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Relay Station: Episode 19 - Mega 3.0 Extravaganza! Written Monday 24th of April 2017 at 09:51pm by Nehkara

This week on the station...

Our illustrious host, Erris, is joined by Jake, Shiver, and Myself to dive even deeper into the massive amount of information that represents the 3.0 production schedule.

This show was extra long to accommodate the huge amount of content to cover.  We had fun.  You should join us in having fun!

Shout out for a couple good 3.0-related tools:

Diffchecker for the new production schedule post Friday, April 21 (thanks to /u/billymcguffin)

Progress Watch: (thanks to /u/JK3Farden)

Fantastic 2017 schedule infographic (thanks to /u/sam00197 and /u/mrpanicy)


Join us next Saturday for our next trip to the Station! 2:30 PM eastern on twitch.tv/relay_sc.



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