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Dorf the Mining Maiden – Chapter 3 Written Wednesday 13th of July 2016 at 03:23pm by Nehkara

The continuing tales of Dorf the Mining Maiden and her RSI Orion “Vesta”.

Remember I said I was green?  Really green?  Well… it turns out I was TOO god damn green.

I was woken to the sound of an outer airlock opening.  This was not a good noise.

Suddenly I was wide awake and flying from my bed, pulling on my clothes, and scrambling to grab my weapons.  Knife, pistols, shotgun.

I instantly knew what had happened when I heard the airlock… so why hadn’t I predicted it?   Fucking idiot.

Quickly, I move from bed to bed waking the rest of the crew.  Priss was the swiftest.  Silly girl sleeps naked, but she was still the first in fighting shape.  I let them all know to meet me on the bridge.

“Lena!  What the fuck?  There are pirates boarding us!”

Bewildered, Lena replies, “Captain?  We have nothing on instruments.”

“I heard them working on the airlock.  They’re inside the outer door.  They must be using jammers to block our sensors and alarms.”


“You said it Lena.  Now, seal off every door between here and the airlock once the crew is all here.  They’ll get through ’em fast but every little bit counts… ah there’s Klaus.  Alright, do it.”

“Sealing doors.”

“Alright.  Everyone get a spacesuit on right now, we don’t know if they’ll blow some compartments.  They’re using sensor jammers so we’ll be blind to their numbers and position.  Lena, you’ve got the bridge – take care of Vesta until we clear these bastards out.”

“Aye Captain,” Lena nervously utters as she pulls on her suit.

“Tora, Klaus – you two are a good team and I want that to continue here.  I want you two to hold the refinery – find good cover and let them come to you.  Lena, you help them with doors as they move.”

Tora, Klaus, and Lena all gave simple nods and with that they were off.

“Priss and Peter, you’re with me.  We’re going to defend the habitation section using heavy cover.  I want the first few dead before they even know we’re there.  If they all head towards the refinery, we’ll move in behind them to wipe the bastards out.”

“Captain, why don’t we just all hole up around the airlock and mow ’em down as they come in?”

“Well Pete… I’m worried that they’ll come in flinging grenades.  Some smoke and blinding light and we’re fucked… plus, they’re pirates- who knows what they have in their repertoire.  I’d feel safer taking defensive positions where we can hit them when they don’t expect it.”

“Aye Captain, that makes sense.”

“Alright, let’s move out – Lena, guide us out.”

We move through the ship back to the habitation section where we hurry to create improvised defensive positions to fire from.  We just barely finish.

A shudder echoes through the deckplates along with a loud BANG.  There’s the first grenade.  They’re in.

I trade glances with Peter and Priscilla, making sure they’re set.  They both look nervous but determined.  I’m sporting my shotgun with my other weapons easily accessible.

The moments tick by when finally I hear light footsteps on the deck plating.  Then they’re right there in front of us – three of them decked out in Outlaw armour.

Without even thinking about it, I feel my shotgun buck against my shoulder as I pull the trigger.  My aim is true… but the shotgun blast doesn’t slow the bastard down.  Then BAM… Priscilla takes his head clean off with her sniper rifle.

I told her when she brought that fucking thing on board that it was a ridiculous weapon to have on a ship… but here we are.  I’ll have to apologize later.

The next one I’m smarter… don’t aim for the armoured chest.  Poor fucker.  My shotgun blast tears apart his legs and he collapses in a heap with a scream muted by his helmet.  A flurry of shots to his helmeted head finishes him off, courtesy of Pete.

The last one dives for cover and the next few minutes are a stalemate of exchanged inaccurate fire.  I was trying to decide how to flush him out when I hear a door hiss and then a flurry of pistol shots.  The third man now lies dead in the corridor.

Lena walks into view and sends me a very shaky smile, still tightly clutching her pistol.

I motion Lena over and then the three of us all hug her and each other very briefly.

“There’s gotta be more right-”

Just then, the sharp sounds of gunfire emanate from the refinery.

“Lena, back to the bridge.  Priscilla, Pete – on me.”

We move quickly towards the source of the battle sounds… only to meet Tora and Klaus coming the other direction with big grins on their face.

“We got ’em captain!”

“Wow.  Fuckin’ wow.  Great job g-”


Priscilla slumps to the ground, crimson blooming from her upper chest.

“FUCK!  Fire back!”

Four weapons send a wall of projectiles and deafening sound towards the idiotic outlaw that had remained behind in the airlock. When I saw he was thoroughly dead, I drop down to check on Priss.

Still alive.  For now.

I key up my comms, “LENA!  Get us to a UEE station NOW.  Priss is down.”

Thank you for reading!  Let me know how you liked the story in the comments! :)



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