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Relay Replay: August 7th - 11th Written Monday 14th of August 2017 at 07:50am by Shiver_Bathory

This week on Replay...


90 issues must be fixed prior to release to non CIG testers and are categorized as blocker, critical, high, moderate and trivial (there were 90 issues, 32 were resolved, 20 more popped up, 78 left)

QA loves it when new features come online so they can tell the Developers that their babies are ugly and make them cry

A bugged up example that was created by the implementation of rotating planets was waking up backwards and passing through the geometry of Olisar when spawned

There are 10 pages of checklists that need to be covered by QA for the 3.0 release

QA has several reviews a week due to time zones being a thing and while having tech design very handy in the UK their discussion is usually on an hourly basis

QA finds ways through difficult testing and bugs to have amazing experiences together

There's still a lot of rough edges that need to be smoothed out, like boxy Rover wheels

One QA specialist thinks that their newly bought Rover might actually be quite used

A ship bug is commonly troubleshooted by testing all the ships in the same manner to resolve whether it's the individual ship, the manufacturer or etc and a note is attached for easy access and follow up by other testers

The falling animation seems to be a particularly heavy bug at the moment

QA is a lot like omelette making as it requires scrambled eggs

Sometimes fixing issues creates others, but so far 12 have been resolved

Check-ins or changelist into Perforce represents the work of devs in the Revision Control System with 1,892 just this week through the company

The numbers are high due to continued use of the game dev branch for 3.0 which currently has 3,676 open items which should dwindle over the coming weeks


A UI team feature that has been overhauled is the mobiGlas to be more akin to a desktop OS

Render to Texture made this much easier without having the need for writing tons of bespoke code and allows it to be viewed across many different kinds of ingame displays whether 2D or 3D and in a more realistic manner

The UI will be designed to match environmental archetypes such as clothing, architecture, technology and culture as an example 3D holograms will be in higher tech areas whereas 2D flat displays will be more akin to the lower tech ones

The mobiGlas, like today's smartphones, serve as the primary access for game mechanics, transactions and player communication

MobiGlas home screen widgets manage mission contracts, customize player loadouts, view maps, etc

MobiGlas also serves to keep you informed of your character and environmental status

Since they redesigned the function of the mobiGlas they went ahead and revamped the model as well going with two different much smaller and thinner models (military and civilian) that work better with the multiple components of clothing and armor while still always being viewable

Jeremiah Lee illuminated the 3D concept easily and quickly for the mobiGlas model redesigned

The redesign took into account the modular aspect of Star Citizen with widgets being customizable to your specific functionality, personality and for bling

A diegetically projected UI is used so that not just the player can see it, but others around can as well with a visual connection that promotes immersion

A diegetically projected UI is a boon for creating a VR capable game, but does cause a little loss in flexibility and control by the designers especially when changes are needed

mobiGlas differs from traditional UI in that they tried to make it as diegetic as possible, make it look like a real object in the world and not just sitting on top of the game world

Tried to stay to simple line art, shape language, basic colour schemes and compact information light layouts

This takes the combination effort of not just the UI team but animation, audio, VFX

Audio’s focus was not to break the immersion of the player so they created a soundscape whenever you bring the mobiGlas up

They wanted to give the player the feeling of using an actual electronic device

Your character needs to be aware of the UI so it’s one of the reasons they opted to have the arm visible on screen as the connection between UI and character

Starmap will use the same display tech as radar

They’ve done more iteration on it for new effects and to make it more visually impressive

Starmap is first implementation of the world display system which allows them to preview different kinds of data from different kinds of sources

Biggest code challenge has been trying to translate positional data of the worlds, get these big objects to fit into your small screen

Revamp of mission manager which is now named the Contract Manager and manages all missions between mission givers and the PU as well as eventually player created missions

App is split amongst a number of different screen flows: available contracts screen, pending screen, a screen that displays all contracts you’ve accepted, contract history screen

Later down the line they’ll add a screen where you can create your own contracts and post it on available contracts boards

Inventory manager will also be introduced where players can search using a specified filter or be sorted and searched amongst, this app will also allow you to transfer items from one cargo box to another or ship to ship as long as origin and destination are in same relative location


Director of EU Operations

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