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Top 10 Store Ideas From the Terra Wrap Contest Thread Written Friday 6th of February 2015 at 11:53am by AnalogDan

In case you don’t want to sift through the hundreds of comments, we’ve done it for you! Here are the 10 best (and most detailed) store ideas from the Terra Wrap Contest Thread in the...

In case you don’t want to sift through the hundreds of comments, we’ve done it for you! Here are the 10 best (and most detailed) store ideas from the Terra Wrap Contest Thread in the RSI forums.

10. Banu Ballistics

Location – Nyx

A moderately sized, but infamous arms dealership on the husk known as Nyx. Utilizing a sparse, derelict area of the crater on Nyx as the ‘firing range’ for their wares. Being within a square kilometer of this location will result in a constant assault on your ears. This is due to potential buyers from all manner of cultures and backgrounds, good and questionable, test firing weapons, from illegally smuggled Xi’an pistols to corvette class missiles.

Don’t expect a welcoming store front, or a smile from the clerk – unless you buy big – but rest assured, if you can imagine a way to destroy something, Banu Ballistics will ensure you have the tools to do so, for the right price.

By John Grammaticus

9. Galactic Aquarium Emporium

Looking for a specific aquatic species for your aquarium?
Do you need supplies to maintain your collection?
Seeking advise on how to take care of your watery friend?

We have everything you need for your aquarium!
We have the largest collection of various species from numerous locations. Thanks to all our associates and partners throughout the galaxy, we are able to acquire even hard to find species for your enjoyment. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the right aquatic life from as well as supplies and information needed for proper care. Our store has largest selection of tanks, nutritional supplements, cleaning and maintenance gear, as well as other equipments to keep your fish happy and healthy.

If you have any interest in creating an new environment in your home, office, or your hangar, or wish to expand your existing collection, please visit us when you are in the neighborhood

We are located on the 34th floor of JWP HQ complex building R, located near Origin main showroom. We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm.

If your business in interested in joining in on our distribution network, please contact our corporate office.

By NuclearWoo

8. EH Outfitters

Your job is difficult, you don’t need your equipment and resupply purchases to be difficult as well.

EH Outfitters specializes in the needs of mining interests with durable equipment from trusted brands. We field test everything in our inventory to standards some might call extreme, so when you purchase from us you know you’re spending your credits on dependable, proven products. Whether you’re buying Hermiseal rations, Lockarc shoring supports or two stage rock cutting lasers you can find it with our one stop location for resource extraction and pioneering needs.

See our own brand of reinforced EV suits and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

With input from you, we’ve crafted the most ruggedized and environment resistant gear available to the civilian market with the hostile work conditions you encounter in mind. Hitting the mother load doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t safely recover your crew along with your payload.

By Chaplain

7. Franny’s Galactic Fauna

Rescues from around the verse. Come meet the newest member of your family today!

A dramatic contrast to the technological and industrial backdrop, you are greeted by a small cottage looking store front. Inside you meet a kindly oldish woman aptly named Franny, her grey hair up in a smart bun and a flower printed matronly dress take your attention away from the cybernetic eye and right hand. Franny seems to give of a comforting vibe that is out of place in this city, nothing about this shop fits but seems so right. (piped in gasses to ease the nerves of all who enter).

Franny deals only in creatures that have been rescued from those breeding them for food or for fighting and other abuses. The bonus here is that you can buy/adopt pets that aren’t typical or easily found in other pet shops, many can be captured in the wild but these little guys are already domesticated. Because of the lives these pets have lived previously, they may not be the prettiest or the best behaved but they will always be grateful to you for the chance at a better life. Because they are rescued, they will be more protective and loyal than the average pet.

Check back often, the rare pets don’t last long.

By MrFixit

6. Soporific Splendor, LLC

CEO: Sammy “Narco” Lespi

SS is your premier purveyor of licensed intoxicants and insta-sober inoculants. You name, we got it. Our popular lines of opiates, sleeping pills, painkillers, analgesics, anodynes, palliatives, anesthetics, tranquilizers, sedatives, downers and good old fashion dope are sought across the Verse.

SS currently has an exclusive contract with the the Banu to distribute their green elixir which is considered to be one of the greatest alcoholic beverages. If it does not have the SS seal, it is not soylent green!

It is rumored that Sammy has access to other controlled substances but this has never been proven by the UEE. Seven arrests, seven acquittals!

Persistent Universe pilots might seek out Sammy for smuggling missions!

