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Alive Written Wednesday 1st of February 2017 at 10:03am by Nehkara

It's Wednesday! That means Relay fiction day, please enjoy our fiction offering for this week written by Nehkara.  

January 01, 2947

Today Griff and I were attacked again by the Vanduul.  4 Scythes and a Glaive.  We lost our ability to quantum yesterday.  I got a distress call out, full power, but we can only hold them off so long.  I hope it’s long enough.

January 02, 2947 at 14:09

Our long range scanners are detecting another Vanduul patrol.  6 Glaives.  I… I don’t know.

January 02, 2947 at 19:34

Griff is dead...  Griff is dead.  I got away in the escape pod.  I should have stayed.  Oh Griff…

January 02, 2947 at 23:43

Entering atmosphere.  Crash landing imminent.  Hope the landing systems still work.  It’s going to be lonely down there without you Griff.  I miss you…

January 04, 2947 at 09:31

So I survived.  I’m sorry I haven’t written more Griff… I have been busy trying to learn about the world I am stuck on.  

Thank you Griff.  Thank you for insisting I get an Explorer mobiGlas.  I’d probably be dead without it.

I ended up on Leir III.  Crashed in the desert.  First thing this morning I found a source of fresh water so I should be able to stay alive for awhile.  Now I just have to figure out how to get the word out that I’m down here… and maybe find something to eat.  Rations won’t last forever.

January 07, 2947 at 01:32

Hey Griff… here’s how I’m doing today:

First of all, the desert is damn cold at night.

Secondly, Aegis really does make these Vanguard escape pods tough.  I was attacked by some nomads today but the pod made great cover and I was able to defend without any real trouble.

Thirdly, I managed to reconfigure the E-War equipment from the pod to be used for long range communications.  I boosted it as much as I could and began sending an SOS.  Unfortunately, I think the signal is what caused the nomads to attack.

January 09, 2947 at 06:02

Griff… I’m scared.  Occasionally I can hear something moving through the sand under the pod.  What do I do?

January 11, 2947 at 14:31

There’s no easy way to say this… I’m inside a Valakkar.  A giant sandworm.  I learned that from my Galactapedia.  I think my distress call attracted it.

As I said, these Vanguard pods are tough… so I’m still alive.  Last night the Valakkar ate the pod while I was sleeping.

Not so optimistic about rescue now, but I’m going to try sending out another signal.  It should still get out, even from my current… locale.

“To anyone listening, I am Kora.  I am currently located on Leir III inside the escape pod from the Vanguard Sentinel ‘Apocrypha’.  Our ship was disabled and then destroyed by successive Vanduul attacks.  My crewmate died.

Last night this pod was devoured by a Valakkar.  I have included a Galactapedia link about the creature.  This is an urgent distress call!  Please rescue me if you can.  I should be able to survive for a couple of days.  Follow this signal to find the Valakkar in question.

If any should make the attempt, I give you my most sincere and heartfelt thanks.

Kora out.”

Oh… I’m sorry Griff.  I left this recording.  Wish me luck...



Writer and inhabitant of the Star Citizen subreddit.