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Star Citizen Week in Review – March 14 – 19 Written Sunday 20th of March 2016 at 12:19pm by Erris

This week on the Star Citizen Week in Review… News! Which realistically is the same thing we cover every week in the Week in Review, but hey! That’s a detail. 10 for the Chairman 7...

This week on the Star Citizen Week in Review… News!

Which realistically is the same thing we cover every week in the Week in Review, but hey! That’s a detail.

10 for the Chairman 79

[6:17] Q: Since it was mentioned before, will we still get the chance to see Pirate Swarm in Arena Commander?

A:  Yes, after developing and balancing the game’s functionality we plan on adding more modes.

[11:38] Q: As there is no faster than light communication is it possible for a criminal to outrun their wanted status by jumping to another system?

A: Yes. Even though players can communicate instantaneous we will ensure that all the game systems themselves propagate properly. Therefore you could commit a crime in one system, jump to another system and before your wanted status has reached it. We have also introduced the fundamentals of reputation management in 2.2: you can reduce your wanted level in Security Post Kareah and taking down/putting up satellites determines if there is coverage in an area.

[16:53] Q: Will it be possible to play Squadron 42 without taking part in the FPS parts?

A: Squadron 42’s gameplay is a blend of ship combat and on-foot combat. It’s primarily flying missions – there will be missions where you land, have to EVA or get stuck somewhere. There won’t be an option to not participate in FPS but do the other things, it’s a holistic experience. You won’t need to be the best FPS player to play. It’s going to be more immersive than any past Wing Commanders.

Around the ‘Verse 2.23 & Reverse the ‘Verse 86

2.3 hit PTU

Xi’An Scout Flight Ready

Starfarer in hangar.

Concept Sale for Vanduul Blade – first of 6 months of concept sales.

  • This comes from artists and designers being done concepts for SQ42

CitCon tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

Nyx had its final lighting pass, should be expected soon.

Weather patterns and natural disasters will be a thing.

Mining and Economy should be the next design posts.

Caterpillar will be done modular, not variants

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The Call


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