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Relay Replay: Aug 27th - 31st Written Sunday 2nd of September 2018 at 05:03am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver summarise the news in Star Citizen

Calling All Devs

  • CIG are currently assembling the strike team that will be overlooking Arena Commander and Star Marine bugs, game modes, new maps etc. After a few patches the team may take a look at multicrew Arena Commander, in the past there has been some work on the code to allow spawning in various different seats, so when it comes to implementation some of the work has been done and laid down. CIG would need to work on the lobbies, some balance work, have turrets in a useable place and consider the multi-crew roles before they look to implement multi-crew in the modules. It is something they want to implement, it just comes down to resource priorities    

  • CIG are working on a route planning tool for players to make use of. The planner will take into account your drive range and also tell you how much fuel is needed for each jump on the way. This may not make it into 3.3 but it is definitely being planned and will be worked on very soon. CIG do not want the experience to be too safe, they would like the player to learn from experience. For instance if you use a particular route, the planner will not show that you can get fuel from a particular station, but if you explore around, you may find a place on the route that sells fuel.  

  • Being able to place a marker on your starmap and quantum jumping there is something CIG have talked about. At the moment in their talks due to the consequences of being able to just jump anywhere and the implications of being able to do so, CIG are currently undecided about how to best implement this functionality. CIG want things like trade lanes for instance, if a player has the ability to jump anywhere then that may make the lanes obsolete, so things like that need to be taken into account.

  • CIG are building hangars for the first major in game landing zone (Hurston). Each city will have its own modular set for hangars where applicable. The current plan for implementation this first time is to have each landing zone reflect a particular hangar. ArcCorp for instance may have the industrial hangars, Revel and York may be in Microtech and so on, this will then lead on to things like being able to invite your friends to your hangar. The plan is to still be able to view all your items in your hangar as you currently do and move them around etc.  


  • With the ongoing work on scramble races, devs have prevented gravlev vehicles such as the Dragonfly and Nox from being able to fly in gravity. This is to aid pilots of such vehicles to focus on combat to assist them to get more kills.

  • Space races have their own arenas inside the asteroid ring of Yela. Such courses contain many obstacles to make them more interesting to players

  • The Gameplay Feature Team has been doing work on the asteroid tech to spawn minable asteroids with the correct materials and composition

  • Ongoing work to Hurston including making the industrial area more gritty and alive, with environment work being done for smoke and steam without obstructing a players view

  • The Planetary Feature Team are adding functionality that will allow Artists to tweak various things for bodies of water. Wave strength, colours, water opacity and how the water interacts with the beach line and terrain will be tweakable by an Artist after the team has completed their work

  • The team has also started to look into ways the global weather system will affect ways the oceans behave

  • The Ship Art Team has been working on revising and improving new liveries for the Tumbril Cyclone variants


  • Hangars are currently unlikely to be instanced. The hope is that they will have physical locations in the game world. So you may be able to buy a hangar very close to the landing zone and save time entering and exiting a planet, however as the real estate is bought up the player will have to choose other locations that may not be so close to the landing zone. This is the current idea, though this will be the subject of a meeting for the dev team in the near future where they will decide how to best move forward

  • The devs want it so the economy responds to the real estate market also. For example as a spot becomes more popular and thus more real estate is bought the available plots will increase in price

  • If a player has a hangar on the planet they more than likely have a habitation module there too, perhaps even a garage

  • Star Citizen planets, moons etc have such a large amount of available potential real estate that the devs will be discussing and investigating the possibility of having, as an example, 500 available slots for purchase. This number was just used as an example to demonstrate that there is a vast amount of space available and that unlike many other games Star Citizen can actually investigate the use of all these plots at once without being instanced apart

  • There will be more missions available in 3.3, though these may not be new variants of missions, more the same missions but utilising the new locations and a few new factors such as; being timed, different NPCs on the way etc

  • Sharing missions and contracts with team members will not make it into 3.3, it may make it into 3.4 but it depends if the various teams will be able to make it a priority. It is something CIG are aware of and they want to address, but the main focus is getting OCS working right now, after that if the schedule allows it the teams may be able to address it

  • Moving forward CIG want the more ‘lawful’ missions to come from corporations, job boards and other such things. As opposed to say going and meeting your contact and picking up a mission that way, which they see as a more illicit contact and mission giver. It’s doubtful you’d see the ‘unlawful’ missions on a notice board as they see this is as a more in person conversation

  • CIG view long range scanning as more akin to using the Hubble Telescope. You’ll view over vast distances and wait as you detect new anomalies which you can then choose to investigate further. As opposed to what is being worked on now, which is more short range scanning, pinging what’s near you and gathering information that way, at that point you would probably be looking for something specific. Check out an RtV from a few months before this episode with Kirk Tome and Mark Abent talking for about an hour just about scanning

  • Currently a player is unable to set a manual waypoint while on foot. The devs are working on implementing the map for players while on foot, when that is in the appropriate teams can start to do passes on what to implement which will include such functions as placing waypoints and/or beacons manually on the map to assist with navigation.

