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Relay Replay: 23rd - 27th April Written Sunday 29th of April 2018 at 10:13am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the newest developments in Star Citizen

Calling All Devs

Current estimate for NPC traders is around 3.5 or 3.6. AI will be able to travel the verse in groups with QT linking, landing in hangars etc. The first priority though is combat AI. Currently there is no difference between fighting different AI pilots, which will change in the future

Lockers, weapon racks etc will play a role in outfitting, supplementing the mobiGlas’ role. I.E. You will approach a locker and it will contain what you’ve sorted through on the mobiGlas as a loadout, your civilian loadout, your pilot loadout etc. Locker use is planned for farther down the line in development.

There were plans to have race courses on each of the moons in 3.0, but as the planet tech kept changing the courses no longer worked on the moons. As the planets are going to keep improving, it has been decided that it’s best to not introduce these course until they are done. They are working on a scramble race at the moment however, a race that involves space and planet racing to the death.

Players will be able to make navigation markers for things they discover in the ‘verse. It’s a system that’s needed as there are secrets in the game and players need to reach them. You will be able to sell these markers to other players as well or just share them among friends if you do not want to keep the location to yourself


  • Lots of work has gone into improving shaders and VFX, allowing glass to look cracked, ship screens to look damaged / have interference, etc…

  • There’s a new ability to inspect your FPS weapons that they’re working on.

  • Work continues on creating atmospheric and intense locations for SQ42, like the Coil, and the Shubin mining station, using VFX and sound to add depth and gravitas.

  • The Cinematics and Animation Teams have two main components. On one side, the team doing the major cinematics work. On the other side, the team working on creating somewhat more of a ‘lived-in’ universe.

  • This team is putting together the hundreds of different mo-capped scenes that can play out throughout the Idris, and throughout all of SQ42.

  • The Gameplay Story Animation team pulls together mocap, brings in face-capture, animation capture, and then tweaks it all to make sure everything looks good, and flows smoothly.

  • The goal, and the result, is a Verse that feels much more alive and detailed, where each NPC, be they a crew member on the Idris or even an enemy combatant, has a story, and a reason why they are where they are.

  • This all ties in with subsumption as well, giving each character meaningful dialogue, based on your choices as a character, making them feel much more realistic.


Director of EU Operations

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