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Relay Replay: 6th - 10th Written Monday 13th of November 2017 at 07:43am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the week's Star Citizen development



  • 30 bugs currently.

  • Kiosks are getting some tweaks after receiving feedback from testers.


  • 22 bugs currently, 91 tasks remaining.

  • Miles Eckhart is getting some more animations to flesh out his animation set.

  • There was a bug where spawning a second ship would make everything go black for everyone on the server and no one could move.


  • 18 bugs currently, 48 tasks remaining.

  • Working on 2D radar for ships as well as integration of radar into Starmap

  • Making the Starmap easier to use and more intuitive

  • Overhauling the mission app  to allow for more details such as where it’s from, who it’s from, time remaining, payout.

    • Will allow you to see what missions are around you in space and track which ones you want to focus on.


  • 2 Bugs currently, 18 tasks remain.

  • Working on space to atmospheric flight characteristic transition, second stage afterburner, gravlev polish.

  • Tuning normal flight velocity control to afterburner control to prevent instant transition.


  • Performance isn’t a single patch to make everything smooth, but constant tweaks over time.

  • Studying Evocati performance captures carefully to find entities eating up performance.


AtV - Quantum Travel Part 1

  • Anything over something like a hundred feet and quantum travel is probably involved.

  • Quantum drive now is quite linear, but Chris Roberts wanted a ramping up especially with the larger maps involved

  • By using one higher than acceleration one gets a constant jerk and the desired curve and by then basing the quantum special effects off of speed, it gave the desired curved effect

  • Converting quantum travel to 2.0 required changing old code to get to use the native Item 2.0 advantages

  • Original effects for quantum travel consisted of more of a tunneling effect, now a residue appears from the front of the ship and moves to the back for a more Star Trek sort of effect

  • Chris wanted more colour mixed in to effects

  • Tags and triggers are provided by game code like spooling, entry, the traveling effect and flash effect      

  • Five ‘phases’ of Quantum Drive

    • Initial ramp from current speed to afterburner

    • Ramp up phase to figure out where your maximum speed is

    • Middle phase is cruise, hitting maximum speed of your drive

    • Last two phases of ramp down and speed down

  • The math it took to create the five phases and have it calculated accurately to be able to track the ship throughout all the phases and know where it will ended up was a huge challenge, but they pulled it off by using something called a Quantum Snapshot which while has no performance impact, is able to know where you’re going, how fast it will take, how fast you will be going in all the phases, and where you will be throughout the phases.

    • The formula scales well with multiple players and cinematics.

Anniversary sale, which runs from November 24th to December 4th

CR and Sandi will be doing a special on ships consisting of 8 episodes, details pending

  • Happy Remembrance Day

  • Burndown new formula - 15 must fix to tasks / bugs / features.

  • Sean Tracy on Newegg

    • 3.0 out end of year is goal

    • 60+ players

  • Schedule Report came out

  • Happy Hour

  • Components getting put in component slots


Director of EU Operations

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