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Relay Replay: 30th April - 4th May Written Monday 7th of May 2018 at 04:06am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver summarise the weeks most important developments and news from Star Citizen for the week

Calling All Devs

  • Orison, the flying landing zone within Crusader has been white boxed out as an initial phase to get a feel of how it should look and feel. Things like where shops should be, medical etc. Crusader the gas giant itself is a bigger challenge to approach from a technical standpoint. The Graphics Team is currently working on tech that will help portray the gas giant amongst other things. The tech is still being developed and at the moment can’t be used to create an entire planet like Crusader but eventually it will be worked into the celestial body creation tech to assist in creation of such things like gas giants and gaseous clouds. Due to how new the tech is it what they currently have won’t be shown off due to how rough it currently is.

  • Eventually players will be able to swim in the oceans on Hurston. This may or may not make it in with the release of Hurston, as swimming will require and get a brand new locomotion set that will be added to the game, which is a lot of work for the team to do and the current priorities for the team are to improve the existing animations already in the game. It is important to note that a lack of swimming will not hold up the release of Hurston.

  • Radar scanning is being worked on at the moment. The current goal is to have it scanning asteroids/planetoids for mining resources, tying it in with the next big upcoming patch where mining will be released. You will ping a potential target(s) which will give a brief overview of the it. As you narrow down and approach the potential target more information will be given to the player until you are finally able to perform a scan on the target which will give you all the information on what if any deposits are there that you can mine. This system will serve as the basic platform for the mechanic to evolve into being able to scan ships which will grant the player information on the targetted ship, such as class, layout, number of people on board etc. Security on board a ship may involve being able to scan your own ship at that resolution in order to locate any possible stowaways/intruders on board.

  • CIG is currently investigating different options that will allow players a smoother and easier approach to major landing zones on exit from Quantum. A couple of examples given are; having various makers around a planet that are closer to the actual body than they currently are. This would involve a geometric shape around the zone that could scale up and add more markers or scale down to add less depending on the size of the body it is currently surrounding. Another approach given as a possible answer was having one marker directly above the landing zone, the player would not be able to QT directly to it as it would be in the upper atmosphere and QT in atmosphere is not going to happen, instead a player would QT in near the planet, then an additional bit of travelling where the players course would spline around the planet and take you to the marker above the zone, which would also assist the attitude of attack on approach to the zone. These are just 2 examples given there are other options they’re considering as it is something they’re aware of as a bit of a problem for players at the moment. Quantum travel in general is something they want to improve on for the player for 3.2. Expect a feature on Quantum travel and linking sometime in the future.


Project Update

  • Work going into art stations and kiosks, including boot sequences and better animations.

  • Work also going into button location, tooltip info, and animations for mobiGlas

  • QT bug where ships would spin out on exit has been fixed

  • Work continues on streaming the QT process, especially for groups.

  • Lots of VFX work on both scanning and more particle effects

  • Hammerhead, Origin 600i, and Mustang rework have all had good progress

  • Props team have added more heavy machinery to the hangar prop sets.

  • Work is being done on a modular cable set, so that inner ship cables can be placed more efficiently.

  • Tech Art Team has prototyped a procedural prop placement tool, allowing prop layouts in rooms to be created quickly. The system will work on walls, decals, usable items, etc… and Designers can use the tool to specify a volume of space to be randomized, which the tool will then fill appropriately.

  • A Designer could spawn a table, with a volume for plates on top of it, and each plate has a volume for food, and food has a volume for forks and knives. Very customizable, supports ability to create elaborate variations.

  • Environment Team continues work on Hurston and its moons.

Ship Shape

  • 300 rework is in design review.

  • 100i is concept complete

  • Orion is on hold, no current ETA

  • Carrack is in grey box.

  • 64 ships have gone through the pipeline, 55 left in it.

  • The new Crusader Industries Hercules Starlifter has 3 variants

  • M2 milspec edition, rated to transport military ground vehicles

  • C2 civilian edition, for large cargo

  • A2 gunship edition, meant to bring guns and bombs to any fight.

Ship Shape: Hercules Starlifter by Crusader Industries

  • Crusader Starlifter is a new ship, a new role and - for the UK team - a new manufacturer

  • It is a transporter ship with a large cargo capacity (it can hold up to two tonks) and hefty firepower

  • Commercial Hauler variant: white, red and black livery, ramps front and back for roll on/roll off, four unmanned turrets, VTOL, standard interior

  • Military M2 variant: grey livery, more firepower in front, more heavily protected.

  • Gunship variant: four additional unmanned turrets but half the cargo space is convert to hold either four MOABs or a modular unit for bomblets.

  • It's about 100m long and 70m wide

  • Commercial Hauler has s3 and S4 guns; Gunship has several S5 guns

  • Started with about 30 sketches, developed two or three, took two into 3D and then CR made the final decision

  • The team has already checked/confirmed many aspects: dimensions, cargo capacity, components, ejection seats, player traversal, atmosphere, metrics, etc.

Ship Shape: Anvil Hurricane

  • The Anvil Hurricane hits capital ships hard with its four size-3 guns on its manned turret

  • Long sweeping lines and a separated pilot and gunner differentiates this ship from other of Anvil's line

  • The Hurricane is no brawler and is best used in ambush and swarm attacks in wings due to poor armor and tremendous sustained firepower

  • Effort was taken to stay true to Anvil's style and yet visually differentiate it from its sister ships being more minimalist and giving the pilot the feeling of being the actual guns firing

  • The ship may be divisive in the community for being so powerful in the hands of a skilled pilot and gunner while being fragile

  • Classic match-up of firepower and fragility with massive sustained damage on target should make this quite different from the usual every day ship associated with dogfighting as well as the traditional bombers with a very aggressive feel


Director of EU Operations

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