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Social Module Present and Future! [NYX!] Written Friday 28th of August 2015 at 08:12pm by Nehkara

Citizens and civilians, pirates and prisoners, merchants and miners, spys and saboteurs… gather one and all for this momentous occasion!  Social module is launched.  Learn more about its future here! Social Module Launched!  And the...

Citizens and civilians, pirates and prisoners, merchants and miners, spys and saboteurs… gather one and all for this momentous occasion!  Social module is launched.  Learn more about its future here!

Social Module Launched!  And the future…

This evening the hard working team at CIG launched the Social module!

Check here for previous coverage on The Relay of that!

Essentially you can now, in your hangar, go to the elevator and ascend to the surface of the planet ArcCorp.  You will be in the first landing zone in Star Citizen known as Area 18.  Currently you can only access about 1/3 of it but it’s pretty damn cool.  Some additional tidbits are that you can change your armour loadout in the hangar by hitting F6 and you will appear that way in ArcCorp.  You can activate Augmented Reality mode, the first major part of the mobiGlas experience, by hitting F2.

In ArcCorp you can mess around with up to 24 other players and chat with them on the newly implemented chat system.  There are also a range of emotes you can use to express yourself… or just dance!

ArcCorp and the Social module are pretty barebones right now.  The purpose of this release is to lay the foundation for what’s to come…

The Future

The Persistent Universe (Social module is the first step into the PU) will see a more frequent release schedule.  To save developer time, these releases will not always be huge gains for gameplay but will test core game systems that need testing.  You will often see features appear abruptly and not be fully utilized until later.

Currently in the process of merging the code branches back into GameDev to expose the modules to a lot of advancements that have been made in the main game development branch.

Here is a breakdown of some of the upcoming updates:


  • Next major deliverable.
  • Better communication between web platform and game.
  • Objects in game able to retain state.
  • Shared hangars available
  • Casaba Outlet open in ArcCorp
  • Lots of visual upgrades to ArcCorp, especially storefronts.
  • Million Mile High Club accessible from hangar elevator for those who have them.
  • Dramatic improvement to char system including ignore function, private messaging, and more robust UI.
  • Maximum player count to 40 per instance.
  • A lot of backend and behind the scenes improvements.
  • This update may be split into two because as soon as the code merge is complete they should be able to issue a significant update to Social module.  May put this out right away and save any features not yet complete for a second update.


  • This update will follow the Persistence update.
  • Allow players to purchase goods from the stores in ArcCorp, such as clothing to allow players to begin customizing their characters.
  • Whole shopping experience will be fleshed out including augmented reality and mobiGlas interfaces and product delivery options.
  • Medical scanner and healing function in the hospital will be fleshed out.
  • Products/pricing/availability will be connected to the appropriate backend systems so that down the road various factors (player and NPC) can affect them.
  • A lot of work again with things that may not be seen by the player right away.
  • A few surprises might crop up in this release.


  • Social module will be filled with intelligent NPCs going about their lives.
  • This update will add the second environment to Social module which will be the Levski landing zone on the asteroid Delamar in the system Nyx.


Tony signs off with a series of statements I couldn’t possibly do justice… so I won’t try:

Final Frontier will follow and enable you and your friends to accept some simple missions while planetside and then head out into space together to accomplish them. Quantum will unveil the full-blown solar system navigation map and allow easy access to any part of the current system, including cities on three other Stanton planets: Hurston, Microtech, and Crusader.

More details will be provided on these updates as they get closer, but that’s the basic roadmap for the near future. In between the major releases it’s quite possible that you’ll see smaller revisions since delivering content becomes far easier as more and more of the underlying foundation comes online. While there’s still a tremendous amount of work to do, the clouds are finally starting to part and the stars are coming into view….

Sic itur ad astra.



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