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Relay Replay: 12 - 16th March Written Saturday 17th of March 2018 at 02:43pm by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the news and developments for this week



  • Constellation Phoenix is in gray box modelling stage.

  • Hammerhead is in gray box final approved interior stage.

  • The Hurricane and the Avenger rework have made it to the final modelling and surface tweak stage.

  • Reclaimer is in the flight prep stage.

  • Banu Merchantman has completed design review and is in the second round of interior concept designs.

  • F8 Lightning is in gray box surfacing stage and is undergoing some tweaks to the cockpit and front wings after some feedback from Chris Roberts.

  • Vanduul Blade is undergoing review of its cockpit layout and interior - work is beginning to push an aggressive look and feel. Watch for an in-depth feature on the Blade in a Ship Shape in the coming months.

  • The Cyclone is in flight prep phase.


  • The Aegis Reclaimer is themed around the Nostromo from the movie Alien with a grimy industrial feel

  • The Reclaimer is a long distance ship hosting crew quarters, a full bathroom, a captain's quarters, an engineering deck, a salvage room, a tech deck, not to mention a galley and mess hall

  • The Reclaimer opens up avenues of gameplay that have to exist in the game expanding beyond combat roles

  • Its role is the beginning for finding materials, trading and transportation for a lucrative income

  • Though clearly not a combat ship the aesthetic of the Reclaimer is entirely aggressive and imposing with its size, giant articulating arm and blinding floodlights

  • The Reclaimer's landing gear is like none other to date in the game and uniquely compresses and springs upon landing

  • Another challenge surpassed with the Reclaimer was how VTOL was implemented so that there wasn't interference with the damage states

  • Working with the UK office becomes a 24/7 affair not unlike handing off a baton

  • Matthew Intrieri is not great at landing a Reclaimer, but was apparently able to walk away

  • The end result of multiple teams and offices working together is truly beautiful and amazing to behold as the Reclaimer lands upon uneven surfaces on planets with the envisioned presence designed

  • A short term problem that needs solving is an elevator that drops physics once outside of the ship allowing one to simply walk right through the geometry

  • The Reclaimer also has a drone room for two pilots to operate as well as two slots for tractor beam operators

  • Everyone has a job to do aboard the Reclaimer: pilot, two tractor beam operators, two drone operators, a few standing consoles for remote turret operators and scanning operators, not to mention engineering console positions

  • The processing room is the area where raw pieces are churned up to salvaged material in a very gritty and dangerous environment

  • No Reclaimer has that fresh new spaceship smell, but has literally tons of character instead

  • With so many new features there's been a lot of collaborating between design, QA and coding with in mind of onward expansion to creating a full universe

  • The Reclaimer is gargantuan at 150 meters in length, a similar width and by 50-60 meters in height and the largest ship going into 3.1 causing even landing pads to be redesigned


  • The Cyclone was created to provide the sensation of hugging the terrain, bouncing around valleys and skipping over boulders

  • It was the first time CIG create a ground-only vehicle that wasn’t attached to something else

  • The concept was a dune buggy for Star Citizen: to go fast, go over jumps and be fun to drive

  • Started with 5 to 10 variants before focusing on the final five: cargo, turret, recon, support and racing

  • It is multi-crew: pilot, co-pilot and (for one variant) gunner

  • First thing they looked at was making it faster - much faster- than the rover

  • The tires are composed of plates folded on top of each other that unfold to provide more traction

  • After concept the Cyclone went immediately into its whitebox and greybox phases and now heading to flight prep


Director of EU Operations

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