomorrow through the 16th you can get into Star Citizen Alpha 3.1 and fly some of our most popular ships for free.

EKD: That will be a fun opportunity to jump in the cockpit and see what 3.1 has to offer.

SG: The universe only gets more compelling the more people who play, especially with the recent addition of service beacons into the game. Player generated content and drama continues to ramp up.

EKD: To that point, we recently welcomed our two millionth citizen into the Verse. We couldn't be more humbled and grateful. The dedication that our entire community continues to show remains the backbone of Star Citizen. To commemorate this benchmark, we are introducing two in-game T-shirts for all the backers in before two million. One shirt will be celebrated with the first million backers, while the other design is for those that have joined up since - up to and including our two millionth citizen.

SG: Very cool. And with that we say goodbye. Make sure to tune in to this week's new Calling All Devs and Bugsmashers.

EKD: Yes, and don't miss this week's Reverse the Verse live at 9:00 a.m. PDT / 4 p.m. UTC where designers John crew and Corentin Billemont discuss the Origin 100 series as well as changes to the fuel system ahead of the refueling mechanics coming online later this year. Big thanks, as always, to our subscribers for sponsoring those shows.

SG: Yes, we hope you're enjoying those new exclusive ICC weapon finishes, subscribers.

EKD: Yes, yes, those are awesome and of course thank you to all of our supporters.

SG: To all 2 million of you and counting, we thank you. It's been a wild adventure so far and we can't wait to continue it all with you. Until next week we will see you…

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