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Week in Review – January 11-15 Written Friday 15th of January 2016 at 04:32pm by Erris

Hello Citizens! Welcome to the Week in Review! This was a good week for news, beginning with a pretty interesting 10 for the Developers. AtV and RtV were good this week as well, and as...

Hello Citizens!

Welcome to the Week in Review!

This was a good week for news, beginning with a pretty interesting 10 for the Developers.

AtV and RtV were good this week as well, and as a special surprise, there’s also a rundown of the Monthly Report, which came out last week!

But in probably the most interesting news of the week…

  • The Vanguard is flyable!
  • 2.1 has gone live!
  • Planets will eventually have rotation, and full night-day cycles!
  • WEEEE!

Take a look below to find all the most important take-aways from this week’s news! And for a more in-depth look at each section, click on the link, and read the whole report!


10 for the Developers 2

  • Armour will be highly customizable, and can be chosen by the player to fit any role they want.
  • While it still needs to be fleshed out, for the most parts ships will not be flyable in heavy armour
  • Citizens will not wear different clothing from civilians
  • Different parts of clothing will have different item port designations; holsters can hold pistols, but not rifles, etc…
    • Keep in mind however, this system is still being fleshed out. All we know for sure is items will be visible on characters.

Around the ‘Verse 2.14

  • LA’s top priority right now is improving the performance of the Constellation
  • They’re aware of a number of bugs, including the Tali not taking off after being repaired, and are working on fixing them.
  • They’re also working on making components more efficient, performance-wise.
  • The Shopping prototype is coming along nicely with good work from Behaviour, who should have something more concrete to show CIG next week.
  • Emre Switzer has finished his pass on the hanger, preparing it to expand for the Starfarer.
  • Hoping to implement Cargo in the next few months, giving ships like the Freelancer purpose.
  • Should be able to scavenge cargo from dead players and such.
  • Sounds like there’ll be a simple system for grabbing cargo, dropping it off for rewards.

Reverse the ‘Verse 77

  • 2.1 Launched this week with the Sabre now in hangar along with the Freelancer and Vanguard now flyable as well as a host of bug fixes.
  • Alexis is reworking the subscriber perks along with getting ready to launch the upgraded subscriber landing page for Feb 1. Subscriber flair also comes out today which is a set of display UEE Marine Armour, it is not wearable but looks very cool.
  • Manchester has cleared out the Concierge queue and is working on the regular queue now.
  • Bad News Baron is selected to stream for twitch itself, not affiliated with CIG, until march and has chosen to stream Star Citizen during that time.
  • VR is coming along, but is taking time because of the hardware changes the rift has had, along with Crytek also making VR implementations and are waiting for things to be set in stone before they commit fully
  • There will NOT be a January livestream
  • They’re looking into streaming competitive Sataball on twitch, but nothing is set in stone, just talks. Tuesday will feature a gaming segment in the distant future and may use that as an opportunity to feature such things.
  • 2.2 may or may not be in January as they don’t even know yet, but they’re already having talks about 2.2 and meetings. It’s likely a PTU will make it before then, but no guarantees.
  • Glaive is being worked on, but they’re very busy with a lot of stuff so it will take time for refinements
  • No details on the “Small corvette” Yet.
  • No work on the Orion apart from concept has been done yet.
  • Character creation is coming along, the November livestream had some videos on that, the hard part right now is hair.
  • Video of tour of the LA studio will be in the future, but not soon as it’s still being built in certain areas.
  • Community thinks Disco hates the Cutlass, but he fiercely disagrees
  • Details on how the Starfarer will do X or Y are still being determined, it will go into the hangar soon and in that time they’ll figure out what they need before it becomes flyable
  • CCU Downgrades is coming along, Ben will be asking Turbulent for an update.
  • Ship security is a thing they are working on.
  • Randy Vasquez who has gotten the Caterpillar started and fleshed out in concept has been promoted to Associate Producer and is no longer working on the Caterpillar, however Kirk and Elwin are working on it now and Randy is making sure it’s on the right track, it’s his baby.

Monthly Report Summary

  • Worked on stability for 2.0
  • Work continues on fine-tuning EVA
  • Completed Xi’An Scout white-box, and MISC Reliant technical grey-box
  • First pass on ‘Salvage’ mechanic has been completed
  • Lots of work continues on preparing characters and clothing for the Shopping release.
  • Planets will eventually rotate and have full day / night cycles.
  • There are now three categories of landing zones: Hero, Small Sandbox, and Space Station. Hurston and Crusader are ‘Hero’ landing zones, Sherman and Odyssa are Small zones, and mining outposts and research stations are Space Stations.
  • More work was completed on Persistence, with a renewed focus on the feature to come in 2016
  • Working on increasing accuracy of patch and build notes.
  • By creating dual publishing environments, Live Ops was able to reduce the publish window completely by simply flipping load balancers from one environment to another.
  • Finished the props work on the Casaba outlet. The store is now complete, waiting only on clothing.
  • Finished up the Freelancer for 2.1 release.
  • Completing final art for Sabre and Vanguard
  • Starfarer interior and exterior are well under-way, looking to release later this year.
  • The Javelin has had a ‘nip and tuck’ to bring it more in line with Aegis’ rustic aesthetic.
  • Continuing to push FPS AI and player mechanics. Cover animation is ongoing.
  • Improvements also being made to unarmed locomotion.
  • Working on a functional EVA HUD.
  • Working on syncing with the ship-release schedule, to make sure gameplay elements needed are present when ships, such as cargo haulers, launch.
  • LOD system has been overhauled to improve performance
  • Working on bug fixes and performance improvements for Crusader.
  • Work on UI Audio, and dialogue, and planning for orchestral sessions to happen early this year.
  • In December the Frankfurt office showed off the Procedural Tech it had been working on in the form of the Pupil to Planet video.
  • The planetoid featured in the video has a 1000km diameter.
  • Work for the base tech started in September.
  • The procedural tech is assisted by the 64 bit positioning, inverted depth buffers, camera relative rendering and the Zone System.
  • Work will continue on the procedural tech improving planet generation and visuals, eventually finding its way into the PTU for testing.
  • The team is completing the full breakdown of every scene in SQ42’s script.
  • System designers are currently working on designs for cargo and looting systems.
  • The clarification this work will provide a guide of where the systems need to be taken and how they will be implemented in game.
  • This will also help in Crusader so players can loot items, move them around and sell them where applicable.
  • The overall goal of this is to implement a first draft of the entire system so in the future work will not have to be done from scratch every time.
  • System and level designers are working together with programmers to create a mission generation system that is modular and offer flexible variation in gameplay
  • It’s very early days on that system but hopes are to get into Crusader ASAP
  • The system aims to generate missions based on live events and goings on in the baby PU
  • Background and static props finished for Casaba, moving on to props for industrial / mining planets.
  • Worked on fixing up the HoloTable for 2.1


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