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Relay Replay: 11th - 15th December Written Sunday 17th of December 2017 at 06:03am by Shiver_Bathory

Erris and Shiver go over the week's highlights in the development of Star Citizen


  • Issues are more feature related which are usually a lot simpler to fix than code issues

  • Now going into bug fixing and polishing mode for 3.0 (though more bugs expected with QA focusing on features)

  • Mission givers have gone through a full QATR with a full in-game review set for this week

  • Putting the final finishing touches to ensure Ruto and his hologram look their best

  • Fixed an issue where AI/NPC ships were spawning without pilots preventing missions being completed

  • Fixed an but with hollow objects casting shadows in the main scene: these are now invisible

  • Exorcised the "Ghost of GrimHEX" which was actually Ruto's invisible model being illuminated by flashlights

  • Admin Officer behaviours have been reviewed and ready for integrating into missions

  • Started balancing environmental missions including highly improbable "probability volumes"

  • Fixed one of two bugs connected with ESP and IFCS oscillations: continuing to work on the other

  • Fixing various ship bugs (300 series animation issues, Glaive landing gear, Hearld atmosphere) and shield balance

  • Doing final work on EMP and resolving some residual issues with HUD's 2D layer

  • Investigating issues with the Caterpillar's doors and Constellation's cargo bay caused by doors now being items (for future systemic damage!)

  • Balanced all ship shield healths: vehicle & S1-3 have reasonable values and revised recharge times

  • Shield screens: power, regen rate, health, health distribution, hardening system status, and standby button

  • Testing ship damage and debris in light of engineering changes to the way ships break up

  • Fixed some issues with Gravlev to reduce the amount of dragging on the ground (more to come)

  • Finished the first pass of Item 2.0 and atmospheric flight, adjusted fuel again

  • Stopped turbulence affecting ships when stationary on the ground

  • Ship Item UI in second (of three) QATR, PMA entered final QATR, and VMA being worked on *right now*

  • Personal Inner Thoughts had an impromptu desk review with CR and is with Design for tweaks

  • Persistent spawning is in PTU and they've been getting great feedback

  • Performance team is making great progress now 3.0 is feature locked

  • Ranged based serialised variable update culling went in last week but the QATR revealed issues which are now being investigated

  • Fixed an issue where physics time would start to run backwards after six hours

  • Personal Inner Thought has passed its final review and is now in PTU

  • Currently 176 "must fix" issues for live release of 3.0 and over 518 changes checked in this week


  • Chris did an interview with MyRadar the video of which can be found here:

  • Multicrew stations aren’t fully implemented and in Sq. NPCs will use prop placeholders to appear to be doing something at a station console.

  • The Idris’ holosphere will allow a player to issue orders and direct fleet combat operations. In theory they could add this mechanic to larger ships with the same tech but focus is getting it on the Idris fully working first.

  • At the moment a couple of ships being made make use of ‘salvage, repair and mining’ drones.

  • In large hub locations fast travel will be implemented such as a monorail system to transport the player to various locations planetside


Director of EU Operations

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