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Relay Replay: April 16th-20th Written Monday 23rd of April 2018 at 09:52am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the week's news and developments in the world of Star Citizen

Calling All Devs

Depending on what a ship does it can be used on the inside of another ship’s hangar. I.e. you can use drones or shoot the hangar doors, but it will be reliant on what exactly you want to do. Short answer is yes, within reason.

In regards to landing-aid systems they will be given attention. For instance the 3D radar flip when you are coming into land will return one Item System 2.0 is more complete. While it may be possible to implement external cameras there will be technical limitations imposed on this if they are implemented into the game.

There are a few ideas going around on how to better present the player with information in regards to locations/icons on planets and how to best present it for the play to interpret. This will likely come up as a subject in an upcoming episode of Around The Verse

There is a new system coming in very soon to help with ship persistence in mid-travel. I.E. if you leave the game on your ship in mid travel when you log back in you should be in the same spot. It should be coming soon to address the current issues with persistence in that regard

Snubs, rovers and other vehicles that usually come partnered with a ship are developed as separate entities. So although the 600i and Phoenix are currently being worked on, the accompanying vehicles will go through as any other vehicle would, when time allows


  • Revisions to Marine and Outlaw armor as well as Port Olisar costume sets continue for 3.2 release

  • Gameplay quality is prioritized for focus due to feedback from last month's - backer's survey

  • Shopping is improving with the economy balance in mind as well as improved kiosks and a greater variety of items

  • Upgrades to ship weapon and component configuration will affect gameplay as to things like overheating and system failures from factors such as wear and tear and component quality

  • VMA and PMA mobiGlas apps continue to be polished

  • Playing with friends, assisting and communicating with other players along with quantum linking and new and expanded service beacons are being implemented in response to community feedback

  • Mining, harvesting and the selling of ore along with the mining HUD and their intuitive visual and audio cues are coming along nicely for Alpha 3.2

  • With respect to AI, combat behavior and wildlines are being improved in regards to bounty hunting, interdiction and dogfighting with pirates in the PU

  • Ship Designers continue their work on the Origin 600i, the Aegis Avenger variants, the Vanduul Blade and the Anvil Hurricane along with new weapons and props for the PU

  • Location Teams are prototyping Hurston, its moons and Loreville as well as making progress with the procedural layouts and lighting for rest stop stations

  • 3.1 is the first time you'll really be able to customise your head, eye, hair and skin tone

  • The first iteration of the Character Customiser is relatively simple but a) they've wanted to do it for a long time and b) it allowed them to resolve a lot of tech setup issues.

  • Characters are made up of items (like everything else) so the head, hair, etc. are just additional item types

  • Colour switching is handled by altering the property of the items it attaches to, e.g eye, hair, etc. by inject tags that cascade throughout the model hierarchy

  • Tech Art helped get assets appearing in game as the artist intended and involves fixing textures, normals, geometry, etc.

  • The unified front end UI initially caused problems as Character Customiser geometry would be visible in, for example, Arena Commander

  • Another challenge was creating custom lists with icons and ensuring fast, responsive previews on roll over

  • The player's Character Customiser is equivalent to the developer's Loadout Editor tool but somewhat more robust and polished

  • They added idle animations to stop the character feeling lifeless and added random fidgets to stop the animations feeling repetitive

  • Creating the Character Customiser also required some of the PMA code to be refactored

  • In 3.1 you can return the Character Customiser when you want but eventually in the PU you'll have to visit a "body modification vendor"

  • The biggest challenges included blending skin tones, creating assets that worked in combination, making hair work with helmets and creating "hat hair"

Production Roadmap

Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 has been added to the roadmap.  This patch will debut at the end of Q1 2019. Features are:

890 JUMP and Banu Defender in 3.5

Different AI combat personalities.

Exploration/Discovery of liquid/gas deposits in space for extraction.

Expanded cargo system including different sized crates

Data Running

Long Range Scanning

Refinery locations (presumably space stations)

Comm Array Revision

and a trio of new weapons.

In addition to the inclusion of 3.5 to the roadmap, these are the other notable changes to the roadmap this week:

- Rest stop space station for 3.3 has seen significant progress.

- Mission Modularity & Racing - adding complexity to missions in the PU in and adding formal racing to the PU - is new to the roadmap and is in 3.3.

- Interdiction & Salvage - Adding the interdiction of AI as a gameplay feature and adding Salvage to missions - is new to the roadmap and is in 3.4.

- AI Planetary Landings has been removed from the roadmap.  In its place in 3.4, there are two new AI features which are allowing FPS AI to use stealth, and allowing flight AI to use Quantum drive and strafing maneuvers.

Note:  Cyclone permanently available in the store now.


Director of EU Operations

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