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Relay Replay: 26th Feb - 2nd March Written Sunday 4th of March 2018 at 01:49pm by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the latest developments in Star Citizen for the week.


  • Teams have re-aligned to have groups specifically focused on features.

  • Tumbril Cyclone base model is in flight prep stage (yes, even though it can’t fly… unless you hit a serious jump on a low-gravity moon… anyway…).

  • Anvil Hurricane is in its final art stage and aimed for SC Alpha 3.2.

  • Consolidated Outland Mustang re-work is going well and planned for release with SC Alpha 3.2.

  • Anvil Terrapin is undergoing animation work.

  • Unified tool installer will keep all dev tools up to date.

  • Support for loadouts has been added to Maya so animators can see their animations with various armours and clothing on without having to wait until they’re rendered in-game.

  • Port Olisar collection of uniforms, clothing, and armours is coming along.

  • Lots of progress on legacy armour sets. Legacy Light Outlaw is in in-game mesh stage while legacy Medium Outlaw and legacy Heavy Outlaw are in high poly phase. Legacy Light Marine is in high poly phase as well. These armours are set for release in SC Alpha 3.2.

  • Ship Jacker armour is in production - currently working on the undersuit.

  • Additional PU characters are in various states of production, including some high quality mission givers similar to Miles and Ruto.

  • One of the new feature teams is working on the character customizer and focusing on base implementation in the game.

  • A facial rig for alien characters has been implemented to bring actor’s performances as alien characters into the game.

  • Director Camera mode is seeing a revamp with on-screen controls to make it more intuitive. This work is not on the roadmap and will be released when they’re happy with it.

  • Another of the newly formed teams is working on vehicle optimizations including stamping out the final Item 1.0 items and converting them to Item 2.0.


Director of EU Operations

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