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Dark Angel Don’t Take Me Away Written Wednesday 28th of October 2015 at 07:00am by StormyWinters

Hey The Relayers, just a short piece of fic today but one that I hope is rather impactful for some or maybe many of you. I hope you enjoy.

Author’s Note: This piece is dedicated to those who suffer in silence, those who reach the dark places many of us don’t. This is for the many who touch our lives in special ways but struggle to find their path in life. I salute you for your courage to face life’s dark demons, may you triumph and find that place where the light dwells eternal. To the special person who helped me keep the story true to fact, your generosity and selfless spirit has shown me those who are strangers can become dear friends and I am lucky to count you among mine.

All I could hear was Lad’s voice yelling at me over the comms, yelling at me to do something…I don’t know what. I was trying to block it out, I just wanted to huddle into a ball until it was over. I could see the moon’s surface coming up to meet us and fast. One moment we had been flying and the next something had exploded behind us, sending our ship careening towards the surface of the nearest rock.

The impact was jarring, our poor Hornet skipping across the surface until it came to a sudden stop. The silence was eerie, “Lad?”

I tried to twist around and see him, sitting behind me in the co-pilot’s seat. My harness holds me tight against the seat. I tried to disengage it and was met with resistance, an inability to get it to release. I pulled at the straps in anger, yelling into my helmet, tried to shake them loose. I clawed at them, the straps biting into my palms despite my gloves, the only thing I managed to do was work myself into a mild panic. Was Lad ok? Why wasn’t he talking to me?

I should do something but what? I couldn’t get to Lad, not pinioned to the seat as I was. I reached forward as far as I could, should I activate the emergency beacon? Yes, yes, of course I should but why should someone come and get me? Why should someone expend resources to try and save me? Not me, I should do it to save Lad. Someone has to come and help him, this isn’t his fault.

I reach out my fingertips brushing but not activating the beacon. Damn! Why, why, why! I beat my fist against the console next to me in frustration. Heaving my weight against my harness I strain, arm outstretched in earnest. My index finger is just long enough to reach and activate the beacon, a steady, silent beat strobes back at me. Now we wait, wait for someone to come along and save us. My chest momentarily tightens up at the thought, will someone come and save us or will they come to salvage the Hornet, killing us first? I feel tears run down my cheeks, suddenly sad at the thought. No, it won’t happen like that, I’m being absurd. My dark angel is whispering in my ear, trying it’s hardest to pull me into it’s embrace, trying to hold me under where I can’t breathe.

I shake my head trying to dispel its presence, clear my thoughts, bring everything back into focus. All right, Lad will be ok, help is on the way. Someone will find us soon and rescue us, save us from certain death.

My eyes are drawn up to the sky, the many pinpoints of light that litter the dark scape in my view. One of those lights is home, a far way away now. I should have known…should have known that leaving home was a bad idea. I should never have let Lad talk me into taking a short hop away from the comfort and safety of my home. All my fault for giving in and now here we sit, stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Ok, so he couldn’t have known that we were going to have engine trouble halfway there and crash land on the nearest rock. A rock with absolutely nothing remarkable about it. A laugh bubbles up into my throat and I can’t hold it back, can’t help laughing at the absurdity of the situation. I haven’t left home in months and the first time I do I end up here on this lovely vacation destination.

I feel my dark angel’s wings brushing the sides of head as they pump up and down, a cool draft drifting down my neck. I shake my head and look around me, nothing but the empty sky over me. I close my eyes and whisper my mantra, “Dark angel don’t take me away, dark angel don’t take me away, for in my guardian angel’s arms do I want to lay. Save me from evil, bring me into grace.”

I repeat the phrase under my breath until I feel myself drift into that comfortable zone that is my safe place. Safe from dark thoughts, safe from my warring emotions but for how long. How long before someone finds us….how come no one has found us yet. No, they will find us. Be patient, be patient.

I’m shaken awake by a crackling noise that comes over the comms, a very feminine voice follows as the channel clears. My eyes are drawn to the lights in the atmosphere slowly descending towards us, trying their hardest to penetrate the utter blackness that surrounds us. I involuntarily reach my hand toward the brightness. Will this be a time where the light comes to save me? Or have I just started my journey towards the end of a dark tunnel, that light deceptively farther than I expected? I can only hope that I can fight that dark angel off long enough for a strong hand to pull me up were the light dwells eternal.


Director of Fiction

Moonlighting as a writer in her spare time StormyWinters combines her passion for the written word and love of science fiction resulting in innumerable works of fiction. As the Director of Fiction, she works with a fantastic team of writers to bring you amazing stories that transport you to new places week after week.