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Made that ARG that everyone hated that one time. Professional Twitch stream lurker, snarky commenter extraordinaire, and the man who deleted your Discord message. Enjoys long walks on Helios.

Delays from the Perspective of a Content Creator - An Article by BadNewsBaron Written in Article on Friday 22nd of December 2017 at 10:34am

A great look into being totally immersed in the highs and lows of Star Citizen's development.

Relay 1000 Follower Giveaway! Written in Article on Friday 11th of August 2017 at 07:07pm

To celebrate nearing 1000 followers on Twitch and Twitter, were giving prizes away!

No One Asked You, Jake: Thoughts on Delays and the Internet Written in Article on Tuesday 1st of August 2017 at 05:32pm

Jake shares his thoughts on the recent delays and the fervor around them.

Why My Time with Mass Effect: Andromeda Made Me Appreciate Star Citizen Written in Article on Tuesday 2nd of May 2017 at 11:11am

I put nearly 55 hours into Mass Effect: Andromeda, and when I came out of it, I realized why CIG's development process is the way it is.

Alternate Reality - The Past, Present, and Future of Relay's Community Written in Article on Wednesday 21st of December 2016 at 06:04pm

Hey guys, Jake here. Just over two weeks ago, Relay launched, but work on the site started even before that.

INSIDE – Review Written in Article on Thursday 14th of July 2016 at 12:00pm

Playdead have returned with another 2D puzzle platformer, but is it worth your time? I’ve been waiting for the follow up to Limbo for quite some time. Limbo was of the indie renaissance era of...

What is happening with G2A and tinyBuild? Written in Article on Sunday 26th of June 2016 at 01:07pm

There are lot’s of murmurings on the Internet right now about what’s going on with G2A. I’m going to try to make some sense of it, then tell you what I think. Many uses of...

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review Written in Article on Monday 20th of June 2016 at 03:34pm

Mirror’s Edge was a quirky little title released in 2009, to much praise. The criticisms people had of this game were that it was pretty short for a full-priced game, and that the story was...

Hob – PAX East 2016 Preview Written in Article on Monday 23rd of May 2016 at 02:00pm

Here’s our preview of Hob, Runic Games’ mysterious new project. Being one of the more primarily advertised games at PAX this year, Hob caught my eye pretty early on. I’ve played through the Torchlight games...

Pyre – PAX East 2016 Preview Written in Article on Thursday 12th of May 2016 at 05:20pm

Pyre is hard to explain. An upcoming game from Supergiant Games, creators of Bastion and Transistor, Pyre, feels somewhat akin to Supergiant’s previous games, at least in its art style. Where it departs from that...