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Relay Replay: 23rd - 26th July Written Sunday 29th of July 2018 at 05:11am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver summarise the highlights of development in the world of Star Citizen

Calling All Devs

  • Hull C art is done but there remains some issues to be finished, such as when the ship expands, enabling the physics grid to expand with it, the fact the ship is mostly made to dock as opposed to land. I.E it couldn’t land with all of its ‘arms’ loaded with cargo, as well as the economy that’s currently implemented being totally unbalanced by this huge ship capacity. The major issue is the way cargo is currently measured. Cargo is currently measure in 1 SCU or ½ SCU, which is far too small for something like the Hull C.

  • At the moment the devs are using a test map to test fuel ranges and possible locations of truck stops for refuelling. Currently there are 8 stops between Port Olisar and Hurston, though this is only an initial guesstimate so expect adjustments going forward.

  • ESP is currently under Designer control, and will continue to be adjusted.

  • At the moment ground mining is the current focus for improvement, so the ‘filtration’ mechanic built into the Prospector that enables the ship to eject worthless waste, will not be coming online in the immediate future. After the team is happy enough with ground mining to move on (please note this does not mean that ground mining will be considered feature complete at that time) they will look at mining on asteroids in space and then from there the team will assess what their next focus needs to be.


  • Mission Team doing ongoing work on modular mission design, focusing on Scramble Race missions

  • Scramble Race has weapons on and has a ground and space version. At the moment they’re concentrating on the ground version. It has up to 16 players

  • 300i rework incorporates features seen in the 100 and 600 series, while keeping the style of the original outline. It also addresses where cargo should be loaded.

  • The Audio Team has been working on adding sound effects to certain props that contain moving parts, these are called physicalised props. The new system allows the team to apply specific sounds to objects in game as opposed to previously where sounds would be applied to materials. I.E. If there was something made out of thick metal it would sound exactly the same as something else made of thick metal. The new system allows for different sounds to be applied in different situations, for example, an object being rolled or collided with.

  • Once the team start moving away from armistice zones, the security checkpoints will become very important. They will serve a function similar to how security works in airports in the present day. There will be a list of illegal items that the player cannot bring through security and once scanned if a player is not carrying any of these items they will be able to pass through. If they are carrying something illegal they will be asked to give it up or store it elsewhere. The player can choose to ignore this but there will be consequences for doing so, however it is also possible that a player may find a way through that skirts past security.


Director of EU Operations

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