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NYXT is known for typing a lot and being far too proud of owning an 890 Jump – a Relay founder, he's responsible for managing and building the website that powers Relay.

Taking your Dogfighting to the Next Level Written in Article on Tuesday 15th of March 2016 at 09:10am

There’s nothing quite like that first flight through space in Arena Commander. The kind of control afforded the player is nothing like what’s been encountered before in a game, and for many (including myself), it only...

Queen of the Void Written in Fiction on Friday 12th of June 2015 at 06:00am

Samson woke to an iced-over helmet visor and a fire burning in her skull. Blinking hard against the frost, Samson reached up to clear the visor with her left hand.  Beneath the ribbed fabric of...