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Dragonflies in the Dark Written Wednesday 6th of July 2016 at 10:00am by StormyWinters

Hey The Relayers, special collaboration on today’s fiction. This pieces was cowritten by myself and Nehkara, hope you enjoy.


Zulu:  Test… Test… is this thing on?  Can you hear me Archer?

Archer: Of course I can hear you, you’re standing 5 feet from me.

Zulu:  No… but… in the… damn you.  Is your comm working?

Archer activates his comms, a loud squeal echoes through Zulu’s helmet.

Archer: Oops, sorry. It’s on now.

Zulu:  Yeah.  I got that.

Archer: Are you ready to go or not?

Zulu:  I was the one waiting for you.  Let’s get out of here before the Captain comes down to find out what… or WHO is taking so god damn long.

Archer: Well, I was waiting for you to put on your make up and pick up that purse.

Zulu jumps on Horace, his Dragonfly, and triggers the bay door with his mobiGlas.

Zulu:  Let’s go, there’s gotta be something on that wreck worth tolerating the agony of your company.

Hitting the accelerator Archer sped out of the bay leaving Zulu behind. In the distance, the skeleton of a long silent ship loomed, debris hanging like puppets on strings around it. Support crossbeams exposed like a ribcage to the elements of space.

Zulu:  Closing in.  What the hell was this thing anyway?  It obviously had a hangar bay but it’s so broken up that’s kind of hard to tell.

The darkness closed in around them as they entered the cavernous entrance, lights activating on the Dragonflies as the last of the natural illumination faded behind them.

Archer: Your guess is as good as mine. Whatever it was, it’s ripe for the picking now.

Zulu:  I’m a little worried.  It’s been out here a long time.  I wonder what’s left to be found…

Archer: Time will tell. How’d you want to proceed?

Zulu:  We should split up.  One of us needs to root around inside for goodies.  The other can examine the outside of the ship for any sections that look more intact.  Which would you prefer?

Archer: Are you scared of the dark, Zu?

Zulu:  It’s fucking space.

Archer: Haha, so funny. Idiot.

Zulu:  Fine, I’ll go inside.  Just make sure you keep in contact… who knows what the hell is in this thing.

Archer: Ok, just don’t get lost and make me come save your ass.

Zulu:  Yeah, yeah.

Horace dives off to the right and enters the skeleton of the hulk.

Archer: I was also serious about my last comment. Took you forever to learn your way around the Cat… almost needed neon directional signs. Starting survey of the exterior.

Zulu:  Yeah, she’s a big ship.  At least I’m not a klutz.  Does the Captain still make you use a plastic cup?  Surveying interior… lots has been stripped out of here.

Archer: So, I broke ONE glass.

Zulu:  How many times?

Archer: You can only break a glass once, you moron.

Zulu:  So… you’re not counting the Captain’s favourite tankard you smashed?

Archer: That’s not a glass.

Zulu:  Oh shit… Arch… there’s a light in here.  How the hell?  This thing has been here forever.  There shouldn’t be any power.

Archer: Are you by any chance seeing my Dragonfly’s lights cause there’s a shit ton of battle damage out here that left damn big holes in this thing.

Zulu:  No no, it’s on a control panel.  Looks like this was the far wall of the hangar bay.  Should I check it out?

Archer: Um…all right but don’t touch anything.

Zulu:  EVAing now.  Horace is shut down.  I’ll scan it with my mobiGlas, see what we get.

Archer: Stay in contact and I’m serious about that, something doesn’t feel right about this.

Zulu:  Okay… I’m getting something… looks like the computer is still on somehow?  I am able to access some information.  This was the UEES Ponderosa, a military Idris.

Archer: Wait…Ponderosa? That’s what you said?

Zulu:  Yeah… crew complement was 102.

Archer: The Ponderosa went MIA like two decades ago, how the hell…

Zulu:  Something’s wrong… my mobiGlas is overloading… Fuck.  FUCK…  *STATIC*

Archer: Zu?


Archer: Zulu, this is no time for your shits and giggles pranks… Zulu!?!




Director of Fiction

Moonlighting as a writer in her spare time StormyWinters combines her passion for the written word and love of science fiction resulting in innumerable works of fiction. As the Director of Fiction, she works with a fantastic team of writers to bring you amazing stories that transport you to new places week after week.