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Relay Replay: February 5th, 2017 Written Sunday 5th of February 2017 at 10:15am by Shiver_Bathory

Relay Replay, February 5th 2017

Around the Verse:

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Studio Update

  • A lot of polish work coming out of Frankfurt on all the weapons, this includes a visual overhaul and coming in 2.6: an overhaul of some of the damages done to players.

  • New weapons are being worked on.

  • At the same time, the team in Frankfurt has grown by 6.

  • Environments and weapons getting a good look, Engineering Team working with Environment and VFX teams to add things like flora and procedural particles to environments and objects (trees drop leaves, it snows in a snowy ecosystem, etc…)

Art & Tech: The Music of Squadron 42

  • As a narrative composer Geoff Zanelli believes that one’s first duty should be to use the story to build the architecture of a score.

  • Geoff Zanelli’s first piece of music for Star Citizen was the Constellation commercial that transcends as exploration music.

  • The first piece of music Geoff wrote for SQ42 was Bishop’s Speech

  • One thing Geoff wanted to avoid was repetition of music as most gamers will be playing the game for several hours. They wanted a dynamic system that responds to what you’re doing with seamless transitions from one to the other. Music will also be a way to tell where you are

  • They’re making a lot of progress on the procedural music system, which has been difficult because it gets written very differently than a normal movie or game score. In the end, the game essentially writes the score from pieces the composers have written for it.

  • One of the challenges they faced with the new modular system was transitioning between pieces seamlessly without it being jarring to the listener

  • What they did is they enabled the music to be locked at certain points to where it could enter or exit another piece and therefore allowed pieces to flow into one another naturally.

  • Sam Hall created a system for Geoff’s specific moments of prewritten music to interact with the dynamic music system in a way that it listens to what the player is doing in order to best switch to and from it so that the player is listening to what they should be and not have an awkward transition.

  • The project has been a gratifying experience for Geoff and he’s thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the project and the passion behind the team and the community for Star Citizen.

Happy Hour

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  • The next ship for the concept sale will be the Hurricane, no details on when or specifics of the ship at this time.

  • The BMMs interior is being concepted by the artist who did the exterior. It hasn't entered the modelling phase yet due to concept work needed.

  • Elwin Bachiller is working on the Aurora rework and showed off a progress picture of the work. Every Aurora owner will receive the updated Aurora as it replaces the previous one, the rework also includes variants as well.

  • Drake Buccaneer and Cutlass are coming along nicely.

  • No info on the Carrack or Freelancer variants.

  • No updated information or ETA on the Delta patcher. (Last known information was that Frankfurt were testing an early build of it)


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