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Relay Replay: 12 - 16th February Written Monday 19th of February 2018 at 05:17am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver summarise the developments for this week in Star Citizen


  • Anvil Terrapin scheduled to release in Alpha 3.1

  • 114 ships and their variants introduced thus far in the development of the game in numerous roles

  • First concept of 2018 is a multiprofessional “jack-of-all-trades” starter ship called the Aegis Vulcan covering refueling, repairing and rearming

  • The Aegis Vulcan gives just enough support to get those helped back on their way

  • It's a three person ship with four drones and two drone stations

  • Only two drones can be operated at a time and a drone can only perform one function at a time

  • Extra drones serve as redundancies

  • The Vulcan has basic living accommodations as well as a small cargohold and an extended fuel tank

  • Drone mechanics will be similar to those on Cry-Astro stations

  • The Vulcan is industrially designed and styled with rear tailgate access and an elevator; basically a baby reclaimer in style

  • After 80 iterations, there are three liveries done for the ship

  • This ship allows one a taste of the support professions before investing and possibly wasting lots of time and energy in a full time profession

  • Terrapin is the first exploration specialisation ships: to go into the unknown and surviving!

  • It's relatively modest and unimposing: advantageous as when someone sees you they know you’re not there to pick a fight.

  • The current thruster system hasn't implemented heat yet: overheating will make thrusters a lot less reliable and introduce errors.

  • Maneuvering thrusters are for instantaneous thrust. Sustained thrust thrusters (like the Terrapin's VTOLs) are required for hovering in atmosphere.

  • Terrapin is the first major walkable Anvil interior and defines the look: hexagons and 30 degree angles everywhere!

  • Anvil has lots of analogue controls: sleeker than Drake but still bulky and militaristic.

  • The scanner array chair rotates and the control panel now doubles as a safety harness.

  • Terrapin will break into three main parts: nose, body and tail. Doors, thrusters and weapons also break off.

  • Art is looking real good, effect good but need a couple tweeks, damage system is being implemented.

  • Calix is very happy about implementing a light switch that correctly integrates with power, light groups and the interaction system.

Aegis Vulcan early bird available with special skin to subscribers and Concierge until Feb 22nd, it will then be in general sale through March without special skin

Warbond version - $222,  €202.02, £177.60

Non Warbond version unavailable at this time.

Please note this may not include taxes applicable in your area.


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