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10 for the Chairman – Episode 59 Written Monday 6th of April 2015 at 07:48pm by JakeAcappella

Greetings fellow Citizens!  Check out this week’s 10 for the Chairman here, with transcript by /u/Nocturnal_Nick! 10 for the Chairman Transcript by /u/Nocturnal_Nick Usual intro and Thanks Tidbit: Later this week we’ll get to meet...

Greetings fellow Citizens!  Check out this week’s 10 for the Chairman here, with transcript by /u/Nocturnal_Nick!

10 for the Chairman

Transcript by /u/Nocturnal_Nick

Usual intro and Thanks

Tidbit: Later this week we’ll get to meet their new German office :-) This will be the last 10FTC for a little while, CR is flying to the UK for performance capture sessions for almost 3 months. Knowing Smile we have a pretty awesome cast coming into it, it’s all shaping up really well too. They’re splitting SQ42 into a trilogy, Episode 1 (this year) has ~ 70 Wing Commander style missions, some flying, some FPS, etc etc. These might be a fluid story spanning 3 missions, there are 21 chapters or so that has a segmented mission structure. It should be ~ 20 hours of gameplay with an awesome cast. Episode 2 is “Behind Enemy Lines”, which will be free for those that backed before 20m. There may be more “rogue, han solo style” epsiodes as we go down the track.

– On to the Questions! –

CyberianTiger Asks: There are some great dogfighters in the game right now, and the more they fly the better they become. How will the concept of the more you play the better you become apply to medics and surgeons?

Good question, definitely that’ll be the case in mining and exploration, it’s probably early to say in terms of medics and surgeons. On a certain level there might be higher level of stuff the requires more skill, but really there’s always the stimpacks for combat medics etc, and then you’ve got the medical bay/recovery bay where you get on the bed and then sortof fixing them up. But perhaps there might be some skill could be involved. It’s not the first things we’ll do, but what you’ll see at the beginning it’s more about getting people, getting them to your ship, giving them a medpack or more powerful device, but at the beginning the more advanced operations etc will be the kind of thing you’ll see on a planet-side hospital or hospital equipped ship.

JSD Asks: Regarding ships weapons, can we expect to see other kind of projectiles instead of traditional coloured lines going in a straight line? Perhaps some projectiles with more erratic behaviours like lightning bolts, shock waves, or whatever your talented SFX artists may come up with?

Yes, definitely we’ll see a lot more different kinds of projectiles, you haven’t seen much at the moment, FPS will bring some more like the electric shock gun, we’re going to have neutron and plasma guns, which all have specific projectiles. You’ll see some stuff in FPS, and more stuff will be coming to AC in future.

Muad’dib Asks: With the introduction of mining and resource gathering, will there be any other uses for gathered/refined resources other than just selling them to an NPC in the system where they are worth the most?

It depends, in general you’re going to mine, then either refine it yourself or sell it onto someone for them to refine, and then deliver it to an economic node that’s a consumer of those goods. In the first stage we’ll have NPC economic nodes that you sell your refined ore to, but in future players will be able to own their own economic nodes, might even have the whole manufacturing chain covered. You might for example have a munitions business, or ship factory, or whatever. You might mine or have your people mine ore, which they take to your refinery, which then can pass the materials onto your factory to make the final goods. That’s kind of the idea of the resource gathering, hope it makes sense!

Raggs Asks: Will we have the ability to fabricate weapons/armor/ship parts?

When a player owns an economic node, one of which could be a factory/maker of these parts. We’re not planning on having an “everybody owns their own node”, but some will be available in later stages. This’d be a longer term goal for someone who is interested in a business tycoon path rather than combat or exploration etc. You could on-sell those goods, or even consume them yourself if you needed to. In terms of someone having the ability to fabricate weapons/armour on a small scale themselves not really initially. I kinda would see at some point we may have a smaller scale economic node, like say, a factory ship someone could buy and that could do that. You need to get this many resources, then after a certain amount of time with appropriate crew it might spit out a good.

[ADT] Gromph Asks: Are there any plans to incorporate helmet cam feeds that could facilitate a marine team leader role?

