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Relay Replay: 13th - 17th Written Sunday 19th of November 2017 at 09:26am by Shiver_Bathory

This week Nehkara and Shiver go over the week of developments in Star Citizen



  • 197 issues across all categories remain

  • All of the shopping bugs and tasks are dead with over 150 resolved, hopefully moving to feature complete status

  • Item 2.0 ships focus towards completion is starting last Friday

  • Triage for minimal viable product in the next two weeks begins

  • Like with all endeavors at CIG it's an international effort working in coordination

  • Dumper's Depot now includes Size 2 items

  • It's definitely been a challenging time by dialing in the details, and they've definitely encountered the Devil in doing so


  • Missions have moved from sprints to weekly reviews and continue to use tracking via Jira while still taking into account playthrough feedback and soon should be feature complete

  • Seven missions have been brought to final leaving four to complete

  • Automated turrets have been added to combat landing pad griefers as well as group mission participants have their own ‘radio bands’ to help with mission security from others in the vicinity


  • Beds are being setup for persistence to be able to logout in them and come back to them.

  • Several ships that were once broken are now properly updated and fixed, Gladiator being one of them.

  • UI integration is going well and brings a bunch of improvements via item 2.0 integration.


  • Complete pass on ships velocity regarding SCM has been completed to make them a bit faster.

  • Some bugs that affected the ships and performance were resolved giving a best of both worlds result.


  • Starmap is in a great place now, but there's still some bugs to squash with some feedback being reviewed and adjustments being made.

  • Work on the inventory app for mobiGlas to make it more intuitive has been ongoing by Chad McKinney to enable players to easily sort through their inventory or their ships inventory to find what they want.


  • Many of the improvements that have been worked on for months are now finally coming together to increase stability and performance overall.

  • Evocati have had several builds pushed to them with more enhanced debugging analytics being applied in the newest build for better tracking.

Procedural Cities

  • Alex showed Jake a demo he developed creating Paris procedurally using Lumberyard

  • Over weekend Alex ported the tool to StarEngine and Jake provided Arc Corp assets

  • After about 3 days they had their first version of a city working

  • Then they added the Area 18 landing zone

  • Then they put the whole thing on Yela

  • Different city blocks are defined and laid out: low, high, industrial, commercial, etc.

  • Designers can edit the procedural city as required for art/logic/gameplay reason

  • We'll see different materials depending on planet, theme, branding, weather, etc.

  • Landing zones will have the highest density of assets

  • You won't be able to go everywhere - it will be logical

  • Over time they will be add more interactions, crowd systems, monorails, flying traffic, etc.

  • Jake would like to see some dynamic landing zones/missions pop up

  • The tool now uses prefabs so kits have lighting, VFXs, sounds, splines, etc.

  • They are currently just working on human cities but are looking forward to alien cities

Anniversary Schedule

Daily videos at 12:00 PM Pacific, where a different manufacturer is highlighted each day, starting a new sale.

November 24th – Anvil Aerospace

November 25th – Aegis Dynamics

November 26th – Ground Vehicles and Alien Ships

November 27th – Origin Jumpworks

November 28th – Consolidated Outland

November 29th – Roberts Space Industries

November 30th – MISC (Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern)

December 1st – Drake Interplanetary

December 2nd-4th – All Manufacturers On Sale

This week ended with 179 total tasks to complete for 3.0


Director of EU Operations

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