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Relay Replay: 2nd - 6th April Written Saturday 7th of April 2018 at 01:43pm by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the week's news and developments in Star Citizen

Calling All Devs

  • Devs want shipping lanes to be a more sure fire thing for travelling to and from locations

  • Blind quantum jumps will return. For instance if you see a nebula and wish to extract resources from it, you’ll be to scan it and jump to it. The larger your ship is the higher range your QJ capabilities will be as a rule of thumb. This is a further down the line scheduled task. Free jumps are an upcoming feature

  • Rob Reininger and his team are going to be working on quantum linking soon, the ability to jump yourself and others at the same time. This should make an appearance sometime in the near future but precise date is currently unknown

  • Cockpit flair is being worked on in the background. They will be items that go in ports just like current items there will be size restrictions and certain slot sizes. These are due roughly towards the end of the year in its first iteration. The items will include items such as an in-game radio, the Phoenix piano etc

  • Docking ports on ships and space stations are still planned. Their primary use is the transfer of personnel and cargo. Ship to ship docking will still be a thing in Star Citizen but further on down the line

  • Scanning is currently being worked on, it will be a more immersive experience as opposed to a mini game and is signal based the same way the radar system works. It will be closely tied in with radar. In the system’s first iteration it will involve pings. You’ll be able to do a 360° ping or choose a more focused area for different signal strengths.

  • Environmental factors will also be a consideration. For example if the system you are scanning has a star with a high EM signature it will obscure other EM signals. This will also play into hiding, for example hiding behind an asteroid will obscure your CM signal as the return signal will be the CM of the asteroid as opposed to the ship hiding behind it

  • The closer you get to a scanning target or more you focus down on scanning the target, the more information you will acquire about the target. In the instance of ships for example, you will acquire the owner’s name, the armament etc as you narrow down on the target. It is currently being worked on now and the hope is to get some form of it in 3.2

  • The multi-crew experience has been looked into with detail and planned out to a large extent. There is a new European Vehicle Team that is helping to build these things and will help relieve the teams in the States that are working on other things. There is no scheduled date currently for when the multi-crew experience will be expanded upon but it is being worked on in the background and will hopefully start rolling out soon™


  • Environment

    • Focusing on 3 components for the first iteration of Rest Stops: exterior, hangars, interior.

    • Varied building materials, colour schemes, ad placement and the modular construction of the station's exterior allows automated layout generation with artistic control

    • The new "common element" hangars share core design functionality but allow mixing and matching of walls, entrances, exits and service modules in a variety of styles

    • The Procedural Layout tool can automatically generate large numbers of layouts using a set library of room and connector prefabs. Randomising prop placement and lighting is the key to making locations appear different

  • Props

    • Improved entity system within DataForge allowing an entity to contain both gameplay features and visual keys through a unified system

    • Revised metrics and template assets for Usesables and interactive props so they are easier to understand and supporting scalability/functionality

    • Now able to create destructible props that mesh swap and update environmental effects

    • Created a new set of low tech medical props and medical dressings for PU

    • Working on sub-items used in customising ship component performance

  • Missions

    • Replacing the existing AI with new subsumption behaviour: focusing on balance and implementing wild lines

    • Taken the opportunity to reassess the Vanduul and Pirate Swarm game modes within Arena Commander

    • Excited about the prototype of a scramble race event that can work in space or planet-side

    • Rebalancing the Reputation Progression System: it was too easy to earn a negative rep and/or too hard to earn a positive rep

  • UI

    • Researching ways to improve performance by analysing where the CPU is spending its time, e.g. improved how the ECG's values was stored and how the graph was drawn

  • Graphics

    • Shaders, textures and geometry have now been organised in such a way that we can render multiple adjacent meshes

    • Working on new shader effects for render to texture: an edge highlighting effect for ship targeting displays, and a drop-shadow effect to make icons stand out more

    • Collaborating with the VFX Team to improve our GPU particle system, e.g. To allow better, cheaper electrical and plasma effects

    • Also working through fairly large snag list for the 3.1 release

  • Tech Design

    • Implementing and tuning new weapons: Gats ballistic gatling, PRAR distortion scattergun, and AMRS laser cannon

    • Supporting the conversion of existing gear to Weapon 2.0

    • Rebalancing including distortion weaponry, countermeasures, flight, atmospheric landing turbulence and shield set back and regeneration rates

    • Working with Art on new ship concepts which will be revealed throughout the year in Ship Shape segments

  • Ship Art

    • Aegis Hammerhead’s interior is mostly set out (except crew dorm and galley) and cargo area and bridge are in a detailing pass

    • Aegis Eclipse is in full production: tightening up POM panel lines, enhancing materials and ensure moving parts are operational

  • Audio

    • Weapon Audio System has undergone a substantial refactor

    • Designing full NLPC weapon perspective sets along with specific sounds for various distances

    • Took part in a recording session at Oscillate Studios to create source material for ships

  • Derby

    • Hosted an Imperator subscriber event and scanned three more faces into the game

    • Gameplay Story Team have been getting all gameplay story scenes organised in Shotgun and started implementing them in-game

    • Progress has been made on R&D for the Vanduul face rig, internal facial rig technologies and iterations to female rigs in Maya

    • Facial Animation Team has been finalising animations on various PU shopkeepers, bartenders and mission givers


Director of EU Operations

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