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Star Citizen makes $10 million in 60 days Written Saturday 15th of October 2016 at 07:00am by Nehkara

Greetings Citizens!  I bring you another of my random musings - Star Citizen brought in $10 million in 2 months.

During a period beginning on August 14th, 2016 and ending on October 12th, 2016, Star Citizen brought in $10 million in funding.

Obviously those who have followed Star Citizen for a long time know that this funding allows CIG to continue its work on building Star Citizen and Squadron 42 including expanding its offices and hiring more developers.

I do not expect, over the long term, for this speed of funding to continue.  However, over the short term (next 10 weeks) I expect it certainly will.  Traditionally in the Star Citizen world the Anniversary Sale + Livestream (roughly the 3rd week of November) and the Holiday Sale + Livestream are the times of the year that Star Citizen receives the most funding.

As of the time of writing, Star Citizen had brought in $128,537,884 in total.

I think it likely that the community will be celebrating the $140 million milestone before the year's end.

Why would I make such a prediction?  Well, because the numbers bear it out.

The Polaris sale will bring SC to $129 million by October 17th.  Regular daily funding of about $40,000 will bring in $3 million in the last 75 days of 2016.

This brings us to $132 million.

If you look at the 2015 Anniversary and Holiday sales, accounting for the normal daily funding they brought in a total of roughly $7.8 million.

So, especially given the reasonable likelihood that we will see something of a Squadron 42 unveiling before year's end, I believe that the Star Citizen community will be raising a rum and eggnog before the New Year to toast $140 million dedicated to the most ambitious game ever created.

Star Citizen's hourly funding from August 14th to October 12th during which the game raised over $10 million.



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