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Relay Replay: 14th - 18th May Written Sunday 20th of May 2018 at 11:45am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver give a summary of the week's highlights in the development of Star Citizen

Calling All Devs

  • It will be possible to overload a ship with cargo so that it doesn’t take off. However cargo ships are likely going to make use of thrusters that have additional power as a preventative measure to that happening. A player could possibly load for example an Avenger with the densest material and that would prevent it from taking off or make taking off extremely difficult. The aim is for the player to be able to work out what the ship’s maximum cargo tonnage is and the consequences to it.

  • In 3.2 ship radars will be fixed. Meaning a larger ship will have a more powerful radar than smaller ships, as a rule of thumb. More features of the radar system will be coming online over a period of time. This includes signature details and corresponding levels of information. A number of things will go into signature detail results, size of the signature, distance etc. The system will continue to be adjusted according to player and testing feedback CIG receive  

  • Team mechanics are getting some attention. Currently working on communication between team members. This will lead into team members being able to use Quantum Linking for travel, set up a group just for doing missions and being able to share rewards between members. The goal with the current ongoing development is to make teaming up much faster and easier than it currently is



  • Progress made on mining mechanics: VFX for laser arc highlights, rock breakage levels, rock destruction, adjusting the look and feel of the tractor beam, tweaking the UIs, working on button interaction and keybindings

  • Implemented test cases to help teams get FPS AI working in the PU: revealing issues not apparent until the AI are placed in "real world" scenarios

  • Early VFX work done for several ship’s death masks including the Aegis Avenger and the Anvil Hurricane

  • Working on ballistic weapon VFX improvements including a more natural muzzle flash and less intrusive tracers

  • Sound design being worked on for some FPS guns, e.g. The Gemini 55 and the Scalpel sniper rifle

  • Environmental work continues on the hangars: more areas in the greybox design phase; adding thematic panels for visual interest, AI interaction opportunities, and narrative choices, blocked in door animations

  • Working on biomes for Hurston and its moons: acid biome using the asset tinting; improved rock distribution; improving savannah biome trees and lighting; testing wind and detail bending

  • Item shopping kiosk is an in-world screen that the player can use in any shop to purchase items

  • Took inspiration from elements of the VMA, the PMA and the commodity kiosk system

  • Final implementation will not look like the VMA or PMA on the mobiGlas and will have additional flow

  • When using the kiosk the player's ship is preselected and items can be further filtered by item port e.g. coolers

  • Additional functionality includes displaying price and stats, comparison with owned items, and ability to buy/sell

  • Developed a branding system so the kiosk will reflect the shop's branding

  • When a player buys an item they can equip it immediately or store it in their "global inventory"

  • The kiosk is an important first step for the economy and will tie into mining, etc.

  • Future development will depend on the feedback from players and internal usability testing


Director of EU Operations

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