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Relay Replay: August 14 - 18 Written Sunday 20th of August 2017 at 12:00am by Erris

This week on the Replay, the same as every week on the Replay... NEWS!

Around the Verse: Outposts and Environmental Storytelling


  • 80 issues remain outstanding as of Thursday (this was shown on screen as most up-to-date number). There were 88 issues on Tuesday when AtV was recorded. 77 as of Friday

  • 3.0 will be the first time ‘real’ persistence will be in the game - leveraging a lot of technology development done over the past couple of years.

  • Difficulty getting some performance capture in as different actors perform the same action slightly differently - in this case interacting with a countertop.

  • Subsumption will allow NPCs to pay attention to you and interact. Working to get facial animations synchronised with Subsumption.

  • Difficulties with using the same feather blending technique for Eckhart that they use for all other AI as the experience with Eckhart is meant to be more cinematic.

  • Working to get item highlighting in shops to actually highlight the whole item - not omitting things like magazines, scopes, or other attachments.

  • Issues with doors fleeing the ships they belong to.

  • Work being done to fix longstanding issues they weren’t sure how to fix until now.

  • CopyBuild 3, the basis for the Delta Patcher, has been launched internally. Degree of success of that launch is unknown.

  • Work on Quantum Drive as frequently ships were colliding due to exiting QD in the same place. Also, ships were randomly exiting Quantum Drive inside the system’s star.

  • 3.0 branch has been split off of the main development branch.

Surface Outpost - Part Two

  • Environment Team talk about branding, integration and detailing of planetary outposts

  • Its process of layering the dressing and then building up an authentic atmosphere

  • With their tools finding a location is more natural/organic than in a traditional game: just have a little scout around

  • A believable outpost should indicate how long it's been there, the type of climate and the type of people that live there

  • Several levels of integration:

    • The outpost has a blend map that picks up texture information from the planet's surface

    • The walls have blend maps that show the sand, ice, etc. build up over time

    • Projected decals can show streaks running down walls or dirt buildup on rooves

  • There are differences between the different corporations, or brands, that own the outposts

    • The interior and props will reflect the corporate values

    • The colours, logos and graphics are part of a procedural system driven by DataForge

  • Outposts are not static: they will be constantly evolving on a spinning planet orbiting a sun

  • Using prefabs to build outposts means fixing an issue on the prefab fixes the issue on all instances in game

  • Currently the process is very complex but tools Programmers/Tech Artists are working to automate most of the process

3 more items on global schedule completed

Features post 3.0 complete: Criminality System (Gameplay)Item Degradation / Failure / Luck (Gameplay)Recovery Missions (AI)

No AtV next week due to Gamescom.

Gamescom presentation: Friday, August 25th, show starts: 19:00 UTC at the Gloria Theater.



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