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Relay Replay: 19th - 23rd February Written Sunday 25th of February 2018 at 08:27am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the week of development for Star Citizen


Squadron 42 Project Update

  • Programming Team has been looking at performance issues and ways to optimise the code for PU which also benefits S42

  • Developed a tool to highlight a number of issue with skeletons that were updating but not (or not needing to) animate

  • Feature Team has been able to make items smarter about when/how they are updated

  • Working towards Object Container Streaming by ensuring Entity system code was thread safe so entities can spawn via background threads

  • Dialing in the look of the military version of the mobiGlas UI: referencing real world military and cinematic sci-fi

  • Continued working on animations for Duncan Chakma (Master of Arms) and polishing to release quality

  • Continued to develop the player's grab and inspect animations

  • Added several unique walk cycles for AI characters based on loops extracted from performance capture data

  • Focused on Subsumption stability updates for crew activities and setting up more scenes in other chapters

  • August Beck (Quartermaster) has her activities set up and is in-game, all AI usesables in the cargo bay are going in-game now

  • More ambient life moments are being implemented into other chapters and locations

The Living Idris

  • The goal of the Idris is to make it more than just a ship a player uses throughout Squadron 42, but for what’s inside of it to also tell a story.

  • The AI within Squadron 42 will react to players differently between each playthrough, based off a players actions during the campaign.

  • However it’s more than pick choice A or B. With tech called SPOIL, Systemic Points Of Interest Look tech, it makes it so that the AI behave more like a regular person on a ship, enabling them to have a personality that reflects how they talk, what they do, and how they interact with players during the campaign.

  • Every AI on the Idris has a routine, but within that routine they can deviate depending on a number of circumstances such as emergencies, conflict, basic necessities such as eating, sleeping, etc.

  • When a player leaves the ship for a mission, the ship doesn’t stop working, it continues to function as if the player never existed in the first place, it’s a living breathing world just inside the Idris itself.

  • With SPOIL the AI are aware of a players presence and depending on the circumstances, may react positive or negative towards a player. The AI will also interact with each other not by script, but by what their sub activities dictate.

  • A good example of SPOIL tech is an NPC following objects outside of the immediate area such as through an unobstructed window

  • The Idris crew has increased from 30 or 50 people to 81 including the player

  • It's interesting and better for Designers, Developers and High Programmers to have complex interaction between NPCs and players

  • Wild lines are where certain NPCs have certain things to say to the players and will break out of their behavior and activity to engage them on that matter when provided the opportunity adding a lot life

  • Player responses and decisions can actually result in multiple branches of conversation options

  • Wild lines can be “busies” - too busy to talk, “be's” - don't you have somewhere to be, or even comments on recent missions

  • Once a greeting logic is setup it can be applied to any AI who has a greeting line

  • Confirmed: Squadron 42 has Red Shirts ;)

  • Scenes will not be baked as player choice and AI action will impact the cinematic scenes on the fly allowing the designers to freely experiment with the gameplay and bring forth more content with stability and robustness

  • The big challenge of Star Citizen is expanding functionality with the composition of so many elements without breaking others

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