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Relay Replay: July 30th - August 3rd Written Monday 6th of August 2018 at 07:55am by Shiver_Bathory

A bite size summary of the highlights of SC development

Calling All Devs

  • The 600i will be receiving changes in the future and lessons learned there will be applied to the 890. The 600 in turn will receive some attention from lessons learned while constructing the 890.

  • CIG want missiles to be more than just a fire and forget weapon. They want the player to consider what kind of missile to fire, how it will affect the target etc. Missiles have been moved from the LA studio into Frankfurt and are in the list of things to be given attention very soon. CIG are aware of the problems with missiles and are going to fix them, but there is no estimated exact date for all the fixes to be brought in, however some missile fixes will be coming in 3.3

  • Navigation filters for quantum jumps are wanted and planned. They will probably be starting in the mobiGlas, hopefully eventually extending to multi-crew seats, think of a Navigator role. The uses of which include being able to show only place that have fuel for instance.

  • Dialogue driven purchases are being worked on at the moment in the form of the ‘bar experience’. The current focus for CIG is this bar experience, being able to buy a beer from the barman. From a development standpoint this brings up the question of can it be driven from the Inner Thought system or will it need its own diegetic UI? This will end up being the foundation for all such dialogue driven purchases in the future, I.E. purchasing black market weaponry.   


  • New tech allowing particles to be affected by external forces like wind have come online

  • An early prototype of asteroid mining has been created It currently requires a player to use the radar ping to locate minable asteroids, which can when found, fractured and mined as rocks on planets currently are. Although in zero gravity you may have to be aware of rocks floating too far away

  • New sounds for sliding object props have been worked on, including capturing new Foley method captured sounds

  • Audio Team has started taking first passes at unique weapon sounds. Previewed in AtV were the Karna Plasma Rifle and the Vanduul energy lance

  • Two new grip types have been added to the carry item system. Flat and cupped were currently in the game, but with those two grips there are also blend spaces which allow the animation to change size relevant to the object to be carried. This will allow devs to save time not having to make animations for every single object in the future.


  • 3.3 to release/possibly PTU open to all backers alongside Citcon October 10th

  • Chris isn’t happy with current space combat.

  • Flight model has a lot of thruster power & ships are nimble. Expanse is more realistic. Dogfighting will work with proper physics in the future.

  • Confirmed that IFCS is being replaced.

  • No longer just 6 dof; new IFCS also takes into account atmo

  • 3.3 might have renting ships.

  • UEC cap removed, it won’t be an issue.

  • Goal is to push beyond 200 player cap.

  • 3.4 before holidays so we can playtest it.

  • Water is coming with Hurston (3.3). Swimming / water craft are planned

  • Roadmap will have 4 quarters.

  • Yes to SQ42 roadmap.

  • Players will be incentivized to change into normal clothes.


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