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Star Citizen Week in Review – Feb 29 – March 4 Written Saturday 5th of March 2016 at 11:44am by Erris

Hello Citizens! Another week, another week in Review! And it’s a huge one this week! First off, we’ve now started a new ‘The Relay Weekly’ audio segment, a short, easily digestible review of the biggest...

Hello Citizens! Another week, another week in Review! And it’s a huge one this week!

First off, we’ve now started a new ‘The Relay Weekly’ audio segment, a short, easily digestible review of the biggest bits of news each week. We hope you enjoy it, and let us know what you think!

With that said, lets get to the news this week, because there’s been a lot.

The Relayside the ‘Verse Episode 53

Starting off this week with one of our own shows, since Disco Lando was on, and gave some interesting info. For anyone interested, there is now a full set of notes on The Relayside the ‘Verse page (Provided by Wang Phat), if you’d like to see what was covered without having to watch the full episode.

That said, the biggest bit of news from The Relayside the ‘Verse was:

  • Disco has seen a Idris flying around Crusader with a Hornet manually landing in it.

10 for the Chairman Episode 77

  • Procedural Generation tools will populate large gameplay areas – Planets, moons, etc… and then Artists will come in behind the Procedural Generation and manually create flora / fauna / missions / etc… to give as much fidelity to each world as possible.
  • The end vision is for planets to have clouds, weather systems, and atmosphere that affect you when performing planetary landings.

Around the ‘Verse 2.21

  • Star Citizen Alpha 2.2 is Live!
  • Features flyable Sabre, Physicalized EVA, Crusader Reputation and Bounty system, 24 player count; Freelancer damage model, Cooler components, Resized Crusader and many bug fixes and improvements.
  • Sabre and Xi’an Scout are available for sale for the next several days, possibly week.
  • Refitting the screens in older ships starting with the Gladiator and Hornet to fit with the new UI guidelines, essentially physicalizing most of the screens in the cockpit.
  • Got the Physicalized EVA locked down so they’re able to free up resources to work on FPS player traversal, generally making gameplay on foot feel good and adding vaulting and mantling.
  • Idris playtesting is ongoing and fixing bugs, working on underlying systems such as piping throughout the ship and general ship management.
  • AI Behavior tree is going very well and having AI being able to track people entering a ship and still tracking that target as it flies away instead of stopping because it can’t see it directly as an example.
  • Their subsumption system that allows designers to create routine is so efficient that having 50 AI do their tasks takes up only a couple kilobytes of memory.

Reverse the ‘Verse 84

  • The future of ship speeds is an ongoing process, they’ve figured out better methods for how ships should perform and how they are, 2.2 is an indication of that, but changes will be continuous
  • Shopping for 2.3/2.4 isn’t confirmed, but there’s a chance, it all depends on how things go in the next couple weeks to months
  • Endeavour is further down the schedule and is not in active development
  • Javelin is being put together in the UK right now for SQ42, but don’t expect it any time soon.
  • Hull series is further down the line as well, but when production is started it will be with Hull A and so on.
  • Reclaimer is scheduled for later, but not started.
  • Resources that were on the Xi’an Scout are now on the Herald
  • Xi’an Scout is currently being rigged to flyable state by the tech team.
  • Bengal carrier has gotten more resources as of late.
  • Concepts are coming in for a small mining ship.
  • Argo pods are being built in the UK to be configurable for various missions needed.
  • Dragonfly is with tech designers in LA and signed off to begin  concept soon.
  • Polaris is in design and will go to concept shortly there after.
  • Caterpillar has begun production and is larger now, size is unknown.

February Monthly Report

  • Lots of work has been put into getting rid of the ‘use’ animation, and making it contextual for each item in the game.
  • Performing a re-factor of ship mass, and looking at a more efficient way to calculate ship mass in game.
  • Lots of work going towards getting ships like the Reliant, Scout, and Herald ready.
  • Working on LOD’s for ships to optimize further.
  • Austin is working a lot on Persistence
  • First release of Persistence will be Casaba clothing outlet.
  • Work has wrapped up on a new ‘friends’ system, with new features such as an ‘ignore’ list.
  • Frankfurt and Austin are working to reduce the size of future patches.
  • First orchestral recordings of SC music have happened in Slovakia
  • There is a system that modifies equipment and clothing sounds based on velocity
  • The new Hostility system has had a lot of work, as have FPS mechanics in general.
  • Created a roadmap for the ‘gas system’ tech
  • Creating a system to procedurally generate lens flares.
  • Working to get SQ42 ‘content complete’ in the next few months.
  • Javelin interior will finish soon after Idris’
  • AI now react to visual and audio stimuli
  • A new breathing system is finished, incorporates oxygen, tanks, and how oxygen passes through your suit / character.
  • Loot generation is getting a review to make it both realistic and still fun.
  • Turbulent are redesigning the ‘ship stats’ page
  • Cit Con LA announced, tickets will go on sale in the next couple of weeks.

And that’s all the news for this week!

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