By HorizonsEdge

5. ‘Crazy’ Celan’s Surf Shop

Location: Helios
Products: Surfing and Extreme Sports gear

Ever since the charting of Helios, people have attempted to ride the waves. ‘Crazy’ Celan was notable for being the first to successfully ride a Helion wave using only a traditional surf board and wetsuit (and living to tell the tale). Her death shortly afterwards finally convinced even the most die-hard purists that surfing a Helion wave was not something to be attempted without modern equipment i.e. full impact armour, rocket motor, and guidance system.

The surf-shop carries modern boards, which resemble more a flattened miniature submarine than the traditional board.

In addition to surfing equipment, the surf shop also carries the gear needed for orbital jumping, lavaboarding (passengers ride a board down an active volcano on a curtain of steam), and deep space ice-caving (a mixture of ice-climbing and potholing, typically taking place on a comet).

By Wordplay

4. Pioneer Express + Pioneer Outlet

Location: Pioneer Express is in Systems with Ship Manufacturers and Large Space Ports + Pioneer Outlet is typically located in the outer Fringe Systems including Lawless Systems

Wares: Pioneer Express = Jump Engines, Expanded and Reinforced Fuel Tanks, Long Range Sensors, Navigation Jump Charting CPUs, Mapping Oriented Sensor Suites, Ursa and various Rovers and Medical Bay Ship Modules and various exploration and medical equipment / devices + Pioneer Outlet carries the same items as Pioneer Express but all the used or outdated versions at a much lower price + they will act as a Pawn store for all exploration and medical equipment / devices + they will also buy / pawn / trade Alien Artifacts. Pioneer Outlets are also re-fueling stations and fuel refineries.

Back Story: A number of Exploration and Search and Rescue Groups started hiding supply caches in various fringe / lawless systems and they realized it was of greater benefit to share these with others rather than to hide / horde them. At first it evolved into a barter system but this simple system allowed it to spread to all the furthest populated and sometimes un-populated systems. As these cache use became more popular they evolved into supply depots and later on incorporated and franchised into Pioneer Outlets. Pioneer Outlets spread rapidly and developed a cult following of loyal return buyers / traders. This rapid expansion allowed a number of the Pioneer Outlets franchise owners to form larger conglomerations to compete with main stream manufacturers in the core UEE systems. These evolved into Pioneer Express to compete with and provide a one stop shop for all newly manufactured Exploration and SAR needs with the surplus then distributed to the far flung Pioneer Outlets.

By VoA

3. Vagari Imperium

A caravan of caterpillars and starfarers who travel between systems. They sell their goods without docking at space stations or land on planets to avoid paying taxes and tariffs. Captains can find these traveling salesman around heavily traveled shipping lanes and high orbit around planets. Simply request permission to board their ship and browse their duty free selection of goods from the far reaches of the universe! Be warned, these are deep space traders who take security seriously. Leave your weapons on board your ship when shopping. Pirating the Vargari carries dire risk! You never know where their escorts may be hiding.

By delavega

2. Wrecking YardBar

Simple Description: A sweet bar you can go to where they have decommissioned ships you can hit with sledge hammers/shoot with guns for a fee. You get a certain amount of swings/shots with pistol to do as much damage as possible. For bonus points you have to do it while your character is inebriated.

In-game Concept: It’s Friday night and you log into Star Citizen and you feel like smashing the doodles out of something. BOOM! You head over to the Wrecking YardBar with your crew after a long day of mining. For a small fee, you get a sledge hammer and you can wreck a decommissioned Avenger for fun (and to see its damage states). You bet your pilot that you can do more damage then he can and you swing away! For added fun, you add a bar to serve alcohol. After a few drinks the character is swaying around and you try to do as much damage as you can to a little Avenger sitting on a platform in front of you. Can you knock off a wing while inebriated? Find out at THE WRECKING YARDBAR!

By Newman

1. Trefusis Market

Location: Spider.
Wares: High Quality Salvaged Components, Alcohol, Cybernetics.
Backstory: The Trefusis was originally a Aegis Reclaimer salvager, until it’s drunk incapacitated Captain crashed it into Spider, where the spitefull locals quickly and ironically stripped the reclaimer of it’s equipment. With the ship being in an immense state of disrepair, the Captain of the vessel merely abandoned it. Shortly after several squatters attached the remains of the Trefusis to where it crashed on Spider before opening shop, originally selling the remaining cargo and scrap aboard the vessel. They continue to sell “Good quality scrap” to this day. A small Cantina aboard the main market hall is owned by a man who claims to be the original Captain, but this information is dubious at best.

By Nydula


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