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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 28 Written Thursday 18th of December 2014 at 02:14pm by Nehkara

Hello Citizens!  These are my notes for the RtV episode from December 18th. Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 28 Link – Travis Day got home at 4:30 AM last night. – Avenger role is not...

Hello Citizens!  These are my notes for the RtV episode from December 18th.

Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 28 Link

– Travis Day got home at 4:30 AM last night.

– Avenger role is not changing. Same ship… just that size 5 doesn’t fit on it.

– Weapon sizing system is changing.

– Starfarer information coming in the next few months as it needs to be done for SQ42 Ep1.

– Social/Planetside module first halfish 2015.

– Solid AC V1.0 build internally but lack some of the polish they want. There will be another build tonight and another one tomorrow, each with improvements. We will hear a lot more about AC V1.0 during the livestream.

– Monthly Report will come out after Christmas break, probably January 7th or so.

– CIG will be at PAX South, they will have their own event, and details will be available soon.

– Jump Point should be out tomorrow.

– Everything is edible if you try hard enough.

– Apparently Alexis shoots people in the crotch and Chelsea shoots people in the nipple.

– Gladius probably won’t be in 1.0 but it’s almost flight ready.

– Lobby system is in the client, not on the web.

– Gurmukh is working on an office showroom. Will probably start working on another ship when CIG comes back in January.

– Pirate, smuggler, drug runner, hacker, militant, terrorist… bad dudes you can be.

– Carrack is in white boxing.

– Retaliator will be in hangar between AC V1.0 and 2.0.

– If AC V1.0 isn’t out by Saturday, it will likely be early January.

– A letter of congratulations from Chris Roberts to Frontier Developments on the release of Elite: Dangerous will be out soon.

– Elwin from TNGS did the interior for the Mustang Beta.

– No LTI for Mustangs unless you CCU from an LTI Aurora.

– Consolidated Outland is a startup ship manufacturer. They will evolve narratively. They are just launching their first ship, the 2944 Mustang, so if it sells well they would then possibly move into creating other ships.

– There are two blockers for AC V1.0.

– Apparently making a game is like baking a cake, just FYI.

– Earliest AC V1.0 could be released is tomorrow. It takes 3-6 hours to “bake the cake” then it needs testing to ensure it is release-suitable.

– We have Ben, Chelsea, Alexis, Will, James, Calyx, Steven (Toast), and Dennis on RtV.

– Livestream will be at http://www.twitch.tv/starcitizen

– Things are very busy at the offices… they are crunching hard for AC V1.0, while also going through extensive preparations for the livestream. Apparently the cinematic guys are working extremely hard and are “not having a very good day” but “things will come together”.

– Organization system will form the basis for the faction system. Organizations will be both player and NPC-run. Micro and macro scale for factions. Micro includes your friends, organization, and allied organizations. Macro is political such as the UEE, Banu, Xi’An, and Vanduul and will all have shifting alliances. If you choose to be a friend to the Xi’An for example, the Banu and Vanduul will both be displeased with you. All sorts of layers to the faction system.

– Lobby system was working this morning but still had some bugs.

– Caterpillar will be waiting a little while for a technical artist as it is not in the first chapter of SQ42.

– Everyone at CIG loves the Star Citizen towels. Big and “down right fluffy”. (As an aside I completely agree… I just got mine and it’s awesome.)

– CR is extremely busy coding and working on the livestream test session.

– Ben used to have a pug named Mr. Wrinkles. He’s dead now.

– The Greycat PTV buggy is named after Ben’s parent’s grey cat.

– There are a ton of references to Ben’s life in Star Citizen.

– Mustang Omega is similar to Gamma but has an extra intake, power plant, and engine.

– Will see the rooms for the hangars more towards the planetside module.

– The paint system underlying tech will be V1.0. The actual ability for us to use it to paint ships will come later.

– Mustang Beta is the “camper”, Mustang Delta is the military-type version.

– CIG is aware that FOV is a big issue but it will take time to address.

– Chris Roberts will definitely be in Squadron 42 in some capacity.



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