We’re definitely planning on having a spectator mode/modes in AC etc, so you could connect as a remote viewer or spectator client. Potentially when someone gets killed in FPS you might have a view of another team member’s helmet cam. That won’t be in the first FPS release but down the line it’ll be pretty easy to do. I don’t know so much about having a team-leader role where you’d have multiple player’s views on your screen, mainly because cryengine isn’t very good at handling that, and also you’d be rendering multiple 3D worlds at once which can be problematic with our detailed world. We’re definitely allowing people to stream their view live, so you could I guess have those streams open ad-hoc with other systems around you, that’s longer term tech we’re working on and have planned from the start, with streaming tech inside your client without having 3rd party software. We could maybe even take that and play it back inside a texture inside the game… That could be an interesting implementation actually, just thought of that now. In the long term, yeah, those kind of things are cool. Even in terms of streaming we’ll have a traffic cams or something, so you could go to our website and see maybe a few jump points, or terra, or sol or something and it’ll be streaming on the site. That’ll be kinda cool, and our tech definitely allows for that. We might start having that in AC where you’ll be able to see streams of ongoing matches, and longer term we could see that all done inside out web-platform basis. You might be able to see next to someone’s avatar in the forums if they’re streaming at that moment, click and view etc. Obviously not happening in the next few months, but we’re actively doing R&D towards that, we’re already seeing plenty of streaming on twitch and youtube, so we just want to make that easy and fun for people.

Rubec Asks: Why did you decide to move away from the asymmetrical design on the Herald?

Essentially we showed the design and Jim Martin (Herald, cutlass, freelancer) was playing with some more ideas and so I preferred one of the later ones. It’s not completely symmetrical, it still has asymmetrical elements to it, and the idea is that it can bloom out into this sortof, transmission array, and in between it looks a bit sleeker. I thought it was visually more interesting, and if I’d seen that sooner you might not have seen the first one. So I guess I’m saying it’s my fault, it was me :-P

Nikolai Armitage [On-screen it said Anomnom] Asks: Firstly I’d like to say the Vanguard is amazing. I love the redundancy. I am curious, how will the 2xS2 shields work?

Well generally what happens is we’ll have 2 shield nodes and so each node covers a portion, say half a ship, so if one goes down you don’t lose the other. So on bigger capital ships you actually get more stronger and focussed coverage with multiple nodes. It’s so you don’t have a single point of failure for your shield coverage. That’s kinda the concept that we’re working on for it at the moment.

DataTransfer Asks: As far as the FPS is concerned, what games have you drawn on for inspiration? Would you describe the Star Marine module as having a familiar feel or flavor? How will that portion of the game differ from other types of FPS experiences?

It depends, for me, I play a fair amount of FPS, I’m not a crazy FPS die-hard, COD, BF (which is my favourite because I value the idea of teamwork, like multiple people manning vehicles etc) which you can kindof see in the way we’re going with multi-crewed ships etc. I like that aspect of FPS gameplay, I liked FC4 and FC3, but I don’t want the FPS to be specifically too much like all the other ones, we have different respawn mechanics, I do think COD doesn’t feel as organic as I’d like, I’d say that FC and BF do it better for me. Arma 3 is interesting in that it’s more realism based, we’re trending towards that. We’re taking elements from all of them and going for more a slightly slower paced game, you don’t respawn instantly, if you get shot your friend might drag you back and heal you with a stimpak etc. The combat itself is potentially more lethal, it might be that you die and then you’re out for that session. I think we’ll have the battlefield feel of how your weapons and movement work, but with an influence from say rainbow 6 and arma in realism, but not too far, just an idea where we have trade-offs, like people might not want a helmet/view restrictions, so they can wear less armour, but while you might see more or move faster you’re more susceptible to damage etc. You might get out of breath quicker in heavy armour etc, all of these things will be resource management while you fight, which differs ours from some of the faster FPS’s like COD, Halo or destiny (although destiny has good weapon management). So we just need to balance it between realism and sci-fi fun, somewhere between battlefields/destinies to arma style with some extra elements like zero-g stuff and varied weapons.

Roschewort Asks: Will there be any advantages to wearing light or medium armor vs. heavy armor?

Well… Just answered that. Yes, it’s what I mentioned, the impact on your stamina, speed, damage taken, etc etc. There are trade offs with the helmet visibility etc too.

Caelitus Carnifex Asks: What level of control should we expect while working with NPC characters in FPS? How will you issue orders to your NPC’s?

I want to be clear, in the initial release of the FPS module there will be no AI or NPCs, just multiplayer. The next versions of it will allow you to do a horde mode with outlaws/marines. We will obviously have NPCs in FPS eventually, and the commands that you can issue them will be not too dissimilar to the ones we’re working on for Arena Commander which is like wingmen commands, like attack my target, cover my six, cover my wing etc. There’s the equivalent for FPS, attack my target, breach this door, go here, etc. Hopefully the NPCs will listen to you and do them, as they have their own AI they might not ALWAYS do them.

Regular Thanks and Extro

Tidbit: That wraps it up for the week, and probably much longer because I’ll be really busy in the UK with the motion cap shooting etc, and won’t have much time to record these. You’ll have 10 for the producers etc in the mean time, but I’m really excited about going off and working those long hours in the UK to get this stuff done! I can’t wait until you guys play SQ42!


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