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Relay Replay: 2nd - 6th July Written Monday 9th of July 2018 at 07:01am by Shiver_Bathory

Nehkara and Shiver summarise the highlights of the week in development in Star Citizen

Calling All Devs

  • At moment there are no limitations on the oxygen supply. In upcoming releases, when the life support system will be an essential ship component, the amount of oxygen in every room will be the difference between oxygen production and consumption. Consumption will be calculated with various factors such as number of crew currently on the ship, if a player is in a space suit and as such using his own oxygen supply etc. Later players will be able to manipulate the oxygen level and exits of a room to purposefully suffocate people.

  • More keybinds are on the way. Binding keys will be possible for most things players can see and interact with. The advantage of keybinds is allowing a player to key an action to almost any peripheral device connected to the PC they are playing on, which is something CIG are very keen on for players to make use of. However the engineering time needed for implementation of these systems is needed elsewhere and is not top priority.  

  • PVP interaction between players can be avoided to a fair extent in the core of UEE controlled space, however it will be close to impossible to entirely prevent harmful exploitation of players. CIG is planning to lure advanced players away from safer ‘starter areas’ to more lucrative places outside of UEE controlled space where progress can be made rapidly at the cost of a greater risk, the aim of which is to help reduce the risk of non consensual PVP in the more secure areas of space. For a little more information on PVP and griefing prevention plans please refer back to last week’s Calling All Devs

  • The most common non combat body equipment will be the multi-tool. The multi-tool can be outfitted with different attachments which will make it the swiss army knife for various tasks in space. The attachments currently being worked on are a welding and cutting attachment for cutting through hulls and surfaces, which a player may need to cut through a panel to get to a piece of equipment to repair for example. A repair and salvage attachment for repairing superficial damage on your ship, for example if your Gladius was damaged and you need and are capable, through use of a repair canister, of doing a minor repair to carry on with your journey. A mini tractor beam attachment for pulling and pushing things or oneself in zero gravity. Several other combat equipment prototypes will be tested and may be integrated in the game if they are deemed a good fit for Star Citizen. Some other prototypes are: Holographic decoys, different kinds of mines such as EMP, explosive etc, medi-pens or oxygen capsules with different stimulative substances, deployable shields and remote turrets. These are just ideas currently that the devs have and will be looking into sometime in the future and evaluating their usefulness and integration into the ‘verse.



The roadmap will no longer be updated immediately after the release of a quarterly patch

According to Sean Tracy on the most recent Reverse The Verse, Facetrack will not have the resolution or latency to allow a player to aim gimbals


Director of EU Operations

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