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Relay Station: Episode 9 Written Wednesday 15th of February 2017 at 07:46am by Nehkara

Welcome back to The Relay Station!  This week, episode 9, is hosted by Shiver Bathory!

Joining Shiver this week was myself, Nitro, and Fastcart.  An eclectic group if you've ever seen one!

There was a ton of Star Citizen news this week so we dove into Around the 'Verse, 2.6.1 news, Happy Hour, Newsletter, and the Monthly Report!

Towards the end of the show there is even a brief "edutainment section".

We hope you enjoyed the show!  If you want something a little shorter and more news-focused, check out Shiver and I on Relay Replay for February 12th, 2017!

Special thanks to Nitro for producing the show!



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