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Relay Replay: July 10 - 14 Written Sunday 16th of July 2017 at 12:00am by Erris

This week on the Replay...


Studio Update L.A.


  • Finished a large refactor on the Persistent Data Manager which handled how data is stored, modified and accessed while in-game.  This now allows them to distinguish between player physical and legal ownership.

    • Some examples this affects are criminality, missions and persistence spawning.

    • This feature also name enables them to allow a ship to be docked inside another ship persistently so that when that ship is recalled for take off from a planet for example, the ship inside will still be there.

  • Work on cargo placement within ships cargo grids as well as cargo debris generation for when a ship explodes.

  • They're also integrating the ability for players to sell their cargo to a shop and have it populate the shops inventories dynamically and in turn, affect the pricing and availability of items and commodities in the universe.

  • The Gravity Lev. System that some ground vehicles use like the Nox and Dragonfly has had some improvement made to it due to the vehicles dragging instead of hovering. Now they're hovering like they should and feel much better.

Content Team

  • Work on simulations for liquids depending on the environment they're in was a big focus for the team. They focused on the liquid inside Miles Eckart's cup so that it reacts based off his movements that he makes during animations. This work is important for ensuring liquid on planets behaves as it should and this is a small application to test that.

  • Landing gear will now finally feel alive and natural as it'll react to the forces applied to it during landing. It will also react based off the terrain and gravity of the planet. The team has improved several tools used by developers around the studios and recently implemented Lumberyard’s latest updates and bugfixes.


  • All of the ships have been converted to item system 2.0 and are undergoing testing to ensure they're functioning properly.

  • Testing the new quantum travel system, new planetary missions and the new mobiGlas.

Ship Team

  • The Anvil Hurricane has now entered the whitebox phase which is used to layout the rough shape of the ship and use temporary animations, lighting and assets to allow all departments to get an idea of how the ship will look and feel.

Character Team

  • More Bridge Officer uniforms have moved from concept to the high poly phase.

  • The newest Shubin combat flight suit is going through the high poly phase and into the in-game modelling and texturing soon.

  • Outlaw combat flight suit is also in the high poly phase and soon to enter the ingame modelling and texturing phase.

  • The medical corps-man has entered the in-game modelling phase.

  • Several costumes for the People's Alliance of Levski are ready to be used in the verse.

  • Tattoos for character customisation are being worked on.

  • They're working on a concept for a ship jacker.

  • Progress has been made on battle damaged versions for costumes used by NPCs.

  • Work on ensuring mobiGlas fits characters properly is important as it's a physical object unlike most games that cheat by using a holographic or HUD projection. They have to make sure it works on all types of clothing, including suits and armour.

Behind the Scenes: Derelict Ships

  • The derelict process started at Gamescom last year using the demo for the prototype

  • It started off as a technical challenge but quickly grew exponentially with the creative potential it had

  • Existing assets and their damage states helped, but the challenge was their arrangement within different scenarios with aging in different biomes by the clever use of shader setups

  • Large ships offer more creative scenarios whereas smaller ships require more detail input

  • The aim was for derelicts to become characters unto themselves and not just a point on a planet

  • Memorable encounters via the use of the many different terrain types was also a goal

  • Not unlike in the film industry the editor was used to scout appropriate sites for the script while keeping lighting effects in mind

  • Lots of work has gone into the tech that allows them to create crash sites and make them blended into the worlds and make them feel unique.

  • Lots of work on making certain wrecks feel lived in - maybe they’re a base, have windmills, cloth, solar panels, etc…

  • Different ships break up differently, and larger ships such as the caterpillar can break up in various formats.

  • The Caterpillar can have possibly more than 5 cargo bays.

  • Lots has gone into giving the crash sites their own character; making them feel alive, feel like each one is a story.

The Tumbril Cyclone will go on sale starting Friday, July 21st. There will be 5 options, with prices ranging from $45 to $70.

Will Maiden went on Spectrum after Happy Hour and chatted with some backers here are some highlights of information:

  • They would like wrecks to persist until destroyed or scavenged but this could end up being too much strain on the servers, at least in the first instance.

  • Current line of thought for when your character logs out using a bed is that your character will persist in that bed, that way you don’t cheat death or similar when you are logged out and when you log back in your body is where you left it (always handy that)

  • There has been some talk about how insurance will function. The pay percent will go up or down based on various factors such as were you in hostile space, did you start combat etc they eventually want to be able to take into account all kinds of different circumstances to decide the claim. This will not be in 3.0

  • Current thinking when all crew ‘go to bed’ to logout the ship will despawn after a set period

  • Life support and general balance pushes the player to have a limited crew size for their ship

  • They hope to eventually have ‘living cargo’ such as livestock, but currently the commodity plans are basic foods and resources. Will Maiden theorised that once stations and outposts are implemented properly into the network that they would need more complex goods

  • For 3.0 release cargo’s only interaction will be loading it and unloading it. Hazardous materials may come into play at a later stage

  • You can buy cargo from kiosks and it will auto generate and appear on your ship, however you won’t be able to move them from your ship once there. If you ship is destroyed then it will spawn cargo crates you can move.

  • The Avenger Titan is the only Avenger with SCU space

  • In regards to being caught with contraband you can run away but your reputation is affected regardless if they catch you or not.

  • Smuggling systems such as: masking your cargo and ID spoofing are on the way but not for 3.0 release

  • Eventually we will be able to run cargo between multiple ships. I.E. using a convoy of Caterpillars to move cargo around the universe. This will not be in 3.0 release however

  • Soon they will be looking at the mining scanning suite as mining is coming in 3.1

  • You can sell pirated goods to a specialised merchant in Grimhex, legit traders will not accept your ill gotten gains criminal scum!

  • At the moment 10% of the chip cost insurance will be for the deductible but that is just a starting figure

  • For the 3.X releases they want to get some hard numbers down on the cost of ships.

  • Hoping to get SCU movement in for 3.1 at the moment it just autogenerates

  • Insurance replacement ships shouldn’t take long to be replaced unless you are replacing a capital ship

  • Paying (in-game) money in 3.0 will help get your ship back faster if it has been lost but it will also be respawnable after a set time for free also.

  • Cargo and contents are not covered by your LTI

  • They are currently looking at insurance mechanics and trying to tackle as many problems as they can, but some things cannot be predicted.

  • One of the aims with LTI is to keep it useful but also prevent players from thinking of their ships as disposable and easily replaceable



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