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Relay Replay: 10th - 14th September 2018 Written Sunday 16th of September 2018 at 11:25am by Shiver_Bathory

The Relay news summary for the week in Star Citizen

Calling All Devs

  • Right now the tech is not in a place where CIG feel they could do a fully fleshed out Earth, with its many different biomes, weather and urban areas. However with each new iteration of the tech they’re working on, it brings them one step closer to realising Earth in game, which is of course a goal for the future.

  • Non lethal weapons have two sides. There are certain weapons that still do damage - to subsystems, these are the distortion weapons on ships currently in game. CIG would like to bring the equivalent weaponry into the FPS side of the game in the future, once the armour and such is in a suitable place to be able to respond to these damage types. Weaponry that does no physical damage but enable to players to knock other characters unconscious is something that CIG recognise will be needed in certain professions such as bounty hunting. To this end CIG have built the backend of the systems with that in mind, for example right now people can pass out in space under certain conditions, so having weaponry that specialises in these kind of tasks is not out of the question. In fact with the way the system has been built CIG has many options about how to deliver non lethal rounds/weaponry in the future    

  • FPS perspective navigation assistance such as a compass or coordinate based map markers is something CIG have not fully locked down yet. The team are currently focused on more core gameplay such as movement, weapon handling etc being polished first before adding in more mechanics on top of these.  That being said navigation isn’t exactly on the back burner and is something they want to tackle in the near future. CIG have a lot of options about how to implement it, they could give you a separate device that scans the area and directs you or they could implement something into the mobiGlas or even your visor. Considering the size of the planets that CIG are implementing the players will definitely need something to help them find their way around, so it will be implemented it’s just a matter of locking down the method CIG want to implement

  • More customisation options for player ships and player owned hangars/interiors, such as colour schemes, wear and tear etc. Ship exteriors will come in their default paint job, CIG will allow a player to change the colour(s) of certain areas which does include the glass, which would have an effect on the ship interior colour where applicable. That can be done on the exterior as the ship is just 1 material, where as the interior is made up of many different materials spread throughout the ship making it harder to customise, that’s not to say it won’t ever come, but it is not a priority at this moment. Customisation will probably come in different stages. The first stage will be changing a few colours on the exterior and displaying the name or numbers on the ship. When it comes to the interior, a player may not be able to customise every single light in a ship as a percentage of these lights are tied into the atmosphere of the ship but CIG do want to allow players to change the light state, for example if there is an emergency then the player can set the lights to the emergency lighting setting and alert the entire crew by the change to that light state. If a player wanted to change the default lighting on a ship from its original colour to another this would be possible to do. Certain interior aspects of ships will be customisable, for example a set of tables and chairs in a ship could be changed for a different variety of tables and chairs. This is all part of future plans so don’t expect this too soon.


  • Mining asteroids is going to be harder than mining on planetary bodies. Rocks that you can mine, will be harder to find and further apart

  • The process for mining asteroids is relatively the same as mining in atmosphere. Aim the mining laser and keep the energy level in the optimum zone.

  • If a player goes into the red zone then when the rock explodes the pieces will go in every direction making it harder for the player to track them down and harder to keep the mining laser in the same position. Keeping the laser in the same position means you will extract minerals faster.

  • New surface side mineable rocks are also coming

  • The Environment Team has done work on mineable formations for acidic biomes

  • The team have also been improving the existing rock generator pipeline to create a variety faster. This will help when creating new minerals as well as improve their interior and exterior textures

  • The Audio Team have been working on an audio focus feature. This will let a player hear one specific cue or conversation clearer, even if in a crowded or noisy area

  • Work has been done that enables AI controlled civilian ships to appear over Loreville, do through the touchdown process, hang around for a bit and take off making their way to orbit before quantum jumping elsewhere

  • Designers have ongoing work on combat AI for the FPS side of things. Special attention has been given to sharp turns, guard and patrol behaviours using new idle animations, hit reactions for both in and out of cover and search path logic.


  • Due to the nature of this week’s RtV which was showing how game mechanics are prototyped, the transcribers feel they cannot adequately describe this episode in words please watch the video if it interests you as it heavily relies on a visual presentation. We apologise for this inconvenience  


Director of EU Operations

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