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CitizenCon 2948 Panel Deep-Dive: By Design with Tony Zurovec Written in Article on Friday 19th of October 2018 at 07:25am

Disclaimer: This is my own summary and interpretation of the ‘By Design’ panel talk given by Tony Zurovec, but I can’t mind-read any better than the rest of you. Comment here or contact Relay if you notice errors or important alternatives to my own. Edited by Erris, Shiver, and Nehkara.

They Spaced The Llama! [Alpha 3.2] [Log Entry 01] Written in Article on Tuesday 25th of September 2018 at 08:01am

A new article series chronicling the zany adventures of CommanderLlama (joined by Erris) as he explores the Star Citizen Persistent Universe Alpha with a critical eye for the first time. Edited by Erris and Nehkara. Cover image originals: Cleo10233 DeviantArt, Cloud Imperium Games

Is Star Citizen ‘Pay2Win’? Written in Article on Wednesday 16th of May 2018 at 07:29pm

Inequality in, around, and beyond the ‘Verse.  CommanderLlama's second article with Relay!

Multicrew: A Sea of Thieves Autopsy for a Greater Star Citizen Future Written in Article on Wednesday 2nd of May 2018 at 07:00am

Relay's newest writer, CommanderLlama, does a post-mortem of Sea of Thieves with an eye towards Star Citizen's Multicrew future