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Alternate Reality - The Past, Present, and Future of Relay's Community Written Wednesday 21st of December 2016 at 06:04pm by JakeAcappella

Hey guys, Jake here. Just over two weeks ago, Relay launched, but work on the site started even before that.

Now, this is a very unimportant, somewhat personal blog post, so if you're not into that stop reading now. But I wanted to talk about the events leading up to Relay’s launch, as well as what we're going to be doing going forward on the community side.

Everyone is now likely aware of the viral marketing leading up to Relay’s launch. But for those unaware, on Monday, November 28th, I made this tweet:

Slowly but surely, more and more people shared it and it spread like wildfire across twitter, and eventually Reddit. A lot of people were confused, thinking it was CIG doing this, but one thing was sure: All eyes were on it. From there, more images popped up, along with twitch glitches:


All of this eventually culminated into the unveiling of Relay, with this video from our new Twitter account. As we planned out our new site, our team worked tirelessly for weeks preparing, coding, and writing. While they did that, they gave me one task: Make sure people see. And I think, with all the good and bad, it was a success. But I'm not here to pat myself on the back. The real reason I wanted to bring all this to your attention is because of the enormous support from people in the Star Citizen community. Including our team, nearly 30 content creators worked together to make this happen, and it wouldn't have happened without them. Please follow every last one of them if you aren't already.


The true significance of this group of people is that they're from all corners of this community. From YouTube to Twitch, from TEST to Redacted, from Bad News Gaming to the Base, thank you all. We all came together and did something awesome.

And that’s going to be the philosophy of the community front of Relay going forward. We want to showcase as many people as possible. All the amazing things the Star Citizen community does every single day. We want to bring creators together to collaborate on amazing new things, just like we were able to do with the ARG. So if you're doing something awesome, throw me a ping. Tag me or Relay in your posts. I want to see it all, and share it with everyone. And that's only the beginning. We will never stop finding ways to bring us all together. That's what you can expect from Relay. 

Thank you all for your overwhelming support. We wouldn't be able to do any of this without you. See you in the ‘Verse.


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