  • CIG have two philosophies on the legal status of scramble races at the moment. Either they are placed in illegal space and thus any kill is fair game, or if it’s in UEE space it’s something you consent to, so any damage/kills inflicted are nice and legal.

  • Ships will have two different ways to replenish quantum fuel. The first are the truck stops that are located along the way for a player to use. The other is to make use of other ships dedicated to refuel, such as the Starfarer. This will require a pass and balance discussion nearer to implementation. The current thought by Todd Papy is that a player will aim to refuel once every 1-2 hours depending on what they’ve been doing. As with everything at this stage, fuel is likely to be rebalanced as players use it and make notes of it, so expect many different iterations of fuel as development continues.

  • If the procedural road tech has been completed then it may make it into 3.3, however if it needs more tech then it will be on hold until that tech comes online and it becomes a priority

  • There are ‘hotspot’ areas. But there are also quiet ones. You might come across someone in the middle of nowhere, and it’d be kind of like the wild west, but the planets are big enough and the solar system is big enough that if you go to the middle of nowhere, you might not be found. Once you start getting out into the expanse of the universe, the probabilities of running into other NPC’s / players can decrease substantially.

  • If you go on a mission, the ship owner gets paid, others don’t. They’ve talked about fixing that, be it through service beacon or through the mobiglass. They want it and it’s needed, but when it comes to actual trading, that they need to talk about more and figure a system out, whether to leave it in the players’ hands or not.

  • There’s no reason they couldn’t do throwing knives.

  • The Carrack hasn’t begun work yet. Resources that were supposed to start it are working instead on 3.3, since OCS touches virtually all aspects of SC. Lots of people are focused on that. When work on the Carrack starts, Disco will announce it with flashy lights and sirens on Ship Shape.

  • 19 mil stretch goal was players running a space station - They want to see how the modular system works first, but you have to think about it like a ship. Power, security, revenue; it’d be like owning a strip mall. I’ll rent this unit to a 7-11, i’ll rent this unit to a dry cleaners. There’d be a lot of interface systems that need to go into that. They’d have to break it down from system design and see how far the modular system can be pushed. If they open it up to one person, they’d have to talk with CR and Tony, how many do they have per solar system? 5? 50? Might also be, you can do it on the surface, or maybe you could buy your way into a controlling interest on a truck stop or something. Todd needs to pick CR and Tony’s brains on what they were hoping for from the stretch goal.

  • Missions right now are based on your account - the account that grabs the mission is the one that gets the money. They want to eventually be able to warn players hey, this is a combat mission, maybe don’t bring a crucible. They do need to figure out parts of getting paid though. If it’s a bounty, do you have to bring the body in? Or can you bring in a monacle or something that is unique to them?

  • There will be weather in space, or weather phenomenon. They can do a lot with cloud tech, and lots with weather tech. THey’ll be able to tie systems into those, to affect ships or players. Meteor storms and such they do want to get them in, but the cloud tech’s probably closer.

  • They have a ton more fictional brands, they’re just lacking advertisements for them. They take time to create, but they’re working on it. They have a corporation matrix.

  • Everything in the game should take time. Unloading a ship, repairing, refueling, yes. But right now, there are quick and easy buttons to get things done. They’ll start adding timers down the road.

  • The PU is essentially a sandbox. They do want to have broad story events that happen, such as the UEE fleet going through Stanton. They want there to be story in the PU, and have it affect the universe around them. That stuff’ll be driven through lore.

  • They have hidden things in the middle of nowhere to see if things will be found., for example bennyhenge.

  • Command and Control gameplay on Capital Ships - They’ve got high-level ideas, talking about what captains and helmsmen are doing, and all the position, breaking down what’s needed for them from engineering standpoints, captain standpoints, etc… They want to get the Connie working as it should before they start scaling that up. There has to be stuff that makes the gameplay interesting, have to have stuff to do.

  • No fly zones - for Loreville, there’s a spaceport in the center you can land in, but if you get too close to the sides of it, you hit a restricted zone, and in tier 0 you’ll hit something and die. In the future, there'll be flight paths in and out of restricted zones, and if you deviate from the flight paths, IFCS will put you back on the track. No fly zones exist to make sure players can’t grief other players by, say, shooting into town from above the city and killing people. That’s not fun. So they want to build something that doesn’t grief players. Tier 0 implementation with 3.3, and they’ll see what people do, and it’ll adjust and evolve.


  • CitizenCon 2018 stage schedule has been published

  • New Evocati invitations have gone out

  • Melissa was seen in the background of RtV this week.


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