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Relay Replay: 19th - 23rd Written Sunday 25th of March 2018 at 10:13am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the newest developments in the week of Star Citizen


  • Project Update

  • - Character Customiser is being introduced with 3.1.

  • - Will allow players to change their head type, eye colour, skin colour, hair style and hair colour.

  • - This feature has completed all tasks and is currently undergoing polish.

  • - Helmets are also being polished to enable better lighting within the helmets and bugfixes

  • - Ongoing work on the male and female character models as well as improvements to the Legacy Outlaw and Marine armour.

  • Locations

  • - Visual improvements to the first three moons: Yela, Daymar, and Celin.

  • - Remaining tasks include detailed polish, improved procedural distribution for planetside features and dynamic weather effects.

  • - Environment Art Team has been working on improvements to Delamar, specifically the transitions between close, medium, and long range visuals.

  • - R&D team have been working on a new tech called Speed Tree which will be talked more in depth at a later point.

  • - Player hangar revamp is underway to bring them in line with current tech and make them usable in the persistent universe, no date on when this is scheduled to complete however.

  • - Prototypes of Hurston and its moons is ongoing.

  • Gameplay

  • - Bringing the service distress beacon feature online.

  • - It currently functions similar to that of how quest beacons do and players will be able to change the distance in which they see beacons once they’ve accepted them.

  • - Polish for the Personal Management App for mobiGlas which includes work on the Star Marine Loadout customiser to enable players to use items from the PU in Star Marine (with limitations based on level and modes)

  • Ships

  • - Finishing touches on the ships displayed in the Ship Shape from last week.

  • - More weapons from several arms manufacturers have entered the polish stage.

  • - Concept art is finalising the design for the Joker Distortion Cannon, blocking out the Behring pistol, and work on several other weapons.

  • Core Tech

  • - 45 out of the 46 tasks have been completed to meet their performance goals for 3.1.


Director of EU Operations

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