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Saitek X56 Rhino Review By Erris Written Tuesday 10th of January 2017 at 09:16am

Saitek X56 Rhino Review

I’m going to start this review by making a few clarifications. First, I’m reviewing it largely in the context of Star Citizen, though I will also talk about how it performs in other games, as well as in VR. Second, the stick itself was provided to me by Saitek to review. Third, I am a terrible, terrible pilot.

That said, here we go.

Chris-Mas Carol Written Thursday 29th of December 2016 at 07:34pm

Hello! I apologise for its tardiness, but in place of a traditional Wednesday Fiction, I give you...

Whatever this is!

Alternate Reality - The Past, Present, and Future of Relay's Community Written Wednesday 21st of December 2016 at 06:04pm

Hey guys, Jake here. Just over two weeks ago, Relay launched, but work on the site started even before that.

Holiday Livestream Postmortem Written Monday 19th of December 2016 at 01:33pm

Greetings Citizens.  Today I examine what happened during the 2016 Holiday Livestream.

November Monthly Report Summary Written Friday 16th of December 2016 at 02:47pm

Hello Citizens, welcome to our summary of the November monthly report from CIG.

Holiday Livestream & Sale - Past and Present Written Thursday 15th of December 2016 at 06:00pm

The 2016 Holiday Livestream begins tomorrow at 11 AM Pacific time, or 7 PM UTC.  What is the history of the Holiday Livestream & Sale?  What will we see tomorrow?  Rampant speculation inside!

The Neverships of Star Citizen: The Never Endeavor Written Tuesday 13th of December 2016 at 09:13am

Welcome to the inaugural entry in our new series - The Neverships of Star Citizen!  Today we explore the MISC Endeavor.

The Value of FriendShip: On Maximizing Efficiency in the 'Verse Written Wednesday 7th of December 2016 at 09:28am

Citizens, today we discuss playing Star Citizen with friends and what some of the considerations may be when trying to maximize the effectiveness of your group.

Home in the Verse pt. 2: Homesteading Written Tuesday 6th of December 2016 at 09:00am

Greetings travelers. In part one of this series we discussed the history of procedural planets in Star Citizen, how they’ve developed the technology and what they’re planning to do with it. In this installment, we’ll take a look at how player housing, or “homesteading” might help to utilize all that real estate.

Home in the Verse pt. 1: Procedural Planets Written Monday 5th of December 2016 at 09:00am

Greetings travelers. In this first entry of a two part series exploring some of the various possible concepts of “home” in the Star Citizen universe, we’re going to take a look at an aspect of the game that is most familiar to us as humans, but a revelation for Star Citizen fans: the planets.