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Endeavour Episode 24 Written Sunday 17th of January 2016 at 03:05pm by Erris

Last time, on Endeavour… ‘Me? I’m Moth. Nice to meet you.’ Moth said, sticking out a hand for Dannet to shake. Dannet took the hand, shook it, grinning. He wasn’t sure if he liked Moth...

Last time, on Endeavour…

‘Me? I’m Moth. Nice to meet you.’ Moth said, sticking out a hand for Dannet to shake.

Dannet took the hand, shook it, grinning. He wasn’t sure if he liked Moth yet, mainly because of the whole jealousy thing, but the man’s enthusiasm was certainly a bit infectious.

‘So, shall we get started?’ Moth asked, looking out at the rest of the comatose bodies.

‘Lets. Do lets.’ Dannet said, figuring that it was good to say something sort of final as a nice place to end the episode.

And now…

Moth was the first subject I got to wake up. I’m calling us all subjects for now, because it makes this whole experience sound more… I don’t know. More connected to reality maybe? Like we’re some weird sports team, the subjects. Worst sataball team in the lowest amateur sataball league on Terra! the Subjects!

Anyway, Moth was the first I got awake, but with his help, it wasn’t long before I had Moth and Rob, both nurses like me, Burbo, the Juiceman, Quet, Cane, Sand, Berserk, John ‘Thirsty’ Verb, Diana, and three more who didn’t want to say their names.

I decided to call them Thud, Thomp, and Albus Breakbottom the Third.

Those were the the subjects we’d gotten to wake up. Some were alive still, but we couldn’t wake them up.

Some were just gone. Moth, Rob and I covered them with blankets out of respect.

It had taken us a good hour to get everyone up; a few of the subjects were stretching, moving around, trying to shake off the lethargy that the cocktail of drugs had foisted on us. Berserk and Thirsty were watching the door to the pod; the only way in.

Rob, Moth and I were kneeling in the center of the room, planning. We’d all served on Endeavours, we all knew the layout.

The plan was, we sneak into the hall, make our way to the front of the ship, overpower the crew, and take off in the explorer, find our way to the UEE somehow.

That was the plan.

When someone says ‘that was the plan’ you immediately know the plan is going to go awry, very quickly, but…

You know how in movies the heroes sit and have time to plan, and then when they finish the plan they tell it to everyone, and everyone gets ready, starts putting the plan into action, and then things start to go wrong?

We didn’t get that far. There were Rob, Moth and I, trying to figure out which side of the Endeavour the pod we were in was on; which direction we’d have to run to get to the bridge of the ship, when we heard the hiss and slide of the pod-bay doors. There was a woman, standing there, shocked look on her face. Berserk looked at her. She looked at Berserk.

He lunged.

She was faster. the pistol at her side was out and fired off before Berserk could lay a hand on her, the sharp twang of the laser bolt that cut through Berserk barely audible. He didn’t even have a chance to yell out.

She did though, as Berserk’s body fell onto her, knocking her down.

She looked to her right and yelled, and yelled and yelled.

She looked to her right…

‘The bridge is on the left!’ I shouted as Moth and Rob sprinted for the sliding door. Moth made it there first, grabbing at the woman’s gun. She fired off twice before Moth managed to kick her in square in the jaw, then he and Rob dragged her inside as the rest of the Subjects gathered round.

Rob grabbed the pistol from the woman’s unconscious hand as Moth slumped to the floor.

So there we were. One laser pistol, Moth with a gaping hole in his left abdomen, and probably a whole crew of… whatever these people were, completely aware that we were awake.

Yup. Completely to plan.

Next Week:

Does Moth live? Is anyone else horrible injured? Do they make it off the ship? Yes! But how? They take the exploration pod! Doesn’t it make it much less interesting if you tell us the end to next week’s episode before it even happens? I’m experimenting! Go me!



Erris is Canadian. He does some random things for Relay, no-one really knows what, but still they're stuck with him. He’s also written one Young Adult novel that he can’t stand, which can be found here.

You can find him on Twitter too, if you want.