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Relay Replay: 26th - 30th Written Saturday 31st of March 2018 at 05:14pm by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the news in Star Citizen

3.1 is now on live server


Squadron 42 Update

  • Bengal Carrier currently getting a detail pass.

  • Bengal has elevators and sub-deck transit system which allows players to traverse the ship quickly.

  • Shubin’s Archon station also has a transit system similar to subway.

  • It sounds like you will need to earn the right to access the entirety of Archon station.

  • Vanduul ship-to-ship weapons have an organic look and open somewhat like a flower.

  • The deployed turrets have what looks spider’s eyes on them.

  • Work also ongoing on alien weapon effects and explosions.

  • Large Xi’An ships have a lot of distinct design.  Complex mechanical mechanisms. Many technological concepts distinctly different from UEE.

  • Many UEE props being added.

  • Mess haul menu under development including procedural food.

  • Recent focus on improving laser projectiles - including better visibility and readability.

  • Take down system has been improved and expanded.

  • Massive improvement to the skin shader for characters, making them even more life-like.

Flight AI

  • Working on a system to make pilots more unique allow Designers to tweak pilot's profile from rookie to veteran

  • December's livestream was crucial for proving all the work refactoring the AI system and AI flight was successful

  • Flight AI is now complete character centered: the pilot, not the ship, is executing AI behaviours

  • Focused on breaking out the behaviour differences for flying small, medium, large and capital ships and for flying fighters, bombers and "industrial" ships (e.g. mining, salvaging)

  • AI has access to all the same ship systems as players: weapons, shields, countermeasures, etc.

  • Normal flight is based on behaviours (systematic, context base) but AI can be constrained to spline for scripted or cinematic moments

  • Dogfighting activity tasks are currently acquire a target, engage in combat and 3 phases of combat (approach, engage and break) but will evolve into something more complex

  • With pilot behaviours CIG is trying to replicate their personalities in the way they fly, e.g. Old Man is an ace but efficient rather than flashy

  • Designers can assign regular behaviours to AI much like the player's wingman commands e.g. attack this target, defend this area, follow me, etc.

  • Subsumption exposes lots of variables on AI and players, e.g. allow access to relationships between characters or factions

  • AI will have skills which are things that can be learned or improved over time, and traits which are things assigned on creation or by significant events

  • AI will also have morale which will influence behaviours and be affected by the player's actions, by circumstances and by "sustenance"

  • The "nemesis system" will allow the game to spawn AI who have a history with you in place of a vanilla AI

  • The Character Profile Editor allows Designers to create and assign profiles, e.g. rookie, veteran, etc. to AI pilots

  • The AI Team is watching how the community improves their technique and is using that to improve the AI


Director of EU Operations

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