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Relay Replay: 17th - 21st September 2018 Written Sunday 23rd of September 2018 at 05:29pm by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver summarise the week's news for the development of Star Citizen

Calling All Devs

  • At moment there are no spawn locations planned to be on the ‘aid shelters’ around moons. CIG’s current focus is directed into looking at alternative spawning logic for cases of overfilled spawning locations and player habitats as well as the ability to own and login to one particular room in a hab. When this system is at a satisfactory level with these more advanced spawning solutions, they will probably look into spawning locations for remote areas as well as the option to rent a room. All this will be an iterative process in which CIG wants to evolve these systems together with the community and their experience.

  • The ability to allow a player to keep their ships locked and only allow certain people onto their ship is being worked on at the moment. The system itself relies on many other of the smaller systems coming online; i.e. subsumption, criminal system etc. So while there is nothing directly that CIG can address on this right now the systems it will rely on are coming online and CIG will be implementing more with each step and building upon the previous system

  • The first iteration of rest stops will not maintain a useful position between two planets, when planets are actually orbiting a sun. What CIG are looking at doing is using Lagrange Points to decide where useful things will be. This system will be useful as it will mean certain objects at certain times are what you navigate to as others will not be cost effective to reach. Due to the nature of Lagrange Points this will mean that players will have to figure out the best way to get to where they want, making navigation more interesting and other potential gameplay implications as well as letting players see more things that are put in game rather than just a static location.   


  • Work continues integrating navigation capabilities and route lists into player’s mobiGlas. Right now devs are figuring out the best way to indicate travel distance and how much longer players can travel along the selected route without running out of fuel.

  • CIG have implemented navigation planning in such a way that a player may select their destination and the system will automatically plot the route around any stellar objects in the path. It will also display any waypoints on the way.

  • Ongoing work that adds multiple chat group functionality to the mobiGlas

  • There has been early talk on new mining types that goes beyond the ship based mechanics currently in-game

  • Planets and the distances between everything are one tenth scale and moons being one sixth scale and suns themselves are just 1:1 scale. In the Stanton system the sun is maybe twice as big as it was before. Crusader has shrunk a little bit. Hopefully most noticable is the first time that you’ve seen a planet and you’re seeing the sun through an actual thick atmosphere. You’re seeing its moons orbiting it.

  • The F8 Lightning received a minor update to raise the pilot position within the cockpit. This was needed due to recent updates to the exit/entry animations

  • The Anvil Hawk continues on through the pipeline and is currently in the whitebox stage. Work will start on the exterior of the ship soon before it moves into greybox sometime next month if all goes according to plan.

  • The Aegis Hammerhead is still on target to be released in 3.3 with ongoing work to the VFX and damage states. It has also become bigger with the addition of a second deck

  • With the release of scramble races coming in 3.3 some tuning work to ground vehicles has been done. Lights on all ground vehicles have been improved, the Cyclone’s wheels durability have been improved so they can take more damage before flying off the chassis, GravLev vehicles are incapable of going into SCM mode to prevent them from taking off during a race and work is being done towards allowing a passenger on a Dragonfly to assist the pilot by providing covering fire

  • 3.3 will be released in some form either open ptu or to live on October 10th

  • OCS will be released in a later iterative patch called 3.3.5. Check the roadmap for details


  • The Hammerhead was originally intended to be a small patrol boat about the size of the Retaliator, with the torpedo systems swapped out for turrets. It was then realised that from there people would be aboard that ship a lot longer than a Retaliator so certain rooms would be needed like a crew quarters, a mess hall and so on so it slowly grew in size from there to about roughly double the size from the original concept.  

  • The Hammerhead was unveiled about 10 months ago and will be released with 3.3, making it one of the fastest turnarounds for a ship yet

  • One of the factors assisting in the fast turnaround rate is the work done on the Idris, as certain things are shared between ships. The Javelin was also a big help with corridor pieces, doors, beds etc

  • At the moment the Hammerhead size as reported on the website is accurate, for the purposes of landing/docking etc. When the turrets are extended the size does change but those will not be extended during landing. If the dimensions changed the website will be updated to reflect that

  • The second deck which contains the mess hall etc was made using already existing space on the ship so there was no need to add anything extra spacewise

  • Target information will be shared among turret gunners and other crew members on the same ship. This system won’t be coming with the release of the Hammerhead but will be coming online sometime in the future as it will be a very useful mechanic to have in. For more information and ideas check out the shipyard posts on the CIG website about turrets

  • The Hammerhead has no brig for prisoners its intended role is not bounty hunting

  • At the moment the speed of the ship is similar to the Starfarer but this will be subject to change as balance is worked out

  • Due to the nature of the ship the turret coverage is fairly extensive with most if not all angles of attack covered by turrets

  • All six turrets can be run at once without draining all the ship’s power for the moment, though the way the turrets are fitted out can affect this. CIG don’t want a repeat of the 600i situation where the ship struggled powerwise during basic movements so if that happens they will then look at ballistic options or other options on how the turrets work. There is also the added factor of item system 2.0 adding in new items for powerplant options giving the player and devs more options

  • There were 3 people working on the Hammerhead at any one time

  • Ships get bigger based on what needs to be inside the ships. They very rarely just scale up a ship, it’s normally because something had to be added, which means the ship had to grow.

  • The Hammerhead’s biggest weakness is that it’s slow, but it’s also not great in atmo, and its engines are huge targets.

  • The turrets can be shot off.

  • The Hammerhead should be able to take out Torpedoes. It’s not as great offensively, but it’s good for a wall of fire between areas.

  • The ramp at the front is designed for an Ursa, so it should take that and smaller, normally, but who knows what else it’ll fit.

  • The turrets won’t be able to use missiles.

  • In 3.3, all turrets have to be manned. In the future, presumably there’s not enough computer space to automate *all* the turrets, but some of them.

  • Some of the weapons will be able to be slaved to the pilot, eventually, but not in 3.3. Pilot in 3.3 won’t have any weapons.

  • Down the road, the copilot will likely be responsible for turrets, designating targets, etc…

  • Hammerhead has mess hall, bridge, crew quarters, captains quarters, component rooms, bathrooms, showers, observation room, cargo bay, crew lifts, and 8 escape pods.

  • There are no plans currently to allow things like spikes to be added to the front of the Hammerhead.

  • Engine / cargo room is odd, it has the engines on the side, and the cargo sits on the lift. If you put a rover on it, you lose the cargo space.


Director of EU Operations

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